The Maori Land Wars are back


Where do you draw the line? ?

Over time, a lot of Maori ownership will have changed due to wars and raids, and if you go back far enough, I?m sure most land can be disputed between Maori depending on when ?you define it to have been ?first inhabited?. ?

For generations, Ngati Whatua have been forced to defend our mana and people when neighbouring iwi have come to claim our land and separate us from the generations of our ancestors buried here.

In recent years these invasions have been in the courts, or through words, often involving the rewriting of history or selective memory which is encouraged in the western legal process.

This happens even when the devastation is fresh in the minds of those who were there, when injustice continued to visit our people. ?? Read more »

Finlayson tells King of Huntly to naff off

Chris Finlayson has told the former truck driver and King of Huntly to naff off over his ridiculous idea that Tainui can claim Auckland under?the Treaty of Waitangi.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson has one message for Waikato-Tainui if it wants to begin negotiating a claim over parts of Auckland – get a mandate and specify your claims.

He said he had given Tukoroirangi Morgan the same message about five times in the past.

“He nods and then nothing happens,” Mr Finlayson told the Herald.

“Mandates don’t last forever.” ?? Read more »

Maori ?King of Huntly? told to naff off by Ngapuhi, they reckon Auckland is “theirs”

Ngapuhi…who, I might point out, controlled Auckland by conquest, have told Tainui to bugger off.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said Friday’s announcement that Maori King Tuheitia will lay claim to Auckland, is a “bit cheeky”.

He told more than 500 people gathered at Turangawaewae Marae in Ngaruawahia, including Prime Minister John Key, he was determined to see the claim through.

“It must be done,” Tuheitia said on Friday. “I am determined to do it with the start of the Kingitanga claim in Tamaki.”

The claim extends north to Mahurangi, down the Firth of Thames and across to the Manukau Harbour and to Piha. ?? Read more »

Winston is over National?s Maori pandering

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

In the process of not wanting to rock the boat, we now have an increasing divide between Maori and non-Maori. ?

National?s indulgence for Maori separatism is leading to ever more ludicrous claims, this time Tainui for Auckland, which was announced by the Prime Minister himself, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Imagine how much taxpayer cash Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson will need to stump up the costs for a Crown negotiator for a settlement like this.

“In all seriousness National is keen to put iwi before Kiwi and that?s not something people voted for.

“Only last month Environment Minister Nick Smith confirmed National was negotiating with many iwi over demands for water ownership. This hitherto had been denied by National. ? Read more »

The Maori King wants all of Auckland. Don?t laugh, he may be onto something

The poor old truck driver from?Ng?ruaw?hia has decided he wants all of Auckland.

The Maori King has laid out a bold wish, after revealing a Treaty claim for the entire Auckland region.

King Tuheitia explained the plan to 500 people gathered at Turangawaewae Marae, including Prime Minister John Key.

The Kingitanga claim covers a huge area from Warkworth all the way down to the Hauraki Plains.

King Tuheitia says he’s already started talks with Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson over his historical grievance.

A spokesman for the iwi, Tukuroirangi Morgan, told reporters they wanted to resolve the issues within a year. ?? Read more »

Can taniwha be fast tracked too?

I see Tainui are wanting to fast track an inland port…presumably taniwha would also be able to be fast tracked. It is unlikely that a taniwha exists near their land though…they only seem to attack government land.

A frustrated Tainui Group Holdings has applied for a private plan change with the Environmental Protection Authority to help fast-track the first stage of its multibillion-dollar inland port.

The commercial arm of Waikato Tainui and developer Chedworth Properties, which plans to build a community of medium-density housing neighbouring the proposed inland port and commercial hub, said the decision to lodge their application was made partly out of frustration and delays to their project at Ruakura, about 3km east of Hamilton’s CBD.? Read more »

$790,000,000 More and Maori Mokopuna still skip breakfast

I see that Maori are in line for even more loot, after it appears the fiscal envelope has been cracked:

Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu iwi are poised to claim top-ups on their 1990s Treaty settlements because of a relativity clause that gets triggered when the so-called fiscal envelope is exceeded.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson progress with claims means there is some $1.79 billion completed or in the pipeline, including the $170 million settlement with the 35,000-strong Ngai Tuhoe tribe announced this week.

The central North Island-based Tainui and South Island Ngai Tahu settled for $170 million apiece but were granted top-up clauses that would ensure Tainui received 17% of all settlements and Ngai Tahu got 16.1%.

That clause would come into play if the Crown paid out more than $1 billion in 1994 dollar terms under the fiscal envelope.

That works out at roughly $1.54 billion today, using the Reserve Bank’s inflation calculator, though it does not account for the timing of various settlements.

And so more cash will flow into Maori coffers…with no discernible reduction in Maori crime, Maori child abuse or Maori children even eating breakfast.

Let’s face it Labour’s plan to feed the poorest children in our schools is just pouring more money into Maori who as we can see have actually had billions more than everyone else poured into their coffers for no discernible return, either to them or to the nation.

Treaty settlements are nothing less than unbridled looting like gang members coming back again again for “protection” money.

Only a fool would?believe?that this will ever end. Then again plenty of people thought that when politicians promises a safe and secure retirement paid for by your taxes they meant it.

Just what?grievances?are we settling? Or are we creating new ones?

The $1b treaty cap was a lie and non-Maori should now be able to sue the Crown for that lie.