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Bikini-clad anti-groping guards not welcome

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Fury? Really?

A newspaper has the headline “Fury at changes to pool laws”.


They then have the sob story about some family who remembers when their kid wandered off and drowned in someone else’s pool…and it is all their fault because the property wasn’t fenced properly…maybe…the story is unclear on that.

No personal responsibility for supervising their own kid…no it’s the pool owner’s fault.

Here’s the thing though, the kid was a twin…so they knew where one of them was…so why not the other.

Anyway the newspaper starts with the cry-baby blame game in order to try to blame the government for making changes to the stupid pool fencing laws.

Now, the Government wants to repeal the Swimming Pool Fencing Act of 1987, a comprehensive act that has saved the lives of at least 21 children since its introduction.

At the first reading of the amendment in Parliament in September, Minister for Small Business Craig Foss said the act had successfully reduced deaths from 10 each year to three but it was “cumbersome for pool owners and councils”. ? Read more »

How to save Auckland Council a million dollars

Nigel Ward the editor of the The Post from Waiuku has written to me:

Hi Cam, just thought you might like to know that there is still some independent journos in the world. Love your site and read it religiously almost every day.

Dunno if you have trawled your way through the Auckland Council plan 2013/14 (all three volumes!) but I did. One thing that stuck in my mind was their charges for pool inspections,

Council have allocated $2 million for this. Inspecting 9338 pools annually. I did the figures, ran a story in our paper this week, and tonight offered to contract the job to Council for $1,000,000. This will save the ratepayers a million a year and allow me to retire and write my second book. I?ve written the letter to Mayor Len, and will advise you, and my readers, of the result.? Read more »

Your pool has a hydro-slide….pfffft

Every pool should have a digger, shouldn’t they?

Looks like fun. Clearly council inspectors of the type Auckland Council employs are mercifully few and far between.


Free pools?

On day 75, Len Brown has announced his 9th project of his “100 projects in 100 days”. It is to commission another report into the feasibility of having the 23 council pools across the region free for swimmers. Of course it doesn’t mean it is completely free because it will be the ratepayers coughing the estimated $37 million. As per usual it is Bernard Orsman running the lines as if he had done the work himself instead of?repeating?what Conor Roberts, Len Brown’s chief spin weasel had sent him.

So when Len Brown says free he really means free to swimmers and adding the cost onto ratepayers bills.

The good news is that with all his little pet projects eating up cash, Len won’t be able to afford his silly rail loop idea, let alone his rail to the airport fantasy.