Sue Higgins

This bloke makes Crusher look soft

Way tougher than Tony Ryall for that matter and still making Crusher look soft….perhaps she will have to axe Adam Feeley to event he score:

The departures of Sir David Bell, the permanent secretary since 2006, and three others have prompted claims that Mr Gove, the Education Secretary, has engineered a clear out of Labour-appointed officials.

Sir David will become vice-chancellor of Reading University while Jon Coles, the department’s director-general for standards, is leaving to run a chain of schools, The Sunday Times reported.

A senior figure told the newspaper: “Jon and David knew they (ministers) wanted them out…and that the current regime has no faith in them.”

Their departures follow that of Sue Higgins, the department’s director general of finance, who left in May to take up a post at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Lesley Longstone, head of infrastructure and funding, is also leaving to become chief executive of the New Zealand education ministry.

Which makes me concerned. Why are we hiring a Labour supporting flunky from the UK to head the Education ministry? Come on  Tolley, that’s not on.