Stuart Smith

Does Stuart Smith understand what an asset is?

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Wet Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith seems to need to learn some basic accounting terms.

As he said in that speech, this theatre is an asset to our community?and the way forward is to find constructive solutions to make it work here and now, and not to walk away.

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Why is a National MP wanting to fund a theatre?

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Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith seems to have planted himself firmly in the middle of the ?Wet? or ?Nikki Kaye? wing of the National Party. He reckons that the mismanaged theatre project should be fully funded.

The Marlborough District Council has increased the ASB Theatre Marlborough’s annual operating grant to $390,000.

The decision has been made and it is now time to move forward.

I was disappointed not to have been able to personally attend the council meeting, due to my commitments in Parliament.

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Colin King rinsed last night, Stuart Smith selected for Kaikoura

Sitting Kaikoura MP was deselected last night by the local National party electorate.

His challenger Stuart Smith rinsed Colin King in a classic challenge.

Marlborough grapegrower Stuart Smith is the National Party’s nomination for the safe seat of Kaikoura.

In a packed selection meeting last night, more than 200 people made up of voting branch delegates and party observers selected Mr Smith over sitting MP Colin King.? Read more »

National Selection Update, Ctd

Readers should remember this blog does not take sides in selections and always encourages people willing to run to have a crack. The only time it will take sides is to highlight unethical or immoral campaigns by dodgy candidates who think they can rig a selection.

Waikato: – ?Lindsay Tisch has stared down the party so far and will run another term. He was told he should spend more time with his family but his family are better at kicking doors down and shaking the shit out of people so when they told him to run again he thought he had better listen to his family.

Napier: – Some poor sap is going to get badly beaten by Labour?s Stu Nash. Nash has the earliest campaign hoardings in living memory.

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Good stuff, members find their courage

For many years now there has be an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t challenge sitting MPs in the National party.

It is of course a silly notion, politics is all about blood and guts not kisses and cuddles.

The sentiment from head office and MPs is simply self interest…they want a nice tame membership and protection for incumbents. However as time moves on the group think that comes with first attaining power tends to wane and people get other ideas about who should or should not represent their area. Then the challenges come.

The first open challenge in quite sometime is happening in Kaikoura.

Marlborough grapegrower and fourth-generation farmer Stuart Smith is to challenge sitting MP Colin King for the National Party’s Kaikoura electorate candidacy for next year’s election.

The party opens nominations for its South Island electorates tomorrow and Mr Smith said he was putting his name forward. ? Read more »