Sylvia Taylor

Will Labour be hypocrites over by-elections?

Well of course they will. Their proxy mouthpiece in the NZ Herald, Bernard Orsman took 5 days to write about exactly that in his attempt to smear Jami-lee Ross.

The Botany by election could well end up with a subsequent by election for Auckland Council if Cr Jami-Lee Ross is selected for National and wins the by election.

As a friendly warning to the Labour Party, if some of your more small minded or stupid supporters start attacking Cr Ross, this blog will be forced to remember all the recent incidences of Labour MPs or councillors forcing by elections. Just to give you a small sample:
2010 – Mana – Winnie Laban got out of politics a year early forcing a by-election
2009 – Mt Albert  – Helen Clark lost an election and refused to continue serving the ungrateful wretches who so cruelly rejected her at the ballot box.
2008 – Su’a William Sio – Manukau City Council  (Efu Koka won), Resigned his council position mid-term after being elected to parliament forcing a by-election
2006 – James Papali’i (Sylvia Taylor won) – Manukau City Council  – he was no longer able to serve due to issues with the law
2003 – John Kerr  (Alf Filipaina won) – Manukau City Council  – no reason given but readers are willing to use the tip line if they know

Unlike Jim Anderton, Su’a William Sio, Alf Filipaina and numerous other labour candidates and elected officials at least Jami-lee Ross has signalled that he won’t be a double dipper.

Meanwhile it looks like Len Brown’s sensible spin weasel, Conor Roberts, has convinced Len Brown to make a nice statement rathe than risk  a rehash of Len’s credit card issues.

Mayor Len Brown, who has a history of clashes with Mr Ross going back to their days at Manukau, said he would prefer not to lose a councillor so soon after the inauguration of the Auckland Council on November 1.

“However, after having worked with Jami-Lee for a number of years, I know he will continue to be a strong advocate for his community, whether it is here or in Wellington,” Mr Brown said.

I hope Conor gets a good secret Santa at the ratepayer funded Christmas lunch Len Brown is throwing all his staff today.