Swiss traditions

Swiss citizenship rules motivate immigrants to integrate

Some people are outraged at a story from Switzerland about an ” annoying vegan ” who has twice been denied a Swiss passport but I think that their system is great. You can only acquire Swiss nationality through birth, being married to a Swiss citizen, being the child of a Swiss citizen or after you have lived in Switzerland for 12 years, including three of the last five. The decision after that period of time is based on the opinions of the immigrant’s local community as they usually get a say in a person’s passport application.

The vegan in the news article is allowed to live in Switzerland long-term with a Swiss settlement permit but she is unlikely to obtain citizenship because she has rejected Swiss culture and traditions. I believe that assimilation and integration is an extremely important part of becoming a citizen so I think that the Swiss system has got it right. Imagine if New Zealand had this system to protects its culture, values and traditions? The only thing that would improve this system would be to only allow citizens the right to vote.

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