What is it with Labour and rules?

Sign earns Carter rebuke – 22 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

They just can’t seem to follow the rules, including rules and laws that they recently passed. Is it anywonder that society is falling down around our ears when our law makers are actually law breakers,

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Nanny State picking on small business

Today I went shopping.

I bowled down to the local Palmers garden centre today for a couple of reasons, one they have a great cafe in pleasant surroundings and two I was looking for some stuff for the garden and courtyard.

Palmers were open as they are every year on Good Friday. Never before have the State Nazi’s visited but today they did. They visited because another garden centre that was closed for the first time in 15 years dobbed them.

I spoke to Chris the owner who now has to turn up to court to be convicted of nothing more than wanting to make some money. He is right hacked off with the nanny state right now, especially since he told his staff if they wanted the day off they could, just to let him know so he could arrange temps. You see there is no shortage of staff WANTING to work on Good Friday, there was also no shortage of customers wanting to buy from him on Good Friday either.

At the cafe there were heaps of families enjoying the day and the great fare. Those people appreciated the fact that Chris opened his store.

The State Nazi’s didn’t, they in fact accused him of all sorts of heinous crimes, like forcing the staff to work, dis-respecting Christianity blah, blah, blah.

I think it is time to get the state out of our lives and businesses.

Helen Clark is now a lawyer!!

Auckland Airport comments don’t break law – Clark – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Helen Clark, normally known for her painting prowess is now all of a sudden an expert in commercial law.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says she did not breach the law when she commented about the bid by Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board for partial ownership of Auckland International Airport.

Ministers refused to comment today on the deal, saying the application to approve the bid under foreign investment laws was being considered by two of their colleagues.

National Party leader John Key said Miss Clark’s silence today was in contrast to last week.

“Why did she comment last week and potentially influence the decision?” Mr Key asked Parliament

Miss Clark last week said she had no personal enthusiasm for such a strategic asset coming under foreign control and she told MPs today that was her general view and not a detailed comment on any individual bid.

Mr Key claimed the prime minister’s office had received advice she had breached security laws with her comments.

This isn’t the first time she has done this and one would have thought that she had learned from that little debacle of destroying shareholder wealth when she commented that Mum’s and Dad’s should hold on to their Air New Zealand shares.

Bizarrely to, Clark also claims that a 40% stake is now a controlling interest in Auckland International Airport when previously Dubai Aerospace had wanted to bid for much more than that they did nothing.

It is disingenuous for Clark to claim that somehow she didn’t break the law because the view she gave was her personal one and not the Prime Minister’s view. Yeah, that’ll hold water in court. Of course it will never make it to court because that is one place that with the exception of Trevor Mallard, Labour Ministers never seem to end up when they break the law.

Labour's brazen breach of EFA

This document was being passed out in Invercargill at the Walk for Life.

Despite printing September 2007 on it, this pamphlet breaches the EFA as well as uses Parliamentary budgets to pay for it. Note also the use of a .govt website in conjunction with a website. There is no authorisation statement either. On a technicality the use of th Parliamentary Crest is also illegal. The Crest must be of the same size or bigger than any party logo it accompanies. This is also different from the brochure tabled by Bill English in the House.

There is no way that Labour can say this isn’t an election advertisement when the branding, the fake photo of someone purporting to be the Prime Minister and the mention of “planning” and “plans” which imply future delivery, as wellas the fact that it was handed out during the Labour imposed “Election Campaign Period”.

If Labour can’t even understand their own law, how is anyone If else supposed to?

Is Labour using public funds to fund theStandard

Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » The Standard hosted by the Labour Party?

The Standard has well and truly been outed today on DPF’s blog.
[quote] it’s actually quite easy to see why The Standard reckons it costs nothing to run their blog, and, of course, who *really* pays for the blog. is hosted on a server at

A WHOIS on that IP address gives us:

inetnum: –
descr: New Zealand Labour Party
country: NZ

Oh dear.

It appears their server is hosted on an IP block purchased by THE NZ LABOUR PARTY from 2Day. Personally I’d find it incredibly unlikely for Labour to pay to put up a “blog” with comments from what would appear to be professional comms people (”spindoctors” posting propaganda) without said comms people also being paid by Labour, or perhaps one of their Labour-affiliated member unions.[/quote]

This was in response to me asking so very pointed questions about ho exactly was funding the Standard and their almost fulltime bloggers.

It appears we all know now. It is the Labour Party.

More questions need to be asked though. The Labour Party website is paid for out of public funds, we know this because of the nice little House of Representatives logo at the base of the site which is now in the proper colours after I drew attention to their previous law breaking. Does this now mean that public funds are paying for theStandard. Does this mean that public funds are being used to pay for the design upkeep and ongoing posts by the so far anonymous bloggers?

There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. Yoooo whoooo!!!! Tane got any.

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Where in the world is Winston's money?

Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » Where’s our $157,000 Winston?

Times up Winston, where is our money?

You and your party nicked it, now it is well past time to pay it back.

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Te Qaeda busted, Hone bin Laden in hiding in Te Urewera

Napalm bomb detonated at alleged training camp – report (+ photos) – 15 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The news over a few greens and maori apparently plotting to attack the government is just a little bizzare. Even more bizzare when you consider that one of the excuses being proffered is that Clark's life was in danger. What complete bollocks.

For a start she leaves tomorrow morning for more chin wagging in her attempt to get the world to take sides on Fiji and for another thing, who in the hell is ever going to recognise the real Helen Clark when this is the image we constantly get bombarded with. I mean I have heard of face transplants but this is going way over the top in a bid to make sure no one recognises you.
In fact I think it is a cunning SIS plan to make sure that we have no idea you the real Clark is, kind of like Saddam Hussein and his doppelgangers. Think about it, there isn't one picture of Clark in the media that is the same as the next and non of then look like her official visage. Sounds at least plausible to me.

Now onto the hunt for Hone bin Laden. Last heard of in a crackly tape and seen on an equally poorly filmed video smuggled out of the remote Te Urewera, Hone bin Laden is believed to be the mastermind behind the nefarious Te Qaeda terror network. His deputy Al al-Harawherearewe
The group has been defined as "a radical Sunny Maori umbrella organization established to recruit young Maori into the Tuhoe maori-jahideen and is aimed to establish Maorist states throughout the hinterland, overthrow ‘un-Maori regimes’, expel Western influence from New Zealand, and capture Opotiki as a Maori city. Te Qaeda's objectives include the end of European influence in Maori countries such as Tuhoe, Ngati porou and Tuwharetoa and the creation of a new Maori sovreignty. Reported beliefs include that a Green-Maori alliance is conspiring to destroy Helen Clark, and that in maori-jihad the killing of bystanders and civilians is justified. Its management philosophy has been described as "centralization of decision and decentralization of execution. Characteristic terror techniques include use of balaclavas and jalopies to diguise attacks as those of the Mongrel mob and Black power.

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Rabid Labour Lickspittles breach copyright

National on free speech at

Th Standard has very quickly become the leftist sewer pipe access into the warped minds of the Labour Party and their supporters. They have clearly shown the hand of Labour’s strategists in by attacking John Key with every second post.

Unfortunately they have gone a step too far and actually broken the law. When their little faux pas was pointed out to them they have taken umbrage and tried to make this a free speech issue. This of course is bloody hilarious as they are one of the most rabid supporters of the Electoral Finance Bill.

I took the liberty of doing a little research on the issue since they decided to make a big deal of it and this is what I found.

The picture exists in several authorized contexts online, but it seems likely that it was harvested from National’s Flickr account since they seem to spend time there. National has certainly never authorised any use of it from any online source.

National’s Flickr images are available for download but may not be altered in any way.

The Standard folks flipped the image and added text.

Additionally, this picture was sourced from the Dominion Post and National use it with their permission, clearly cited on the image page.

Here’s the license under which the image is made available on Flickr.

So the little socialist trolls not only have broken New Zealand Copyright Laws but also US laws as well. Their little bid for Free Speech is nothing but a blatant breach of existing laws. But then what can we expect with law breaking examples like Helen Clark giving them pointers.

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in-Action Hobson joins Hubbard in flouting the law

If Richard Simpson and Christine Caughey weren't more interested in bolting off to the corporate box at Eden Park last night to rub shoulders with the and movers and shakers, so they could avoid having to campaign with the hoi polloi of Auckland in the malls and the streets like other hard working candidates, then they may have had time to proof read their letter to Hobson residents which…..oh no…they did a "Dick"……had no authorisation on it.

Like Dick they should be prosecuted especially since none of them enjoy favoured citizen status of being a Labour Party member.