Su’a William Sio

Labour party justifying feral knife culture at schools

The Labour party via Su’a William Sio seems to be justifying knife culture in South Auckland by explaining away the violent stabbing at a South Auckland primary school as “boys will be boys”.

Luckily none of those “boys being boys” produced a machete….or one of the kids died. One may still, being in critical care at the moment. I wonder if he does die if Su’a William Sio will state that it was just a case of boys being boys. I wonder if the judge will accept that as a defence?

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The carnage and fallout continues

The left is in disarray as Shane Jones edges towards the exit door. There is still a month of this while Jones still sits in parliament and there isn’t a thing Labour can do as commentators and journalists pick through the entrails of an eviscerated Labour party.

Michael Fox reports:

Shane Jone’s controversial departure has exposed divisions in the Labour Party, with opinion split on his qualities as an MP and the impact it will have on election prospects.

Supporters say he broadened Labour’s appeal while critics say he was overrated and the party is better off without him.

Left-wing political scientist and commentator Dr Bryce Edwards said the split has been apparent in the wave of commentary in mainstream and social media since the news broke.

“You’ve got a lot of people debating about whether he was a plus or a minus for Labour, whether he was a working class hero for Labour and whether he attracted that so-called blue collar vote, and whether he was a misogynist.”

Edwards labelled it an “identity politics dispute”.

“People are really talking about what Labour stands for and with Jones going does that mean that Labour has more or less ability to speak to so-called middle New Zealand and to traditional Labour voters? And there doesn’t seem to be any strong consensus on that.”

Former Labour MP John Tamihere said Jones represented a Labour constituency that was increasingly being sidelined as interest groups gained greater control.

“The real debate isn’t about Shane Jones, it’s about certain sector groups in Labour having far too much say in advance, well in advance of their constituencies in the street.”

The party was becoming dominated by “liberal academic elites” more focused on social engineering issues such as the so-called anti-smacking law than issues such as creating jobs which had a broader voter appeal, he said.

Jones had “cut through” on the latter, earning support for his campaign against the Countdown supermarket chain, where his accusations of bullying of suppliers led to a Commerce Commission inquiry, as well as his pro-development stance. Tamihere said he reached out to voters turned off by factional politics.

Former Labour candidate Josie Pagani agreed, saying those in the party who had rejoiced in Jones leaving “are guilty of sectarianism at its worst”.

The division in the party was between those focused on social mobility and those focused on social engineering – “we’ll make you better off versus we’ll make you a better person,” she said.

The Labour Party was there to support wage earners and promote better jobs and higher wages “and that’s the thing that unites everybody”.

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Pasifika going Blue? Not so, says Labour’s Su’a William Sio


Someone got a kick in the backside and told to do some work for a change. ?Deny the defections to National!

Alexia Russel at Newstalk ZB reports

The most loyal Labour supporters of all are not going to swing en masse to National.

The Labour MP for Mangere, Su’a William Sio, says stories of Pasifika leaders encouraging their communities to turn blue are exaggerated. ? Read more »

OneNews ask the “people of Auckland” about Len, interviews a Labour MP


In this news piece, at?0:36, OneNews interviews Labour MP Su’a William Sio.

Unsurprisingly he supports Len Brown.? Read more »

Has Peter Goodfellow sat down with David Tua?

I doubt it, he is more intent on running around threatening people with travel bans and non-association orders and telling people who they can and can’t have as friends.

Meanwhile people who have professed a desire for political office outside of the party are ignored.

The Maori Party is seeking talks with retired boxer David Tua to discuss the possibility of his standing for the party at the next election.

But it had better get a hurry on. While Tua told the Herald he was more than happy to have talks with the Maori Party, he was also happy to sit down with Mana and the Conservatives.

“I’ll sit down with anyone. Anyone and everyone … I’m not going to close the door on anyone.” ? Read more »

The little racist joke that wasn’t at TVNZ

TVNZ got all precious when Regan Cunliffe at Throng busted their chops over an off colour joke by Andy Shaw.

They hunkered down and excused the racist attitudes of their bosses all the while hoping that no one wold notice their hypocrisy at the way they treated Paul Henry.

They hoped it would all blow over.

It hasn’t.

Labour MP for Mangare, Su?a William Sio has started?a campaign to stop the racism at TVNZ?after?the comments Andrew Shaw made?at the 2014 new season launch last week.

Sio wrote on Facebook:

When you have as this article points out, ?A senior TVNZ executive has labelled Auckland a s*#@ hole while joking about the city?s large Polynesian population? my blood boils. I find it offensive to have a Senior Executive of a taxpayer funded Television station reflect this attitude, as?I suspect it reflects an institutional racism that lurks beneath the skin?of this so called Senior Executive who found an audience to reveal it to. Were the audience laughing in embarrassment, or was it a pakeha dominated senior executive audience? In this day and age, to joke about Polynesian as if to promote a negative stereotypical attitude again I find it offensive as it reveals something about this kind of NZer.? Read more »

What about Dianne Yates? Labour’s hypocrisy on crony appointments grows

As Labour and Helen Kelly attack over the appointment of Jackie Blue perhaps they need reminding about the?forgotten the frenzied quadruple appointment of Dianne Yates?

The appointment of former Labour list MP Dianne Yates to four boards since she left Parliament in March this year has been described as the price the Government paid to get another Samoan into Parliament.

The remark by a Labour Party insider referred to Ms Yates’ standing down, as part of Labour’s third term rejuvenation drive, after almost 15 years in Parliament.

It allowed South Auckland Samoan community leader Su’a William Sio to replace her in Labour’s caucus.

Since leaving Parliament, Ms Yates has been appointed to the boards of Trust Waikato Community Trust, the Waikato Institute of Technology and Learning Media.

Yesterday she was also appointed by the Government to the high-powered Food Standards Australia New Zealand board.

The Labour Party insider told The Dominion Post: “It’s the price the Government has paid to allow Mr Sio to enter Parliament.

Her last appointment to the?FSANZ Board?was astonishing in its brazenness:

“Dianne is ideally suited to this role on all levels. She’s from the Waikato, arguably the food bowl of New Zealand, and has close links to the primary sector.

If Labour want to chuck rocks about cronies I am going to start chucking them back, one a day, for about a year.

Where is the support for Shearer?

David Shearer went large on the GCSB story. He is the leader of the Labour party and so you would think that other Labour MPs would?have?charged along behind their leader lending support as he went after John Key.

Fortunately most of the top members of the Labour caucus believe in social media as a way to engage with the public on matters that they think are important to the public….like GCSB allegedly recording the Prime Minister telling a joke about a fat German fraudster.

Let’s see what they tweeted in support of their leader.

Grant Robertson is Labour’s deputy leader and has been leading the charge on Kim Dotcon in Parliament, on Twitter he had this to say about Shearer’s accusations:

What about Jacinda Ardern?

Clare Curran?

Trevor Mallard?

David Cunliffe?

Maryan Street?

Su’a William Sio?

So including above there is all those on Labour’s front bench who tweet and some others who are supposed to be thought-leaders for the party and they are all focused on other things.

No one, not even Mallard, was backing Shearer’s attack. Even Robertson who has been leading the charge in Parliament has been silent.

David Shearer is a man alone going over the top, a surfboard under one arm and a guitar under the other. He really needs to go, it is obvious when you look at social media that he doesn’t have the support of his caucus anymore.

This is looking more and more like he has been stitched up by Fran Mold…if that is the case then cui bono?

So much for not getting distracted by sideshows

? NewstalkZB

I love that Shearer told MPs not to be distracted by side shows, then within minutes, Kris Faafoi was wading into the gay marriage debate and giving his colleague Sio a backhanded slap around the chops.

Another Pacific Island Labour MP is feeling the heat over his decision to support gay marriage, but Mana’s Kris Faafoi says he’s not backing down.

The Labour caucus was given a talking to by leader David Shearer today over ill-discipline, including Mangere MP Sua William Sio’s claim the gay marriage Bill may cost it votes amongst the Pacific community.

Mr Faafoi has a large Pacific Island community in his electorate and says he is working to try and allay some of their concerns.

“I’ve got a lot of Pacific Island support and I’m speaking to a lot of the leaders in my Pacific Island community. I’ve told them straight up that I’m going to be supporting the Bill right through all its stages and that’s because I don’t believe that we should discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

Labour pains, Ctd

? NewstalkZB

In-fighting in Labour is spilling over and it is the marriage equality bill that is causing the boil over:

A Labour MP is telling his colleague to tell the whole truth when it comes to the gay marriage debate.

It follows comments by Mangere MP Su’a William Sio who has decided against voting for his colleague Louisa Wall’s Bill.

He says it would cost Labour the next election and is against the wishes of his electorate.

Labour’s Charles Chauvel says has spoken to him and says Mr Sio isn’t telling the whole story.

“For every conservative person born in a pacific island and brought up there, and now living in New Zealand, there’s probably four or five younger New Zealand-born people who don’t see what the fuss is about.”

Mr Chauvel says he respects Mr Sio’s opinion.

“But when you say this Bill or that Bill’s going to have electoral consequences – you really need to tell the whole truth.”

In other matters Gordon Campbell has noted just how right-wing David Shearer’s recent speech was and how Shearer is openly bashing bennies now:

What are we meant to take from this? That the leader of the Labour Party will stand shoulder to shoulder with them pointing an accusatory finger at those slackers on sickness benefits? This isn?t an encouraging glimpse of how Labour is planning to express its opposition to the next round of welfare reform, assuming that it?will?be opposing it. Perhaps this is why Labour hates David Cunliffe so much. Didn?t he say earlier this year that one reason Labour why lost the last election was that on important issues, it sounded too much like the National Party?

I’d say?the?split that is showing in Labour is instead a schism.

The only thing to work out is whether these Labour pains are real or actually Braxton Hicks contractions.