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Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is Sean Plunket. He is a talkback host who has not been afraid to ask the hard questions or to be ‘ mean’ in an interview to people whom other talkback hosts treat with kid gloves. I will never forget his interview with Kim Dotcom or his interview with Nicky Hager. It was like listening to a boxing match. Sean had both of them on the ropes a number of times and I was practically yelling, ” hit him again Sean, hit him again.”

Sean interviews without fear or favour. Cam has been interviewed by him and he gave it to Cam both barrels. Cam thoroughly enjoyed the battle of wits and it was a great interview.

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A reader emails about haters in politics

A reader emails:


I’m having a bitch about the ‘hate’ stuff going on about John Key and have written this piece.

It may be ok for soapbox, but if not (because I tend to ramble) that’s ok too.


Ferals all of them:

I have been quite disturbed for some time, but particularly over the last month or so leading up to the Election, about the ‘hate’ comments I hear on Talkback radio.

My distaste started in earnest when the Internet Party was announced.  Many callers rang to say they would vote for the IP.  When asked why, in almost every case the reply was, because they hate John Key.  Nothing to do with IP’s policies (there were none), or a like for the fat kraut (there are none).  Some callers thought that free broadband was ‘choice’!   Read more »

Newstalk ZB, Pam, and Cam?

Pam Corkery’s sudden departure from Newstalk ZB to take up a press secretary position with the Internet Party has upset few and delighted more.  One of Newstalk’s most loyal listeners is also one of the Whaleoil Ground Crew.

She senses an opportunity for both Newstalk ZB and Cam Slater

I am a long time loyal reader of this blog and a very, very long time loyal listener of NewstalkZB and often quote stuff in my comments that I have heard on NewstalkZB. My kids grew up with Paul Holmes, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams. My daughter who is now 27 often says if Leighton ever left there would be a big hole – who would fill his shoes? Well Leighton will just have to turn up as usual with his Zimmer frame – he can’t leave. I awake every morning to the dulcet tones of Mike Hosking Breakfast (much nicer than a noisy buzzer). Larry is a regular voice late afternoon and Danny and Kerre are also heard at times. I am sure a lot of you fellow Whaleoilers also have NewstalkZB as your alarm clock and talking in the background in your homes.

Pam Corkery from “The Two” (Tim is the other half) is now gone from NewstalkZB and I am not sad that Pam is gone – “The Two” never gelled with me. I very rarely listened to her and Tim and if I did it was for 10 minutes at a time in order to hear the news on the hour. I did hear Tim for a few minutes last night after hearing the 10:00pm news. He was a bit sad and no doubt he will miss Pam though I think it is for the better that Pam has gone. She tried to dominate Larry’s cauldron but ended up rambling on. Read more »

Perhaps the best talkback call of the year

This has to be the best talkback call of the year.

The funny thing is it was a member of the Whale army who confessed to me a couple of days laters it was him. I told Sean Plunket over a beer, which was a silly thing to do since he sprayed it out his nose.

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