Sue Kedgeley

Practicing what she preaches

She might be quite mad, but at least she isn’t a hypocrite and practices what she preaches.

Cyclist and Snapper card-holder Celia Wade-Brown is in no hurry to exchange two wheels for a $70,000 Audi.

The capital’s new mayor ? who jumped on her bike to ride to the Wellington City Council building when the election results were announced this week ? will have the option of a more comfortable ride for the next three years.

However, when asked yesterday whether she would be using the mayoral car in future, she said it was not something she had considered yet.

The same can’t be said of Sue Kedgeley who didn’t even know what a Snapper Card was when DPF and I interviewed her in 2008.

I wonder though if Len Brown will practice what he has been preaching during the mayoral campaign. Will he be taking public transport into his new office from 1 November?

There will be a plethora of cars to choose from, his existing Commodore plus Driver/Paramedic, Andrew Williams black Nissan Maxima plus other assorted mayoral vehicles. The temptation for Len Brown will be to avoid taking the train, but we are watching Len.

My pick is that the only shots of Len Brown taking public transport will be the ones from his TV adverts (which have now conveniently been removed from Youtube). You know the ads where he said we could trust him to open the books and keep them open…..still waiting for that opening of the books regarding Volare Len….not so open on that are you?

Caption Contest: Pork Chop with Gok Wan

Pork Chop is a fatty

Ok here is a rare photo of Pork Chop (she must have fallen out with Noz) with Gok Wan.

In the unlikely event you are confused Pork Chop is the lump of lard on the right.

Can you believe she is putting about that she is checking in for brain tumour op at Christmas when we all know it is really for a stomach stapling and lipo?

Really she is saying that?

Anyway fill ya boots in the comments for a caption contest.

GW: So like, you know I wear black because it makes me look thin, what about you daaaaarhling?

OMG! I can’t believe I am sitting here talking with a chink Grace Jones while the buffet is disapearing before my eyes.

PC: I never heard of Gok Wan before, is there meat in that, you know like a pie?