Syrian civil war

When the Guardian doesn’t agree with your climate claims then you know you are stuffed

The left-wing, Barack Obama, other politicians and even the idiot Prince Charles have all claimed that climate change is what has caused the war in Syria.

The myth has been widely exposed but the fools keep repeating it, but when a media outlet known for its unwavering support of climate change propaganda comes out and says the?claims about Syria are rubbish then you know they are rubbish.

Was the Syrian civil war partly caused by climate change? Prince Charles, for one, seems to think so. ?There is very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria was a drought that lasted for about five or six years,? he told Sky News, adding that climate change is having a ?huge impact? on conflict and terrorism.

The Prince is not alone on this one: he joins a chorus of voices making similar claims. In the US President Obama, Al Gore, and the democratic presidential hopefuls Martin O?Malley and Bernie Sanders have all talked of a link between climate change and the Syria conflict, Sanders going so far as to argue that climate change is ?directly related to the growth of terrorism?.

In the UK, the Syria connection has been drawn in government-commissioned reports and by leading NGOs, as well as by activists and commentators ranging from Charlotte Church to George Monbiot.

Having spent some time analysing the evidence, we believe there is good reason to doubt the veracity of these claims. First, most of the public and policy discourse on the conflict implications of climate change is driven by politics, not science.

The earliest reports on the subject were not scientific studies but military-led attempts to dramatise the importance of climate change by linking it to security interests. And the recent outpouring of claims about Syria?s civil war is motivated by a similar attempt ? in our view misguided ? to ?securitise? climate change ahead of the Paris summit. While some scientific studies do find that climate change has conflict and security implications, just as many disagree. ?? Read more »

How come so many men?

People have ridiculed the fact that almost every photo or video of the so-called refugees are mostly men.

They have have come up with various excuses…but the facts are now indisputable, released by the UNHCR no less.


72% men…in a war zone men are the ones usually killed and maimed…in Cambodia for example there was mass executions of men in particular.

It is an aberration that 72% of all “refugees” are men. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

Australia's Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Australia’s Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Today’s face of the day, Australian Political commentator Andrew Bolt, has this to say about the current Refugee crisis.

Almost all the media commentary on the invasion of Europe so far overlooks a critical point.

The illegal immigrants in no way are ?refugees?. Even those fleeing, say, Syria, were in relative safety once they?d crossed the border into Turkey, which, incidentally, is a country sharing the Muslim faith of most Syrians.

But since then, the immigrants have moved to Greece, then Macedonia and then Serbia to reach Hungary. Even then the vast majority want to move on – through Austria or the Czech Republic to their ultimate goal, Germany, the richest of all the countries on this trek.

I don?t blame them, of course, but nor do I blame Germany for saying it does not have a responsibility to accept these hundreds of thousands of people crossing its borders.


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Once more Allah isn’t that akhbar, at least not for long

Caution: adult content

The saddest ‘Allahu Snackbar’ ever.

Face Of The Day

“They’re going to do what to me?” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has his days numbered.