Super Rugby

Crusaders play in Fiji; so it’s just John Key and the media who are being dicks then

The Media party and John Key went to Fiji and?carried on like nothing much had changed. They made demands for ratbag lying journalists to be allowed back and lectured them on democracy. Generally, they carried on like petulant ratbags.

Meanwhile other people have no problems at all with Fiji.

Friday’s first Super Rugby game in Fiji means more to?giant Crusaders wing Nemani Nadolo than most.

For Nemani Nadolo this is much more than a Super Rugby match.

“When we found out it was coming here I was counting down the days and months. I was really looking forward to it,” said the 28-year-old.

When Nadolo was here in February the country had been torn apart by Cyclone Winston.

It killed 44 people and damaged 40 000 homes.

But life is getting back to normal and much of Fiji has been rebuilt.

“Some people I know were using rubble from what they found to build their houses again.”

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Cry Baby of the Week – On a Monday!


It’s only Monday but this has to be cry baby of the week.

One of two men removed from Eden Park by security after streaking during Friday’s Super Rugby opener between the Blues and Highlanders has laid a complaint against a guard, reports Mediaworks.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was apprehended by three guards and claims he was assaulted by one after he was taken out of public view following his removal from the field.

A police complaint has been filed, as the streaker required several stitches after he claims one of the guards punched him several times.

A spokesman for Eden Park told Mediaworks they would look into the incident, after only being made aware of the complaint today.

“We don’t condone streakers but we certainly don’t condone that sort of behaviour either,” they said.

“We’ve taken this up with Platform 4 Group (the security company) and they will be proceeding with the matter with the staff involved.”

What a complete cry baby.

He gets his kit off, breaks the law, streaks through a rugby game…presumably pissed, no sober person would do that…and he claims he was assaulted?

Plus the gutless little twerp wants to remain anonymous and the equally gutless Herald plays along with it.

Definite Cry Baby of the Week and on a Monday too.


– NZ Herald

Super Rugby Final – debate post


This is the spot to talk about the game. ?Before, during and after. ?Please do not use Backchat.

All NZ Super Rugby final: are you pumped? [POLL]


Our rugby supremacy is out in front for all to see with our own all-NZ final today.

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Stop whining, it is the market in action

I really get sick of people whining about scalpers.

Disgruntled?ticket-seekers are striking back against scalpers by placing multimillion-dollar bids on auctions in an attempt to get them shut down.

Trade Me members are bidding up to $56 million in order to take control away from people looking to cash in on the hottest tickets in town, for Saturday’s Super Rugby final between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders at Westpac Stadium.

They are lucky it isn’t me selling the tickets, because their bids would be accepted then I’d pursue them for the monies. Placing false bids is tantamount to fraud.

Tickets?went on sale to the public at 4pm on Monday, but many would-be buyers were disappointed as?Ticketek sold 29,000 tickets in 59 seconds.

Less than an hour later, scalpers began selling tickets on Trade Me and overseas ticketing website Viagogo. ? Read more »