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Image source: The Australian

Image source: The Australian

The Prime Minister who Disappeared

In 1967, Harold Holt went for a swim off an Australian beach and never came back. By law, no official inquest could be held without a body. Soon the whispers of conspiracy began.

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In other news there are clouds in the sky somewhere today

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In news that will come as no surprise to anyone it turns out Olympic swimming legend Ian Thorpe is gay.

So what?

After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay.

Thorpe made the admission in a tell-all interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, News Corp reports. ?? Read more »

Sledge of the Day

The Aussie swim team has copped one in the slats and Richard Hinds at the SMH gives them a good sledge on the way through:

These were the schoolies? week shenanigans of six misguided, testosterone-charged athletes who were, in turn, let down by officials and coaches who failed to keep them in check. Who were unwilling to impose reasonable discipline, or act on the concerns of teammates, for fear of upsetting the delicate sensibilities of the stars.? Read more »

Photo of the Day

As I choose photos for Photo of the Day, I like there to be some back story to it.

For this one, I can’t find it. ?The only question I have is:

Is she swimming with a whale, or is she a really, really long mermaid?

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The Freak Olympics? Ctd

? The Atlantic

Forget performance enhancing drugs, how about genetically modified?athletes? Forget?the?pretence…let’s have the Freak Olympics with no restrictions at all…it would be freakin’ awesome:

After Ye Shiwen shocked the Olympics with her performance in the 400 meter individual medley, swimming the last 50 meters faster than Ryan Lochte, the men’s champion in the event, a long-time American coach ominously hinted that perhaps a new kind of performance enhancement had arrived on the athletic scene.

“If there is something unusual going on in terms of genetic manipulation or something else, I would suspect over eight years science will move fast enough to catch it,” John Leonard, the American executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, said.

It’s important to note that there is no evidence that Ye engaged in any doping practice, let alone something as new and high-tech as genetic manipulation.

But, the fact that genetic manipulation was even on the table or in the ether as the example Leonard gave in his accusation is remarkable. So I set out to find out how scientifically plausible it might be for Ye — or any athlete — to enhance his or her performance with current gene doping technology.

World Class at Being Boring

? Vice

I want to see a freak show Olympics where atheletes use every drug known and untested to max out their performance…the current Olympics with their insistence that the atheletes are all drug free 9which they aren’t ) is simply boring…let’s see just how fast someone can run the 100m. But basically the olympics and most of their sport are simply boring. Basically they are non-commercial sports…for purists:

The London Olympics are a festival of athletics for athletics? sake, a carefully choreographed celebration of branding, and an international pissing contest among global powers. They are all about pageantry and?control?for the duration of the games, London has essentially?transformed itself into a totalitarian state. Anthems will be played, what would normally be an unseemly amount of nationalistic chest-beating will be allowed, and at the end of it, the countries with the most money to blow on training programs will emerge at the top of the medal leaderboard. You can be upset by any or all of this, or proud, but by the end you?ll almost certainly be tired by the whole fucking thing. That?s because the Olympics are amazingly boring.

We don?t normally watch gymnastics and weightlifting and swimming and diving and dressage and the triathlon, because these things aren?t any fun to watch. At the highest level, they?re incredibly impressive athletic feats that tax the human body to its utmost limits, but so what? When I?m sitting on my couch, my awe at an olympian?s physical prowess wears off after a minute; after that, I have no idea which 14-year-old gymnast is doing what better, or how, unless one of them falls, and from the couch, the triathlon is nothing but a couple hundred people doing something horrible I?m glad I?m not doing. The TV angles on swimming reduces racers to splashes which look like they?re all basically even with each other. Running events are either thrilling and over in ten seconds, or insufferable chores that go on and on and are about as exciting as watching grass grow (sex joke goes here, amiright ladies?). Archery sounds cool until you see it. Ditto for fencing. Rowing doesn?t even sound cool. Dressage is just?watching horses walk around. Volleyball and ping pong are surprisingly entertaining, in a stoned-at-2-PM-what?s-on-TV kind of way, but watching an entire game (or set, or whatever) gets dull about the time the weed wears off.


Is there anything more uncomfortable?

Deborah Coddington Facebooks a dilemma:

Yes Deborah there is something more uncomfortable…thinking about Glassons togs wedged up your butt crack filled with sand!

I’m sure Mr Carruthers QC can help fish them out.


Swimming with Elephants

Hugely fat people are being told to wear togs or don’t go swimming in Rotorua’s Aquatic Centre:

On Tuesday morning, Mrs Gettins and her friend Mr Findlay went to the pool for a session of aqua jogging wearing what they had worn at the pools for the last four months – Mrs Gettins in leggings and a T-shirt and Mr Findlay in a pair of cut-off tracksuit pants.

Mrs Gettins said she tried to explain their situation to staff but “… they were not interested, it seemed they didn’t want to know”.

“That’s when I lost it a bit … surely they could make an exception, we are working very hard to make our lives better and lose weight, this is so frustrating and annoying,” she said.

Mr Findlay said staff at the pools were only doing their jobs and enforcing a new rule that stopped people from wearing “streetwear” while swimming.

Rules is rules I guess but this was the bit that astounded me:

Mrs Gettins and Mr Findlay were on a holistic programme designed by the Rotorua Area Primary Health Service aimed at changing their lives through diet, exercise and motivation.

After beginning the programme Mrs Gettins said she had lost 90kg and had dropped down to size 52. Mr Findlay had also lost weight, now fitting into a 6XL.

Both are beneficiaries and cannot afford to buy custom-made swimwear that Mrs Gettins had priced at $300.

She has lost 90kg! And still can’t fit clothes because she is size 52!


Your pool has a hydro-slide….pfffft

Every pool should have a digger, shouldn’t they?

Looks like fun. Clearly council inspectors of the type Auckland Council employs are mercifully few and far between.