Susie Bright

What women wanted with porn

via Andrew Sullivan

Finally I’ve been able to find out what women actually want to see in porn movies. Susie Bright explains:

What novice female viewers wanted, without being able to say it, was class-conscious reassurance that one could be a nice, well-dressed, well-kept woman, and indulge in “erotica” while maintaining your dignity and marriageability. Everyone looked like a millionaire in Blake’s movies, and that turned out to be the ticket. Not story, not orgasm, but reassurance that you weren’t a terrible worthless slut to be looking at such things.

I found that discovery enlightening but depressing. I wish women wanted to look at sex stories and movies because of their unapologetic sexual self-interest. Luckily, once many women got through the Andrew Blake gateway, they loosened up and started enjoying other things that were more personal to them.