Su’a William Sio

People want more houses, but don?t want government to use any land to deliver them

NIMBYism is alive and well in South Auckland….and rank hypocrisy from labour MPs.

It seems that no one actually wants poor houses (affordable houses) near them, lowering their house values.

A bid to stop a high-density housing development in South Auckland is “ill-informed” and will not be considered, Housing Minister Nick Smith says.

A 4000-signature petition was presented to Labour MP Su’a William Sio on Parliament’s steps this afternoon by two members of Save our Unique Land (SOUL).

The group opposed plans for a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Oruarangi Road, Mangere.

There are plans to build 480 houses on the 33-hectare block of farmland, which is next to the Otuataua Stonefields.

Mr Sio said the Government had no right to use the housing crisis as an excuse to destroy a site which had heritage value to mana whenua.

He said the group wanted a housing solution that was affordable and protected the sacred grounds on the neighbouring land.

But Dr Smith said the petitioners’ concerns had already been considered and dismissed in an Environment Court decision.

“There are no grounds of which that Special Housing Area status could lawfully be undone and that is why the petition is ill-informed,” he said.

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Labour’s little problem attacking people with chinky sounding names

Labour has got a problem looming…with their constant attacks on Asians.

Phil Twyford though was busily telling people at the caucus retreat in Rotorua that this was Labour’s Orewa moment. That remains to be seen, but what happened for National after Orewa was it increased its vote, but more importantly increased its donations as Kiwi voters sought a party that believed in one law for all.

Labour’s problem is their policy a) can’t be implemented and is nothing more than dog-whistling slogans and b) it creates segregation based on race.

Which is a little strange for a party that happily accepts money from donors with chink sounding names.

Like Phil Goff:

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The utter hypocrisy of Su’a William Sio

Su’a William Sio hates Charter Schools, he even speaks against them in parliament.

[C]harter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

Yet he is perfectly happy to attend openings of charter schools, and make speeches at them.

But his hypocritical behaviour gets worse.

In both of his 2011 and 2014 donations returns a?Sally Ikinofo has donated a total of $28,200.

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Su?a William Sio is a true Labour party MP: a story for every occasion

Here he is, in parliament, raging against charter schools

Talk to Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the University of Auckland, who spent 10 years in the United States and whose children attended some of the local charter schools there. He will tell you that, as far as he is concerned, charter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

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Kris Faafoi too late with the excuses, Auckland Pacific Labour ranks Robbo last

Yesterday I wrote about Kris Faafoi trying to mitigate?the undocumented no poofters rule in Labour.

Well it hasn’t worked.

Auckland Pacific Labour has ranked Grant Robertson dead last.

The Auckland Pacific Sector of the New Zealand Labour Party met last night to discuss and rank the Labour leadership candidates. After much debate and discussion it was carried by a unanimous vote that the leadership candidates be ranked in the following order:

#1 – Nanaia MAHUTA
#2 – Andrew LITTLE
#3 – David PARKER
#4 – Grant ROBERTSON

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Is Labour panicking in Mangere?

This is the third week that Su’a William Sio has pushed himself into the news with either made up or trumped up claims against National or his opponent.

I wonder perhaps if he is feeling a bit nervous about his prospects.

This is probably the first election where he has been pushed by a National party opponent intent on taking the fight tot he streets of South Auckland.

This week though he has raised a spurious allegation with no foundation of facts behind him.

Labour is immensely concerned that members of an Auckland Pacific Pentecostal Church are being signed up as National Party members without their full understanding, Labour?s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su?a William Sio says.

?Congregation members are being approached by a person claiming to represent National who is convincing them to sign forms they don?t fully comprehend.

?They are then being sent letters addressed to them personally saying they are now members of National and must now vote for them

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Has Labour lost South Auckland?

Yesterday I wrote about the condescension of David Cunliffe when speaking to Pasifika audiences.

Today in the NZ Herald they discuss how Pasifika have found their political voice and no longer just vote red.

Could this mean that Labour’s fortress of South Auckland has broken walls now?

For a long time – generations, even – the Pasifika vote has always gone to the party draped in red.

In the old days, vans and buses were organised all around South Auckland to make sure as many people as possible turned up to the voting booths. The majority of those Tongan, Samoan, Niuean, Fijian, Cook Island and Tuvaluan voters were completely decked out in red, holding red balloons and wearing red lei.

These days, however, something is changing within the community.

Although there is still a very strong Labour following, there is now growing support for National, as well as a shift to vote for other parties – something almost never heard of before amongst Pasifika.

Community leaders and seasoned politicians admit that people are starting to look at what other parties are offering; meaning the Pacific vote is starting to look a lot more colourful this election.

Over the past few months, the National party has gone in strong into places that have traditionally been Labour’s stronghold and, in earlier years, would have seen anyone in blue practically booted out.

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Labour plans to let local bodies tax you even more

Now this has to be an election winning strategy….for National.

Labour is going to let local councils tax ratepayers even more than they do now under their local body proposals.

Labour plans to reinstate the power for local bodies to raise revenue through extra levies such as a ‘pillow tax’ on visitors and regional petrol taxes.

Labour’s Local Government policy will also require a referendum to be held before any local council amalgamations can go ahead.

Local communities would also have to be consulted before council services were contracted out or privatised.

Local Government spokesman Sua William Sio said Labour was not opposed to amalgamations, but did not believe they were appropriate in all cases.

He said the Auckland supercity model was opposed by many Aucklanders “and designed to take control away from the hands of the many and vest governance in the hands of the few.”

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Boys will be boys – Yeah, Nah

Frances Denz, a regular correspondent, writes:

I was shocked and horrified when I heard Labour MP Su?a William Sio state on television that ?boys will be? boys? in relation to the two cases of stabbings? by children in Auckland.

There is NO excuse for children to be carrying knives and fighting at school or in the street.? And to use knives is absolutely repugnant.

Women around the world felt a chill of fear when they heard the excuse ?Boys will be boys? given by an Indian MP when villagers raped a girl and then hung her from a tree.? This excuse was also given for another pack rape, when an MP stated that boys had to learn what was OK to do or not do, and raping was part of that learning ? and again, boys will be boys.

We are fearful when we realise that that attitude also exists here in New Zealand.? Read more »

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