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Jordan gets it wrong again

Just the other day young Jordan intoned on his blog;

"That is fundamentally why the Labour Party is so strong in British politics. Their enduring success has been to convince people that stronger public services should be a priority of politics."

He was blathering on offering up his pink tinted views on the election of;

"David Cameron, the hard-right conservative in liberal clothing, has been elected as leader of the UK Tory party. Good luck to them. They’ll need more than that to see off Brown…"

He should keep up with the news instead of checking what Michael or Helen thinks. 

DAVID CAMERON’S debut as Tory leader has given the Conservatives a surge of support that has put them ahead of Labour for the first time in 18 months, a Sunday Times poll shows.

And they stick the knife in a bit further to the pinko leftist view of Cameron.

Another finding in the YouGov poll will cause panic in Labour circles. Cameron’s approval rating, with a net 34% of people expecting him to do well, is well above that for Blair and Charles Kennedy, the Lib Dem leader.

More significantly, it easily outstrips Gordon Brown’s rating, which has slumped. His net approval rating was 41% before the general election; now it is just 4%.