Sue Kedgely

Armstrong gives the Green taliban a lashing


John Armstrong has given the Green Taliban a good strong lashing int eh NZ Herald today.

Not so long ago, any Green MP who suggested sipping camomile tea or some other herbal concoction to ward off the horrific Ebola virus would surely have been deemed by his or her colleagues to be guilty – but only of being eccentric.

There used to be a lot of it about. Who can forget the senior party official who marked the opening session of one Green Party conference by lighting a large candle in recognition of any spirits that might have been present or invoke any that delegates wished to be present. (Sadly, the candle had to be extinguished soon after this mind-boggling seance. It fell foul of more earthly and more mundane forces – namely health and safety regulations.)

No such hippy-derived mysticism is allowed to penetrate the almost corporate-like atmosphere of Green gatherings these days. The high level of professionalism and discipline now operating within the party organisation was evident in the damage control that swiftly swung into action on Thursday following Steffan Browning’s crackpot suggestion that the World Health Organisation start treating Ebola patients with homeopathic remedies.

Steffan Browning confirmed to us all that the Green Taliban is as has always been suspected, batsh*t crazy and dangerous. ? Read more »

Winners and Losers

The Biggest Loser: Steven Joyce & National

So focused on protecting his own power Joyce refused to let John Key give the David Cameron speech to get rid of MMP.

As I have been predicting for a long time, National will not have viable coalition partners in 2014. Joyce?s short term focus on protecting his own power means the political environment became much, much tougher for National long term. You can see the proof of this in the gloating posts from left wing sites who know that the real battle was won in the referendum.

Biggest Winner: Russel Norman

Russel somehow managed to get the batshit crazy wing of the Green Party not to speak too much. He was was greatly aided by the departure of Keith Locke, Sue Bradford and Sue Kedgely and ran a professional, disciplined campaign that didn?t go off on a stupid leftwing tangent. 13 MPs is a huge tribute to Russel.

Unfortunately for Russel he is going to continually have to contend with the kind of dickhead that wants to sabotage National signs. Joylon and his merry men caused a massive diversion and embarrassment, and while the looney activist wing of the party are still around Russel is always going to have to watch the enemy within harder than the enemy without. Russel still managed to emerge from this with some credit with his prompt and unconditional apology to National and offer to remedy the situation.

Agreeing with the Greens on Scum Lobbyists

Sue Kedgley is doing New Zealand a favour and outing the scum lobbyists who are getting in the way of democracy. So as much as this blog considers the Greens to be batshit mad, it is supporting this policy and Sue.

Under the Greens’ proposal, lobbyists would have to register with the Auditor General’s office and file quarterly returns detailing which politicians they’d spoken with and on what issues. That information would be publicly accessible.

The Auditor General would also draw up a code of conduct and any breaches would result in suspension or even fines.

“We believe the public has a right to know who is engaged in lobbying activities that seek to influence public policy,” said Ms Kedgely.

“We want to get lobbying out of the shadows and ensure it takes place in as open a way as possible.”

The only problem with this is it doesn?t go far enough. In some states in Australia there is a mandatory stand down period for politicians so they cannot go from being a politician to selling access. Like here, where politicians move to a ?government relations? or ?communications? firm and then sell access to their old contacts. One former senior National MP boasted about having all but two of cabinet to a party at his firm.

This is an absolute disgrace, as it gives people on the inside the opportunity to gain outcomes that are not available to those on the outside. This is a form of compliance cost or tax that New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses can do without. Sue, beef up your legislation to include a mandatory three year stand down period for all former MPs before they make money from lobbying.


Theft as a servant for downloading music and porn

Daniel Davies has been convicted of theft as aservant for stealing his employers bandwidth.

He downloaded music videos and porn from his work PC and his employer took exception.?

Now some would say this is an outrage but I actually agree with the sentence, too many people take liberties with employer provided equipment oblivious to the cost involved.

A cold hard look at the facts saays that it is theft and I agree…..of course if more people used proper firewalls and internet controls in the same way you keep petty cash under lock and key this wouldn't happen nearly as often as it does.?