Syrian refugees

My secret interview with a German academic: Part Two

“Konrad” answered my interview questions via an encrypted e-mail service

My latest interview subject is from Northern Saxony and he has an M.A in History with an interest in politics, current affairs and theory. He contacted me via a secret encrypted e-mail service called Tutanota in order to keep our communications private. The fact that he felt the need to protect himself like that says a lot. He said that although the epicentre of the problem I’m tackling in my interview lies in the western metropolis, it’s starting to happen in Northern Saxony as well.

My contact, who I will call Konrad (a German name that means?Brave counsel),?gave me comprehensive replies to my questions so I divided the interview up into two parts. One of the excellent points that he made in this second part of the interview is one that has been totally ignored by mainstream media. Konrad said that helping refugees should be about temporary protection not about permanent settlement. The media always seemed to make it a binary choice that either we help them by taking them into our countries or we do nothing to help them at all. Clearly, there is a third option.

Konrad’s final statement to me was the most hard hitting thing he said and touches on the German psyche.

The problems lie much deeper inside the German people, and without a complete solution to them, something like the current situation is very likely to happen again.”

World War II has damaged the psyche of the German people. I have often speculated that support for Merkel’s open borders comes from a desire to show the world that today’s Germans have nothing in common with the Nazis.

Do you think the average German feels free to openly express disapproval of Angela Merkel?s open border policy or will they be accused of racism or Islamophobia if they express their disapproval publically?

There actually is no thinking about this, because it is clearly evident. There is no such thing as a free public debate about the open border policy, let alone the question of foreigners in total. To be precise: Of course, the topic can and will be discussed in between friends, at bars and the like, but the public political debate is clearly circumscribed and aggressively controlled.

Recent attempts to revise the immigration policy from the so-called conservative parties (CDU/CSU) must be seen in the context of the upcoming federal election in 2017 and can be safely seen as nothing but lip service to prevent the AfD, which is at least moderately against immigration, from gaining, even more, support. Talk is cheap.

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Trump versus Saudi prince


How about: get stuffed?

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Richard Harman reports on Germany’s attempt to shame us

As might have been expected the visit here of the most senior German politician since Angela Merkel in 2014 has produced polite suggestions that we take more Syrian refugees.

The Speaker of the Bundestag, Prof Norbert Lammert spent most of Saturday morning at the Auckland Refugee Resettlement Centre in Mangere talking to New Zealand immigration officials and then meeting refugees. Read more »

Mr Key this is how you say “no” to increasing the refugee intake


I came across two articles yesterday. One on the art of saying no and the other a criticism of John Key’s increase of our refugee intake. John Key was criticised for not increasing the intake more than he had and we New Zealanders were also criticised. According to the article we are all rich and are shirking our responsibilities and John Key has not shown leadership on this issue.

Issues of fairness were raised and the accusation that we are not doing our fair share. What is unfair is that we are given no say as a nation as to who we accept into our country. Putting aside the economic strain taking refugees puts on a society we are denied the basic right to choose non-Muslim refugees to live in our non-Muslim country. Muslim countries don’t take in Christian refugees and most refuse to help Muslim refugees yet we continue to be forced to take people who support laws and values alien to our society.

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Vulnerable Australian elderly in imminent danger of resthome invasion

Pauline Hanson is fighting for the rights of the elderly. ?Already vulnerable in ?aged care facilities in Australia the Australian government is now considering a?proposal to fill empty beds in a Victorian Nursing ?home with Muslim refugees. I doubt the proposal is for elderly Muslim refugees. In fact, come to think of it have you ever seen an elderly Muslim refugee? The photos and videos are dominated by young fighting age men with only a few women and children. ?What could possibly go wrong with this preposterous?proposal? ?Different culture, different age, different needs and the possibility of a jihadist thrown in for good measure. I suspect that the government has tempted struggling rest home owners with lucrative contracts for homing refugees because why else would a business consider such an insane solution?

Here?s one I need your feedback on.

It appears a nursing home in Victoria has come up with a plan to accommodate refugees with aged care residents. Applications have been made to the State Minister for Planning Richard Wynne. My office contacted the Minister for confirmation and was told the proposal was under consideration.

Families of those residents have been ignored by the facility and elected members in their state, so they were left with no other option but to call me.

I will be writing to all Ministers, State and Federal for a ?Please Explain?.

What are your thoughts?

-Pauline Hanson

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New Zealand must not imitate Canada’s assimilation methods


Obama as a Borg and Resistance Is Futile

It is very important that immigrants assimilate into their new country’s culture. The Borg from the T.V show Star Trek, are seen as evil because they assimilate by force and because assimilation is total. There is no remnant of the original culture left by the time they have finished and they can no longer think for themselves as they have a hive mind. Their catch cry is ” Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” ?

In Canada, Trudeau’s Liberals are hard at work ensuring that assimilation occurs. They ?have been very successful in their attempts to ensure assimilation between Syrian refugee children and Canadian children. The problem is that the children were given no choice in the matter. They were forced to follow the new culture’s laws. Their families are not happy about it as the new culture’s laws are very different to those of their own country.

As you have been reading this you will have assumed that the families I am talking about are the families of the Syrian refugee children. If you assumed that you are wrong. ?The children that have been forced to assimilate into the ?laws of the new culture are in fact the Canadian children.

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New Zealanders are more educated about Islam than I realised

Maybe New Zealand will not make the same mistakes as Europe; maybe we truly do have a chance and will escape Islamification and protect our western culture and democracy. MSM comment sections tend to be dominated by the liberal left, and Wellington is leftie central, so I was amazed to see that many of the comments on an article about Syrian refugees in Wellington, showed knowledge of Islam and Sharia law.

But first let’s look at what those in favour of settling refugees in Wellington had to say on the topic. Almost all of them received down votes:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.56.13 pm Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.56.25 pm Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.56.34 pm

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Does our gold-plated refugee service create unrealistic expectations?

A Syrian father who has just arrived in New Zealand says he dreams of starting a bakery, now that he no longer has to worry about bombs falling through his roof.

The first Syrian refugees to arrive in New Zealand under an increased quota were welcomed with a powhiri in Auckland today.

They are the first to arrive since the government announced last September it would take an extra 750 refugees from the war-torn country.

The 82 refugees started arriving in New Zealand last week, along with 75 others from Myanmar, Afghanistan, Colombia, Palestine and Iraq.

Khaled Al Jouja, his wife Aisha, their three young children and Khaled’s father first fled to Lebanon four years ago, but did not find the safety they desired.

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The unacknowledged Angels of Syria are the last people you would expect

There is a country that has done much to help Syrian refugees that we hear nothing about. They have provided practical and non judgemental help. You will never learn what they do from the Media so here is what Syrian man, Aboud Dandach had to say about how they helped Syrian refugees.

Dandach writes, “At a time when numerous countries in the Arab world and Europe have turned away those fleeing the conflict in Syria, Israeli and Jewish organizations and NGOs have, often at great risk to themselves, been at the forefront of efforts to provide assistance to Syrians. In a world where the refugee issue has been exploited by opportunistic political parties in Europe and the United States, Jewish groups have offered assistance to Syrians in need unreservedly and with no expectations of any manner of reciprocation.

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To the Syrian Refugees entering New Zealand: Welcome!

via Stuff

The Red Cross is impressed by New Zealanders welcoming attitude towards the Syrian refugees.

The first of the six hundred strong special refugee intake have begun arriving.

National programme development manager Rachel O’Connor says they’ve been overwhelmed by people wanting to volunteer and donate goods.

“We’re really excited that when the families arrive in the community that that’s the type of welcome that they are going to get.”

The Red Cross is also asking employers to consider taking-on refugees. Read more »