Susan Couch

Not Such A Good Day For Couch

Susan Couch has managed to squeeze just $300,000 from Corrections.

Susan Couch, the sole survivor of the RSA killings 11 years ago, has won a $300,000 settlement from the Corrections Department.

The announcement was made on Campbell Live tonight but both Ms Couch and her lawyer, Brian Henry, said they will fight on.

Mr Henry said the next target would ACC which had paid out almost nothing for Ms Couch’s injuries.

“It is just a closing of one chapter. We now need to get to the point where we can sue for compensation,” he said.
Ms Couch was never provided ACC compensation because she was working only part-time when she was attacked.

Brian Henry represented Couch.

Pretty simple really, he isn’t much chop as a representative.

If we have learned one thing this year is that when dealing with a government department there is only one representative worth having to arm twist, bully and use the media to your advantage – Michelle Boag.

Couch for sure is worth more assistance than David Bain and Bronwyn Pullar.