Super City

Don’t want to be part of a ‘super city’? Sorry, Paula says she’s going to make you

Here we go. ?National is back into Labour-mode.

The Government is proposing a governance model similar to the Auckland Council for regions that have voted to reject a Super City-like structure.

Under the proposed changes, regions would be encouraged to integrate their core services such as water or transport across council boundaries.

Regions that took a more integrated approach, allowing the Government to work more closely with them, could be in line for a funding “top up” from central government.

Announcing the proposals earlier today, Local Government Minister Paula Bennett said: “Without a doubt there are regions in New Zealand that have got increasing expenditure needed in core infrastructure and looking at it in a piecemeal fashion by council boundaries is not in the best interests of a region as a whole.”

This approach did not deliver results for ratepayers or create an environment in which business could grow, she said.

In the past three months, Northland and Wellington have voted against amalgamating their councils. Read more »

Adams muscles up, rips up Len’s unitary plan

At last Amy Adams has figured out one needs to implement strong policy and make hard hitting decisions to be an effective minister.

Adams has come down like the great Hammer of Thor on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan by stating that significant changes must be made.

Environment Minister Amy Adams is seeking major changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan, which she says will not provide enough houses and make housing even more unaffordable in its current form.

In a cabinet-approved submission on the new planning rulebook for the Super City, Ms Adams says failure to make changes could have far-reaching economic and social consequences for Auckland and New Zealand.

She said the original objectives for a quality compact and design-led approach had been “betrayed” by overly-complex policies, overlays and rules.

“I seek the removal or loosening of prescriptive provisions in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan where they are not supported and justified by evidence and analysis,” she said.

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Super City clears the desks


Created by Cyber Billy


Super City clears the desks
Auckland Council workers may be losing their desks when the council shifts into its new Albert St headquarters next year……

No race based seats in Auckland

Nice to see that there are to be no raced based seats imposed on the people of Auckland. Cabinet wisely decided to let the people of Auckland decide for themselves whether there would be the need for race-based seats.

The protesters should now lift their game and stop using 70’s and 80’s methods of protesting and start planning for a referendum and winning at the ballot box.

They won’t of course, they will organise a march, wave some flags, shake some sticks and dance and prance their way up Queen Street and the result will remain the same at the end of it all.


Rankin's 'insensitive' marriage draws fury

Rankin’s ‘insensitive’ marriage draws furyNew Families Commissioner Christine Rankin is facing fresh criticism after revelations she married a Wellington man just months after his previous wife took her own life. Close friends and colleagues of Margo McAuley, 42, who died… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’ll tell you what draws fury, sactimonious newspaper editors on a political crusade dragging peoples personal lives into public appointments.

I do hope that Carolyne Meng-yee has a perfect and saint like life as does the editor of the Herald on Sunday. Because I tell you what, people like me tend to go biblical on hypocritical, finger-pointing busybodies. (If anyone does have some dirt on these two then let me know via the tipline)

Since we are talking about going biblical lets look at a couple of pertinent text that the MSM would do well to learn as they do a “Palin” in Christine Rankin and Melissa Lee.

John 8:7

Matthew 7:1


Brilliant Viral Video

A good friend sent me this viral video. It is brilliant, not only for sticking it to Hubbard but also the nanny state. Brilliant, just brilliant.

A Mastercard moment for Cullen

My sides are aching with the laughter.

Cullen reckons he is going to refer the allegations in Nicky Hager's work of fiction to the Auditor General……slight problem though, his own retrospective legislation makes that impossible because he has made what may have been illegal legal….what a fricken dumbass.

Oh and bugger me if there isn't a shred of truth in the allegations.?

The irony of this all is watching the lefties hang off of every word Hager utters like it is the gospel truth.

So who is the chinless scarf wearer now?

Has Helen become a Muslim?? What about a member of the Exclusive Brethren?

Nah…just another chinless scarf wearer. But what about that red dot huh….is that a target or what?????

Classic Photo

An interesting sign positioning in Matamata