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The logic of The Cunliffe

Yesterday David Cunliffe rushed of to make a statement about the conviction of John Banks, and his diminutive candidate in Epsom did likewise. Michael Wood defamed John Banks in his press release, Banks was found guilty of filing a false electoral return which is not electoral fraud as he claimed. But that is by the by. Both Cunliffe and Wood both think that because of something that John Banks did in 2010, standing as an independent in a local body election which he lost, somehow impacts on the Act party in 2014.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe said Mr Banks’ conviction “underlines a sorry chapter in our political history” and he should “accept his sentence and move on”.

“His conviction is also a reminder of the dodgy deal that kept him in Parliament over the last three years – and of the heavy-handed pursuit of the media by the police in its wake.”

However, with Prime Minister John Key this week saying he would again do deals with Act and United Future, “the National Party has learned nothing from this distortion of the MMP system”.

“National has been kept in power by a self-evident manipulation of our democratic process – relying on discredited and irrelevant support parties such as ACT and United Future which owe their place in Parliament to cups of tea and a nod and a wink.

“Labour will remove coat-tailing to make the electoral system fairer and more transparent.”

Basically their premise is because John Banks filled out a form incorrectly in 2010 when he wasn’t even a member of the Act party and subsequently was pursued by a convicted fraudster, tax cheat and blackmailer then sfor some reason people shouldn’t vote for  Act this election.

“You failed to disclose only two donations. There is nothing to suggest it was a pattern of offending,” Justice Wylie said.

But it was not a victimless crime, he said, the victim of the offending was the community at large.

Which is not particularly accurate, as John Banks at the time had lost the election and was then a retired politician and a private citizen.

Cunliffe’s claims were a long bow and he failed to draw it properly.  Read more »

Sledge of the Day & how you stand up for a mate

Jami-lee Ross stood in the Urgent Debate on the resignation of Maurice Williamson and made a brilliant speech including what is quite possibly the best sledge in parliament I have seen.

To be lectured by Winston Peters about corruption is like being lectured by a lady of the night about abstinence. It is so hard to believe. I can think of only one person who had been referred to the Serious Fraud Office for donation issues, and that is Winston Peters.

This is how you stand up for a mate in the house.

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The last time Labour spun an A-G report it didn’t go so well for them

Neither the reports into David Benson-Pope nor Philip Field went the way of the spin and eventually both men were axed from Labour.

Philip Field was of course axed for daring to suggest he stand as an independent rather than for his corruption. To this day Labour has never said anything officially about Philip Field other than they respect the judgement of the court.

Meanwhile Labour are spinning and leaking the draft A-G report into Jones and Cunliffe like a top…not a good sign that he is cleared.

In fact the media have been back-pedalling quickly ever since the first reports were shopped to them:   Read more »

How appropriate, Labour’s stall operating in ‘Thieves Alley’

David Clark has revealed the inner truth of the Labour party with his ill conceived tweet, either that or he is deliberately taking the piss:

Clark tweet 09022013

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Field: Clark “infested the party with homosexuality”

A former Labour minister convicted for corruption, and perverting the course of justice has meted out a bit of justice himself against the Labour party. Taito Phillip Field says that Clark “infested the party with homosexuality“.

Already under pressure from internal ructions, the Labour Party leadership has been given a mauling by disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field.

Just over a year after his release from prison, Field, who compared himself with South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, weighed in on Labour’s recent struggles, saying the party has lost its way and been “contaminated” by liberal policy.

The former Helen Clark government, in which he was a minister, had infested the party with homosexuality, Field said.

“There is a perception that they are controlled by homosexuals. It’s like a smell that won’t go away.”

He said the former government’s focus on issues like prostitution, civil unions and anti-smacking distracted from the important issues and was the “death nail in the coffin of the Labour Party”.

“You are going to have a generation of children grow up who think it is OK to have two mums and two dads. This is a contradiction of the word of God.

Field said Labour has betrayed the Christian working class.

“I don’t know how long it will take for them to recover, if they can. I can’t see them getting back in 2014, or the election after.”

That is pretty strong stuff from Taito Phillip Field:


Pommy visa scandal echoes our own Labour immigration scandals

It looks like the UK is about to have their very own immigration scandals like those of former Labour minister Taito Phillip Field and the ministers associated with Bill Liu like Shane Jones.

A former Labour minister is under investigation for half a million quids worth of funds.

Mr Vaz was investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards between 2000 and 2001 after it was alleged that he may have benefited from money paid by a solicitor and the billionaire Hinduja brothers in their attempts to secure British passports.

The minister was forced to resign and was suspended from Parliament for seeking to frustrate the investigation by refusing to provide financial information. Mr Vaz was cleared of the central allegation of receiving illicit funds.

Taito better not move to Russia

Corrupt Labour politician, Taito Phillip Field, better not contemplate moving to Russia…his bribes and corruption wouldn’t be tax deductible:

Russia’s Finance Ministry has told foreign officials that bribes paid while abroad are not tax deductible, according to reports.

“Expenses incurred while committing legal violations, including providing bribes or kickbacks, are not recognized for the purposes of tax assessment,” the Ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

Any official paying bribes will therefore have to pay the standard 20pc income tax, according to Russia’s Vedomosti newspaper.

The clarification is relevant for for Russian arms exporters and commodity companies that have assets in the Third World, the paper cited tax officials as saying.

Last year a survey conducted by anti-corruption group Transparency International revealed that companies from Russia and China are most likely to pay bribes when doing business abroad.

Russia joined the Anti-Bribery Convention in February and officially became the 39th signatory in April, according to the OECD’s website.

Taito Phillip Field: It is all a gay conspiracy

Taito Phillip Field, who Helen Clark said was guilty of only being helpful to his constituents, and was subsequently found guilty of bribery and corruption, yesterday claimed that that he is exonerated by the court that ordered him to pay $28,000 for the tiling and now further claims that his downfall was all a gay conspiracy:

A gay and lesbian cabal

He claims a gay and lesbian cabal in the Labour Party contrived to get him removed from the party because of his uncompromising stand on moral issues.

“I wouldn’t budge because I stood by my Christian beliefs and I opposed things like civil unions, homosexual rights, abortion and the anti-smacking legislation.“

And I think this became intolerable for them and when this thing blew up with the Thais and immigration issues I believe some political figures saw an opportunity to get rid of me.“

And the best option was to look at a criminal conviction because how else could they get rid of me?”

“Helen Clark made it clear what she wanted by the allegation of me being unethical and immoral even before the police had finished their investigation.

“It was an invitation to her puppets and those in powerful positions who were in her pocket that she wanted a particular outcome.

“She knew that the only way to destroy my political career and remove me from Mangere was a criminal conviction.

“I had the biggest majority in the country – bigger than what she got – and that was the only way she was going to be able to get rid of me. I think everybody who was involved in that exercise should be investigated.

“At one point I was sitting in an aeroplane on a flight from Wellington to Auckland and I was eyeballed by Mike Williams, the president of the Labour party, who told me clearly, ‘you continue to come up against Helen Clark and she’s going to do you in’.

“I remember that clearly – I was sitting right next to him and those sort of things you don’t forget.”

Field – Still Innocent?

Despite being ordered to pay $28,000 for the Thai slave labour he used on his properties, the corrupt former Labour MP Phillip Field still maintains he is only guilty of helping his constituents.

Forget the bribes, forget his attempts to pervert the course of justice – Field still says he’s only guilty of doing what any other person would do – that’s accept/demand a hefty discount for work carried out by desperate migrants seeking his help.

This certainly brought back memories.  Despite the conviction, despite court orders he maintain he is innocent.

Shane Jones should be taking notes.

Corrupt former MP finally pays for tiling

Taito Phillip Field, Labour’s convicted corrupt former MP has finally paid for his tiling:

Disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field has been ordered to pay back just under $28,000 that he made from his crimes.

In 2009, Field was jailed after being found guilty of bribery and corruption and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He had accepted labour from Thai people whom he helped with immigration matters and then tried to cover it up.

The Solicitor-General took him to court asking for the $58,000 he received from those crimes.

During the hearing in June this year, Field disputed those costs and described them as inflated.

In a High Court ruling released on Monday, Justice Hansen ordered Field to pay $27,480.