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Beach Boys in a Yellow Jalopy in 1962. COURTESY OF CAPITOL RECORDS ARCHIVE

Beach Boys in a Yellow Jalopy in 1962.?COURTESY OF CAPITOL RECORDS ARCHIVE

The Beach Boys? Crazy Summer

The 50th?Reunion Tour?was a World?Concert Tour?by The?Beach Boys

Inside the group’s 50th anniversary 2012 reunion tour: How the legendary group fell apart and came back together and how Brian Wilson gets along with his old bandmates.
“The vibe in Burbank is collegial, but each Beach Boy is locked into his own orbit. Wilson and Love tend to communicate through the musical directors they?ve retained from their respective touring bands; Jardine, Johnston, and Marks hover on the margins. Over lunch, Jardine says he?s been urging Love to open the second half of the set with ‘Our Prayer,’ the hushed choral prelude to Smile, but so far, Love has been brushing him off. ‘With him, you never know if it?s confrontational or uncomfortable because he?s able to mask any kind of negativity,’ Jardine says. ‘You never know if you?ve (expletive) up or not.’ When I mention ‘?Til I Die,’ a stark Wilson solo composition from 1971, Johnston, who?s sitting nearby, insists that it was ‘the last Brian Wilson recording. Ever. The career ended for me right with that song.’ But why? ‘Because he was still 100 percent,’ Johnston explains. ‘Now, he?s … you know, a senior guy.'”

Brian Wilson, the lumbering savant who wrote, produced and sang an outlandish number of immortal pop songs back in the 1960s with his band, the Beach Boys, is swiveling in a chair, belly out, arms dangling, next to his faux-grand piano at the cavernous Burbank, Calif. studio where he and the rest of the group?s surviving members are rehearsing for their much-ballyhooed 50th Anniversary reunion tour, which was set to start in 2012.

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Northland mayor hates visitors and local Iwi just want cash

You can’t really believe some people. In Northland some local inbreds, including the mayor, have had a fit over a webcam that was in place for just one week at Shipwreck Bay.

It seems they don’t want visitors and local iwi are pissed off because they didn’t get paid.

The property owner who allowed a webcam to be installed at his holiday homes to broadcast a popular surfing spot, says he has received threats and didn’t expect it would cause such an uproar among locals.

Sports website Surf2Surf recently broadcasted live footage from Ahipara’s Shipwreck Bay for its subscribers.

The website owners approached the owner of three apartments which face the water in March, asking to install the webcam on his property. They offered him a free wireless connection in exchange.

But territorial local surfers not wanting to share the waves with out-of-towners allegedly used black spray paint to cover the lens of the camera and threatened the property owner.

Surf2surf director says he also received a threat, over Facebook, and has complained to police about it, as well as complaining about the vandalism of the camera.

The owner spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity, out of fear of retribution.

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BOWEY – N – OWEY from Zodiac Media Production House on Vimeo.

Dean Bowen and Owen Wright in Tahiti during a swell run in early 2015.

@deanobowen / @owright / @zodiacmedia /@hugoslife808

Monday nightCap

Don’t mess with Whales

Seriously I don’t know why people mess around with Whales…it always ends in tears.


A whale has knocked out a surfer in a bizarre incident at Bondi Beach.

The 15 metre humpback whale surfaced among surfboard riders and swimmers close to the beach this morning, the?Sydney Morning Herald?reported. ? Read more »

Saturday Nightcap

via Vice

California based pro-surfer Alek Parker travels the globe in search of the kind of monster waves caused by hurricanes. This time he visits Japan to catch the big waves that happen only once a year during the typhoon season. So what did Alek make of Japan and the people he met on his journey?

Seriously insane surfing

Check out some crazy nuts surfing, yes we blogged this a week ago, but it is worth a reminder…then check out the second video:

The man who tasted the biggest wave in the history of surfing might have improved the Guinness World Record. McNamara returned to Nazar? and on the 28th January a giant swell headed into his life.

The image captured by T? Man?, one of the best surf photographers in Europe, is simply breathtaking. Garrett McNamara is seen riding what seems to be a 100-foot wave.

Although is far from clear, as the shot is taken from an upper angle, the ride is unbelievable. T? Man? freezes the moment when McNamara descends the face of the wave.

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Photo of the Day

Meet?Garrett McNamara,?the New world record holder of the biggest wave surfed. ?He set if a few days ago (28th) at Nazar? – Portugal


Looks pretty insane to me. ?Here is a trailer for the video (movie?) they’re making of it: ? Read more »

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OUT OF BOUNDS from Shane Fletcher on Vimeo.

Surfs up

via the WJS:

Surfers attempted to break a Guinness record for the largest amount of surfers on a wave at one time in Muizenberg, on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa