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Being clever about forcing your ideology onto a commercial business [ Dirty Islam ]

These women did not need to use force to bring a business to its knees. They used social media and a clever campaign using humour instead. Perhaps we can call it Dirty Islam as they are spin doctors without a doubt. Thanks to them a Danish Supermarket chain have been forced to change their rules for staff in order to allow Muslim women to wear their symbols of oppression, forced on them by a medieval ideology that has as its main goal the subjugation of any new country that they move to. What these women did is advertising terrorism and you will see it used again and again in western countries everywhere until we are all one large Islamic State and your daughters will be forced to wear their horrible hijabs because you will no longer live in a ‘ multi cultural ‘ society but an exclusively Islamic one.

NOTE: The sympathetic spin of the article. There is no? sympathy for the business who has been blackmailed into changing how they do business by a slick social media campaign.


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Merry Effin’ Christmas Kim and Nicky

Schei?e! Another loss

Schei?e! Another loss

Kim Dotcom got the Christmas present he didn’t want…yet another court judgment against him.

This time there are no more appeals…the Supreme Court has ruled the warrants for his raid and search were 100% legal.

The police raids on internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s mansion were legal, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The court has upheld a Court of Appeal decision that while the search warrants could have been more precisely written they were legal.

The warrants, executed by police on the properties of Dotcom and his associate Bram van der Kolk in January 2012, resulted in the seizure of some 135 electronic items. ? ?? Read more »

You can’t trust them, they ignore the law, put them in the slammer

This case has so far taken over 7 years, been right to the Supreme Court and still disaffected & feral maori from Tuhoe are holding a woman to ransom over a corpse.

They have been repeatedly ordered to hand over the body, but still they refuse. They think they are above the law, and with the way everyone caves in in pandering to their every whim it is hard not see how they actually are above the law.

If this was anyone else and not Maori, they’d already be behind bars for contempt of court.

A family feud over where a man should be buried has taken another ugly turn.

A court ordered James Takamore’s body be exhumed from Kutarere Marae in the Eastern Bay of Plenty but today protestors blocked police who were reluctant to enforce the order. ?? Read more »

The logic of The Cunliffe

Yesterday David Cunliffe rushed of to make a statement about the conviction of John Banks, and his diminutive candidate in Epsom did likewise. Michael Wood defamed John Banks in his press release, Banks was found guilty of filing a false electoral return which is not electoral fraud as he claimed. But that is by the by. Both Cunliffe and Wood both think that because of something that John Banks did in 2010, standing as an independent in a local body election which he lost, somehow impacts on?the?Act party in 2014.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe said Mr Banks’ conviction “underlines a sorry chapter in our political history” and he should “accept his sentence and move on”.

“His conviction is also a reminder of the dodgy deal that kept him in Parliament over the last three years – and of the heavy-handed pursuit of the media by the police in its wake.”

However, with Prime Minister John Key this week saying he would again do deals with Act and United Future, “the National Party has learned nothing from this distortion of the MMP system”.

“National has been kept in power by a self-evident manipulation of our democratic process – relying on discredited and irrelevant support parties such as ACT and United Future which owe their place in Parliament to cups of tea and a nod and a wink.

“Labour will remove coat-tailing to make the electoral system fairer and more transparent.”

Basically their premise is because John Banks filled out a form incorrectly in 2010 when he wasn’t even a member of the Act party and subsequently was pursued by a convicted fraudster, tax cheat and blackmailer then sfor some reason people shouldn’t vote for ?Act this election.

“You failed to disclose only two donations. There is nothing to suggest it was a pattern of offending,” Justice Wylie said.

But it was not a victimless crime, he said, the victim of the offending was the community at large.

Which is not particularly accurate, as John Banks at the time had lost the election and was then a retired politician and a private citizen.

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Time to put a stop to the nonsense

Convicted blackmailer, tax cheat, fraudster and bankrupt Graham McCready may well have got the scalp of John banks but the nonsense of people like him using the judicial system to bully and threaten people must be brought to an end.

On June 9 McCready lost another case, in the Supreme Court, and has been ordered to pay costs of $2500 plus disbursements after he sought leave to appeal?against a judgment of Stevens J dismissing his challenge to a decision by the Registrar of the Court of Appeal not to
dispense with security for costs.?The security required of the applicant was $5,880. The appeal to the Court of Appeal is against an order of adjudication in bankruptcy made against the applicant based on non-payment of an order for costs made against him in earlier proceedings.

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Photo Of The Day

Navesh Chitrakar--Reuters

Navesh Chitrakar–Reuters

Banished once a month

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Is the FMA corrupt?

miscarriage of justice

When you get a former Acting Supreme Court Judge saying?there has been a grievous miscarriage of justice, people tend to wonder what?s going on.

Sir Ed Thomas has smacked the convictions of the directors of Lombard Finance with the line

?the Court of Appeal?s grasp of the facts was incomplete and it?s reasoning suspect or flawed in a number or respects.?

In legal circles that?s giving them a right shellacking.

The Lombard Finance case is worth looking at. The MSM tend to conveniently forget that as a result of the GFC over 60 finance companies in New Zealand collapsed. Some were run by dodgy crooks and they?ve been rightly hurfed into jail for completely ripping people off. Others like Hanover, well, the directors look as though they escape court all together.

But in Lombard?s case, there was no finding of fraud, negligence or mismanagement and the governance of the company was not questioned. Thomas says that the Lombard?s directors had been held to be honest and says: ?? Read more »

Procreative Rationale

Many of the opponents of marriage equality cite that the basis of marriage is for procreation. Yet when asked to explain how marriage is allowed for infertile couple or for senior citizens and they can’t procreate, they then resort to discussion over having the necessary equipment…and other useless arguments.

The Supreme Court in the US looked as precisely this issue…and finds the arguments of the opponents wanting.

The central criticism of same-sex marriage revolved around procreation; that the purpose of marriage is to produce offspring. These critics faltered when asked about infertile couples or senior citizens who get married. If this were a serious basis for policy, the best enforcement mechanism would be fertility tests before granting marriage licenses.

Justice?Samuel Alito?worried that the question is just too new, that mobile phones and the Internet have been around longer. Same-sex marriages have only been legal anywhere for less than a decade, though gay and lesbian couples have been living together, some with adopted children, for ages. The woman who brought the case against the federal law had been with her now-deceased female spouse since 1967.

Chief Justice?John Roberts?said proponents were showing inconsistency with their dual claims that children of same-sex marriages fare as well as others and that legal recognition is necessary for the welfare of these kids.? Read more »

He shoots… He SCORES!! Oh no he didn’t.

Harry Truman

With the Supereme Court ruling on the Maori Council complaint about water rights at 3 pm today, I was keeping an eye on Twitter to see what would happen.

This may be a “media” belt-way issue, but it was hilarious.

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Charities Registration Board taking Greenpeace to Supreme Court?

Rumours are circulating and gaining traction in Wellington that the?Charities Registration Board?are planning on sticking to their guns about Greenpeace being a? bunch of political activists and intend on taking the Court of Appeal?s decision to the Supreme Court. It needs that final arbiter.

Clearly the Board is not happy about having to decide whether Greenpeace?s political activities are ancillary to its charitable purposes. Not only that, it looks like the Board are not happy about having to consider whether under the changed rules, Greenpeace was involved in illegal activities or is likely to be involved in them in the future.

There?s more at play than meets the eye to most punters.

Greenpeace is furiously changing its website and its ?objects? to focus on ?nuclear disarmament and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction? so that it can claim the golden goose of charitable status.

Their wordsmithing is nothing short of an attempt to rort the NZ taxpayer. Does anyone really, seriously believe that Greenpeace activists will suddenly not undertake illegal activities?

There will be many watching closely how this plays out, including so-called charities currently enjoying charitable status when really their activities are political in nature.

The Charities Board will also be aware New Zealand?s international reputation is also at risk by allowing a blatantly political activist group to be granted charitable status.

Makes you wonder whether?Jo Goodhew?s recently appointed board?is up to the task…