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Someone isn’t telling the truth Russel…here’s a clue, it’s you

So who's been telling porkies then?    via zimbio.com

So who’s been telling porkies then? via zimbio.com

The Green party have called in their Stasi to audit the computers of their MPs.

Think about that for a minute, because this was the party that was crying over the metadata and swipe card details of a journalist being inspected by parliament and now they have?called in the Stasi to inspect the computers and emails and phones of sitting Members of Parliament.

The Green Party ordered an audit of MPs’ emails to check for any communication with blogger Cameron Slater.

The review, just before the election, unearthed just a handful of messages from senior list MP Kevin Hague, about two posts he wrote for Slater’s WhaleOil blog advocating for proposed marriage-equality laws.

Party apparatchiks wanted to ensure they weren’t “blindsided” as they attacked National over revelations in Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book.

MPs’ executive assistants checked correspondence, a spokesman said. “Since Dirty Politics, we have had nothing to do with [Slater],” he added.

Hague confirmed the emails, and said Slater had contacted him “a couple of times” by email and text on other matters. He acknowledged the messages, but did not engage, he said.

Since Dirty Politics was released, Slater has published dark threats to unveil correspondence with political players. There is mounting speculation he is holding Prime Minister John Key to ransom in some way. Key was forced to admit last week he still sent Slater text messages.

Dark threats eh?

They weren’t threats Russel they were promises.

If you are going to tell lies then I am going to bust your chops for lying…now that you have had the warning it is time for the smacking.? Read more »

Whaleoil Awards – Worst Political Journalist


Commenters are pretty emphatic…and I have taken the liberty of adding?Bernard?Orsman.

The nominees are:

Barry SoperTeletubby explains:

Barry Soper for continually being more important than the story. Cock

Brian Rudman – Brian Rudman constantly bangs on about liberal elite past-times that he’d like to fund with other people’s money. A big fan of buses and trains…again funded by other people. His biggest bug bear though is that Auckland doesn’t have a suitable theatre that meets his fussy audiophile standards and he expects the ratepayers to have one damn it all! Troy explains:

Brian Rudman. Recipient of the Charles Southwell Award (for equitable and informed journalism) … yeah right, most of his articles are simple trash, so much so that I hardly make the effort to read them any more.

John CampbellCows4me writes:

Yeah he’s a lefty suckhole, most of the media in NZ are bent to the left. If we had a true right wing channel that held some of these dribbling lefty’s up to the light people like Campbell would struggle for air. It’s so easy to be a greasy, politically correct lefty when there’s no opposing voice.

Simon Collins – Collins pimps the poor, he came to my attention with his shocking half story about Tania Wysocki. I note to date he hasn’t had the stones to re-visit that story…he wouldn’t want to have to write about success by a battler. Hagues said:

Simon Collins for his series of wow and misery blamed either on the govt or “someone else.”

Bernard Orsman – Orsman is Len Brown’s direct line into the Herald. He has written so glowingly in favour of Len Brown I thought perhaps he had moved from the Herald Albert Street offices into the Town Hall to shorten the?communication?lines.

David Fisher ?- Fisher has compromised himself so badly this year. He has written little else other than PR articles on behalf of Kim Dotcom or Ian Wishart. He has become fixated, so much so he is now allegedly writing a book about Dotcom with the assistance of Paul Little…I hope they don’t get too friendly…we know what happens when wine, late nights and friends mix with Paul Little.

Whaleoil Awards - Worst Political Journalist

  • John Campbell (49%, 211 Votes)
  • Barry Soper (25%, 105 Votes)
  • Brian Rudman (11%, 45 Votes)
  • David Fisher (7%, 29 Votes)
  • Simon Collins (6%, 25 Votes)
  • Bernard Orsman (3%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 427

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Tania Wysocki checks in

Some months ago I went and interviewed Tania Wysocki after she was shamelessly thrown under the bus by sensational media reporting by Simon Collins as he sought to pimp the poor in a series run in the Herald to slam the government.

At the time I stated:

We have discovered that?this woman is not a bludger. Sure she has made mistakes, sure she isn?t a brain surgeon?.but she does have pride and drive and ambition.

We have discovered that?Jacinda Ardern couldn?t even be bothered?driving out to see Tania, instead preferring to?shop the story to Simon Collins.

We have found out that new Green MP is actually doing the job an MP should be doing, and though she is struggling a bit by thinking that asking questions in the house will deliver results, she is at least trying, which is a whole lot more than Jacinda Ardern

We have found that Simon Collins would rather focus on the sensational than the detail as he seeks to manufacture stories of misery as he pimps out the lives of the poor. He is more concerned with the?number?of views on his article than solutions and outcomes for the people he writes about.

After my series of posts which explored many aspets that Simon Collins and the Herald simply couldn’t be bothered covering or even correcting, Tania made me a promise. She said she was going to prove everyone wrong, pass her courses and she would keep me informed along the way.

She has honoured that promise and last night I received a Facebook message with her results for the year.

Hi Cam, Just letting you know I passed this year with 1 C-, 1 C+, 4 B’s and a A+. So happy

Well done Tania, I am very pleased for you, you must be proud of your achievements that?despite?the long hours, the parenting, and the travel backwards and forwards to your courses you?have?succeeded where many thought you wouldn’t.

Please keep me and the readers of the blog informed of progress along the way, and go hard next year. Well done.

The Herald Responds

The NZ Herald has responded to my letter of complaint about the appalling article concerning Tania Wysocki and the?blatant?mis-representation by Simon Collins of the true story:

To: Cameron Slater

By email

Dear Cameron,

I refer to your email of February 23.

The article was neither inaccurate nor unfair. It was balanced — indeed, it specifically mentioned the help Tania Wysocki had received from National and Greens MPs.

The prostitution angle of the story that you have complained about — and the fact that Ms Wysocki had advertised herself on a website — was legitimate. The headline accurately reflected the story. The article was not over-dramatised.



The New Zealand Herald

What a pathetic and wholly underwhelming response from the nations biggest tabloid. What do my loyal readers think I should do next? Press Council?

Letter to Tim Murphy

New Zealand Herald

February 23rd 2012

By Email & Blog

Re: Complaint about Simon Collins? Article on Tania Wysocki

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you under the rules laid out by the New Zealand Press Council about Simon Collins? article on Tania Wysocki. The article may be linked to here:


Having discussed this case at length with Ms Wysocki I wish to make complaints on the following grounds:

Accuracy, Fairness & Balance:

Collins? article is inaccurate, unfair and unbalanced. I believe he has omitted (for effect) significant relevant information about Ms Wysocki, information that you will find in four posts on my blog.





I specifically wish to take issue with the serious over dramatization and?exaggeration?of claims that relate to Ms Wysocki’s choices.

This runs contrary to the principles outlined here:?http://www.presscouncil.org.nz/principles.php?”An independent press plays a vital role in a democracy. The proper fulfilment of that role requires a fundamental responsibility for the press to maintain high standards of accuracy, fairness and balance and public faith in those standards.”

I believe in his coverage of Ms Wysocki’s story, Mr Collins has betrayed all of the above principles.

1: Accuracy – Mr Collins ignored significant relevant details and chose not to publish these details in his story. ?He sensationalised suggestions that prostitution was a serious and legitimate option for Ms Wysocki. ?Sadly, she now believes she has been ‘used’ by the media.

2: Fairness – At no point did Mr Collins contact the Minister of Social Development despite his collusion with the Opposition spokeswoman on these issues. ?In fact, Mr Collins received his ‘tip’ for Ms Wysocki’s story via the Labour Party spokeswoman. ?At No point was this declared.

3: Balance – Mr Collins chose to present a one-sided view of the truth and failed to outline all relevant details pertaining to Ms Wysoki’s circumstances. This is despite numerous subsequent opportunities. Mr Collins and the NZ Herald have failed to provide sufficient context/background.

4: Public Faith – Public faith in the media has been eroded because of an irresponsible and sensationalist approach to Ms Wysocki’s circumstances. The public have not been able to draw a reasonable conclusion about her situation because Mr Collins and the NZ Herald have not fairly explored relevant aspects of her position.

Please be aware of my intention to complain formally to the Press Council if the NZ Herald fails to reasonably deal with this gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Kind Regards

Cam Slater
Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Pimping the Poor, Ctd – The Issue

So now you have read what I discovered from bothering to drive out to rural South Auckland and have a chat with Tania Wysocki.

We have discovered that this woman is not a bludger. Sure she has made mistakes, sure she isn’t a brain surgeon….but she does have pride and drive and ambition.

We have discovered that Jacinda Ardern couldn’t even be bothered driving out to see Tania, instead preferring to shop the story to Simon Collins.

We have found out that new Green MP is actually doing the job an MP should be doing, and though she is struggling a bit by thinking that asking questions in the house will deliver results, she is at least trying, which is a whole lot more than Jacinda Ardern

We have found that Simon Collins would rather focus on the sensational than the detail as he seeks to manufacture stories of misery as he pimps out the lives of the poor. He is more concerned with the?number?of views on his article than solutions and outcomes for the people he writes about.

But what we haven’t?explored?is the real issue that Tania Wysocki is experiencing difficulty. This is the reason why she contacted all the agencies, and politicians in the first place. the agencies were intent on covering their butts and the politicians intent on scoring points. the “journalist” was intent on something else altogether. Not a single one of them was intent on actually understanding the real issue.

The Issue

The essence of Tania Wysocki’s problem is that she is aiming too high. She is attempting to complete a NCEA Level 6 course in?Veterinarian?Nursing at UNITEC. ?For some bizarre reason child care extended hours are only available for people attending NCEA Level 3 and below courses.

We are expending millions of dollars on child care for basic courses that are supposedly going to qualify people to be work ready when the reality is that any course at NCEA Level 3 or below is basic stuff and mostly remedial.

What we aren’t doing is encouraging more people like Tania Wysocki to enter and complete training. They are left feeling rightly or wrongly that they are having?additional?barriers put in their way whereas less able students, and frankly?unemployable?students are enjoying a largesse that will probably never be repaid to society.

When I spoke with the Ministers office they told me that the childcare changes were brought about in the 2009 budget when the economy was severely constrained. The thought was that those most vulnerable needed help and should be prioritised and that it perhaps wasn’t fair that in more advanced courses it wasn’t fair that people were attending the courses and sitting next to highly subsidised beneficiaries.

I suggested to the Ministers Office that perhaps we were encouraging the wrong people into training, that I witnessed on a daily basis in Manukau what these wrong kinds of incentives deliver and suggested that they might like to use this case as a good reason to review the policy. Who knows, perhaps they will.

Of course when making policy that affects large numbers of people there are always those at the crossover points that prove?the?exception to the rule. The?unwieldy?beast that is MSD is neither willing nor able to consider every little exception and sometimes intervention is called for.

This is issue that Tania Wysocki was trying to explain, but it got missed in the shameless point scoring and headline grabbing of politicians.

It took an unpaid blogger to do what highly paid politicians either couldn’t or wouldn’t do…drive out to see the?person?concerned and actually listen to the issues.

It astounds me that a politician as lazy and self-centred as Jacinda Ardern is touted as a future leader.

I don’t know what the solution is to our?burgeoning?and mis-directed welfare system is. But I know it isn’t listening to anything Jacinda Ardern or Labour has to say…or Simon Collins for that matter.

In their haste to get into print they ignored a constituent and a larger problem that seriously needs addressing and instead Pimped out the Poor in multiple stories of manufactured misery.

Pimping the Poor, Ctd – Labour Collude With Herald

This is part three of the continuing series Pimping the Poor, where I explore how the media in collusion with shameless politicians Pimp the Poor in order to manufacture stories of misery.

We have covered the timeline and the back story of Tania Wysocki. It was necessary so that you can fully understand what happened next.

After Tania, utterly frustrated with an intransigent WINZ office in Pukekohe and seemingly being ignored in her plight, sent out an email to all parties she was contacted by two politicians. The attitude and behaviour of those two politicians are in stark contrast with each other.

One shamelessly shopped the story to the media and the other actually treated the issue as any competent MP should.

As they say…Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Help from The Greens

Let us look at the actions of Jan Logie first. The good news.

Jan Logie is a new MP. She lives in Wellington. She stood in Mana electorate against Kris Fa’afoi. Whilst Fa’afoi is invisible Jan Logie is extremely visible and has got involved in a case way outside of Wellington, in South Auckland. I asked Tania Wysocki to rate her interactions and resolutions with Jan Logie and she have her an 8 out of 10. Jan has kept in contact, emailed, phoned, sends txts as well as arranged a flight to Wellington to attempt to get some resolution to the issue.

Credit where credit is due, this new MP is actually trying to make a difference.?Even during no doubt what is a busy time as she tries to get her mind around being a new MP and the responsibilities and workload that brings in a small Party.

No Help from Labour

Now for the bad news.

When Jacinda Ardern?received?the cry for help from Tania Wysocki she made a phone call to Tania. It was a short call. In that call she didn’t garner extra details, she simply told Tania that she had “friends in the media” and that Simon Collins would giver her a call.

She was true to her word on that Monday. Quasi Electorate agent for the List MP, Simon Collins?called a short time later and arrange to drive out with a photographer for his scoop of the week, a beneficiary who wants to prostitute herself to pay for vocational training.

Simon Collins did attend Tania’s modest house in rural South Auckland. He then proceeded to actually ignore the issues regarding training and child care, focus only on the prostitution angle. He ignored Tania’s back story, clearly he didn’t deem it relevant to the picture he was trying to portray of an uncaring government expecting women to prostitute themselves to pay for training.

We know that Simon Collins doesn’t care about his subjects because he threw Craig and Carla to the wolves?without?a simple background check on Facebook and other social media and dating sites. Had he done even the basics he would have realised that in that case Carla was hardly a fit subject for his touching stories. She suffers from severe depression, from her own Facebook updates has a marriage on the rocks as she looks on dating sites for some comfort, and had discussed suicide. I can’t imagine how Carla now feels after having been shamelessly pimped out by Simon Collins in his manufactured series on misery.

He didn’t care because he had a story about misery to manufacture. He aslo didn’t care about Tania Wysocki either, because he printed the names of her children, the area in which she lives and worse, the only contact he has had since the story was a quick email to let Tania know just how many people read the article online.

How touching. No comments about how she was doing. Nothing about if there was any progress with the authorities. Nope, just how many views his cool article Pimping out the Poor, manufacturing misery had got.

Worse though is that Jacinda Ardern followed up with a single phone call about how awesome the article was. That’s it. One phone call before the article to sell tania out to Simon Collins and one phone call after to congratulate herself ont eh publicity coup.

All the while Jan Logie is doing what Jacinda Ardern either couldn’t or wouldn’t do….actually try and help.

How do I know she couldn’t or wouldn’t help?

Well because yesterday I contacted the Minister’s office for a comment and to ask some questions. My questions were simple. Has either Simon Collins and/or Jacinda Ardern been in contact with the Minister’s office, or with the Ministry of Social Development with the case of Tania Wysocki or with the case of Craig and Carla Bradley?

The answer was an emphatic no in the case of Jacinda Ardern. Labour’s vaunted super star,?who leap-frogged over all the women in the caucus to take this portfolio, appears to have been too lazy to care about people she is the opposition spokesperson for. Instead she was highly motivated to shop the stories to her quasi-Electorate Agent Simon Collins.?In the case of Simon Collins, he only contacted the MSD regarding Tania Wysocki and that was only to ask about her entitlement and confirm details for his?manufactured?story. He has never contacted the Minister’s office for comment on any of his articles about poverty, the very areas that Paula Bennett is the Minister responsible for.

We now know that Labour, especially Jacinda Ardern is closely working with and feeding stories to Simon Collins. Even if Simon Collins won’t confirm his source for the stories we know that the story about Tania Wysocki was directly fed to him by Jacinda Ardern.

The most shameful thing about Jacinda’s actions is that she either couldn’t or wouldn’t travel 35 minutes from Aucklad Central to at least visit Tania. The best she could muster was two short taxpayer funded phone calls…plus the one to Simon Collins of course.

Jan Logie meanwhile, from Wellington has managed to provide a level of?pastoral?care to Tania Wysocki that would put most MPs to shame. It really isn’t any wonder that The Greens are currently out-performing Labour in?parliament?and acting as though they are the real?opposition. It isn’t really a surprise that whilst Jan Logie scored an 8 out of 10 for her help Jacinda Ardern was rated by Tania Wysocki at a very low 2 out of 10 and then only barely scraping through to that level.

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Pimping the Poor, Ctd

This is part two of an investigative series that explores the unhealthy exploitation of the poor by journalists and politicians. I call it Pimping the Poor, the using of inappropriate case studies in order to manufacture stories of misery which then gets the media salacious headlines and politicians a platform to grandstand.

This behaviour came to light with the Simon Collins series in the NZ Herald culminating in the story of Tania Wysocki.

I gave a short history so that you could have context for what happened next for Tania Wysocki as politicians sold her down the river for some cheap headlines.

As I outlined Tania was extremely frustrated with progress in trying to get cover for childcare so she could attend the Vet Nurse training at Unitec. When I visited Tania yesterday I talked over with her as to why she picked that course and also discussed some of her background. She had touched on this in her emails with me and it became apparent that Simon Collins had left a great many pertinent facts out of his article.

Tania’s back story

Tania wants to train as a vet nurse because she wants to formalise what is years of actual work in the horse racing industry and rural sector. She has assisted with foaling, been on foal watch in the middle of the night, helped vets perform minor surgeries on farms as needed. Tania has worked doing seasonal work even while on the DPB. She is not one to sit still. She love animals and it reflects a lifetime of her work. She has figured that she would be able to provide for her two children better by formalising her qualifications.

She was quick to admit to me that she was silly to leave school at 15. She regrets it. But what is done is done. She explained to me her long term relationship and her first child and how that ended, she also explained to me the details of why it ended but asked to not go into detail on that. Suffice to say I bet she wears a white ribbon every year.

Her relationship ended at the same time as she was nursing her father who had terminal cancer. it was also during this time that she fell pregnant again. Something she never planned for. She could see where she was headed if she continued on this track and made a decision that when she had her second child that she would sterilise herself. She did not want a life a poverty for her or her children or to bring any more?children into the world either, perpetrating that lifestyle. So when she had a?cesarean section for the birth of her second child she also had a tubal ligation. So committed she was to not having any more children she had a follow up procedure called?a Dye Scan to check that the surgery was successful. It was during this procedure she found that the operation wasn’t properly done and so had it done again. this woman is tough, she has resolve and didn’t at all present to me like Simon Collins portrayed her.

He focused on her comments about becoming a prostitute and I asked her why she said that. Tania explained to me that she actually researched it and she put it in her emails and used it in her interview with Simon Collins because she thought that was the only way forward. Personally I think she is wrong, but given that prostitution is legal there shouldn’t be the outcry there was, unless of course that prostitution is wrong…just saying.

However she felt that Simon Collins ignored her past and her story and instead focussed on what would garner the biggest headlines. No wonder she was mad as hell.

Why Train as a Vet?

Tania explained to me the reason why she wanted to take the train to study at Unitec…she had worked out that she could get in a couple of extra hours a day study by taking the train rather than driving, that being a solo mother with two children it was actually a more effective use of her limited time than driving and being unable to study because of the driving.

This woman isn’t stupid. She is driven…and she was impressing me with her drive. I mean how many people have the balls to contact me, some politicians run from the room when I enter and she had the intestinal fortitude to contact me and tell me off and to ask for re-dress for the shoddy reporting she had experienced.

So now we have had the timeline, and now Tania’s background. Both things left out of Simon Collins article. I believe that Tania’s background, her back story to use political parlance is highly relevant and paints an entirely different picture of a woman who is simply after a fair go.

It is the details of the course she wants to do that is causing the problem. Studying to be a Vet Nurse is a NCEA Level 6 course. For some bizarre reason?additional?hours of child care are only available for NCEA Level 3 and below courses.

It seems to me that we are spending money in the wrong areas. We encouraging the wrong level of student to engage in study when it is people like Tania Wysocki who should be getting as much encouragement as possible to enter and complete training.

Tania said to me herself that she wants to be a taxpayer again, not a bludger. She hates being on the DPB and this two year course will see her employed and providing for her family.

Next up in the Pimping the Poor series – Labour colludes with the NZ Herald to Pimp the Poor

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Pimping the Poor

For the past few weeks Simon Collins in the NZ Herald in collusion with Jacinda Ardern, Labour and to a certain extent The Greens have been Pimping the Poor in a bid to embarrass the government.

They manufactured misery as they went painting a picture that they wanted to paint and have been extremely economical with the truth along the way.

I am going to explore precisely how they have operated and will use the case of Tania Wysocki to prove their shameless pimping of the poor as they manufactured misery.


Last week Simon Collins reported the story of Tania Wysocki. On the surface this looked just another case of a beneficiary bludging off the state wanting more. Predictably talkback and the blogs went off on it and equally predictably the left wing politicians jumped on the band-wagon for some cheap headlines and grandstanding at the expense of a woman and her family.

Something didn’t ring true about this case…things didn’t add up…and on Thurday night last week I received an email from Tania Wysocki, who was indignant that her story hadn’t been told properly and that she was being painted as a bludger on large, flipping it up for random blokes to create a lifestyle. It is fair to say that she was mad as hell.

After exchanging emails over a few days I can now understand why she is mad as hell and I will explain why. But in order to do so I need to provide a timetable for you. then in subsequent posts I will explain why Tania Wysocki should feel?aggrieved,?but not with who you would think.


Back in October last year Tania Wysocki decided that she no longer wanted to be a benefit dependent solo mother, that she wanted to train for a decent job and become a taxpayer again. Tania is not some young thing exploited the DPB for personal gain. She is 38 years old and freely admits in conversations with me that she has made mistakes in her life but at 38, after leaving school at 15 has actually worked for most of her life. It is only in the past 4 years that she became a beneficiary. That story in and of itself shows some steel and I will cover that later as it is material to the case against Simon Collins.

Tania approached the WINZ office in Pukekohe, it is the nearest office to her home. It is fair to say that they were less than helpful, but it is also fair to say that the rules and regulations surrounding training at the level Tania is contemplating are perplexing. She was confused and struggling to see how she could actually extricate herself from a life on a benefit.

She went and visited her local MPO, Paul Hutchison. Tania agrees that at the time Paul Hutchison treated her with respect, with caring and agreed to write to the Minister and to the WINZ office in Pukekohe…both things he did.

Despite repeatedly informing the local office of the details of the course she was enrolled in, and I might add approved for a student loan, WINZ could not see a way to accomodate her child care requirements. The rules, which I will discuss later, are a little silly. Tania experienced the frustration of dealing with a government department. On December 27, two days after Christmas and after most of Wellington had shut down for she emailed John Key’s office.

Later in in late January and early February with the start of her course imminent she started emailing other political parties until un utter frustration she sent out an angry email asking if anyone cared about her situation.

That is the lead up and timeline. I have seen the emails and I have read them all. It is what happens next that is truly appalling when you understand the full details. Details Simon Collins?omitted?and details Jacinda Ardern has kept quiet.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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Taking the Piss

Socialist Cindy and the Greens are making a huge deal out of a woman who is willing to prostitute herself in order to pay for study. This same woman is already getting $43,000 from the state and still she wants more.

Yet when she does do the study, and finishes and gets a job she will be earning less than she is getting in handouts from the state.

Pay for veterinary nurses varies depending on qualifications, experience, location and employer. The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association recommends the following rates:

  • Veterinary nurses?new?to the job should earn?$15?to?$18 an hour ($31,200 to $37,440 a year, assuming a? 40-hour work week)
  • Those with one to five years’ experience?should earn?between $18 and $21?an hour ($37440 to $43,680)
  • Those with more than five years’ experience?should earn?$20 to $24?an hour ($41,600 to $49,920). Some veterinary nurses may earn more than this.

These rates are recommended only, and employers may pay above or below these figures.

If nothing else this case highlights just how out of whack our welfare system has become. To complain about?receiving?$43,000 in state assistance and demanding you want more when the people already working in those jobs (and paying the tax to pay you) earn less than you is just taking the piss.