Apparently, Taniwha are no problem at all


Historically, spiritually and culturally significant. ? You can bet your bottom dollar that nobody gets to mess with Potaiku Stream then.

On the other hand…

Because of escalating power costs, Te Runanga o Ng?ti Kearoa Ngati Tuara has turned to harnessing power from a river behind their marae just out of Rotorua, to generate their own power.

What the? ?What about the Taniwha? ? Read more »

No surprises here as Ngati Whatua go to court

The brownmail starts. Ngati Whatua are going to court.

I wonder when the taniwha is going to turn up?

Auckland iwi Ngati Whatua has confirmed it will seek a judicial review of Government’s plan to sell off Crown land to private developers.

The iwi said this afternoon it had filed a statement of claim in the High Court in Auckland to seek a ruling on its right of first refusal on surplus land in Auckland.

“Ngati Whatua is working closely with the government to get more houses built,” iwi spokesman Ngarimu Blair said in a statement. ? Read more »

Taxpayers’ Union take on Maori mafiaoso tax

The Taxpayers’ Union doing what the John Key’s National Party should have done a long time ago and is taking on Auckland Council’s r?i?d?i?c?u?l?o?u?s? ?corrupt ‘Cultural Impact Assessment’ provisions.

This morning the Union joined forces with other not for profits and launched a report titled “The Taniwha Tax”. Below is the summary they sent to supporters:


[T]he Taxapayers’ Union launched what is our hardest hitting research yet.We were joined in Auckland by pro-deomcracy group Democracy Action, the Auckland Property Investors’ Association, and our sister organisation the Ratepayers’ Alliance, to launch?The Taniwha Tax: A briefing paper on Auckland Council’s new Mana Whenua rules.The Paper covers the new Mana Whenua provisions in the Auckland Unitary Plan that have enacted a cultural or ?Taniwha Tax?, enforceable immediately.Our briefing paper exposes: ? Read more »

Call to remove business bribes but no calls to remove the other ones

Parliament’s being urged to crack down on call facilitation payments in business which a lobby group says are little more than bribes.

The law and order select committee considering the Organised Crimes Bill has been asked to outlaw the payments which will send a signal that New Zealand is beyond corruption.

Transparency International New Zealand chair Suzanne Snively says this country has a reputation as one of the most corruption free nations on earth.

But Ms Snively warns that reputation co Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Photo: Google Earth. A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Photo: Google Earth.
A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Too big to be a shark and too fast for a whale…

So what is the mystery creature captured by Google Earth off the coast of New Zealand?

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Maori Mafiosos coming for your money

Remember Democracy Action, the group set up to oppose Auckland Council?s iwi consent regime that?extorted?required Bob Jones to cough up to 13 iwi just to let him?replace a window in his own building?

It looks like they?re?finally?getting organised and taking on Len Brown.

We?ve launched an online tool for Aucklanders and other concerned New Zealanders to tell Len Brown and the Council what they think of the radical Mana Whenua provisions that affect up to 18,000 Auckland property owners.

These Mana Whenua provisions have not gone through the standard submission process and infringe on every Aucklander?s basic property rights. They establish a significant financial burden on property owners and provide another obstacle on future land development.

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Something to go to today since the weather is rubbish


Could be an interesting meeting this weekend for Aucklanders concerned about the council?s racist Unitary Plan, and trashing of property rights.

Remember when Shane Jones called a stupid digging instrument for corrupt extraction of RMA ransom payments a spade earlier this year.

Of course Labour did not pick up his mere when he left, because it did not fit with the identity politics that was all they had left. Bob Jones seems to have been the next public figure to risk tackling this issue (link). He reminded everyone that thousands of properties were newly vulnerable to iwi discovery of taniwha or other spirits and cultural needs that might need placating with koha.

A group called Democracy Action have called a public meeting in opposition to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

The Plan kowtows to iwi elite and forces the rest of us to pay in cultural impact assessment fees, and lip service to so called spiritual and cultural values (taniwha) just to do things like replacing a window or putting in a pool.? Read more »

My First Te Reo – Pono

It is Maori Language week again.

The Herald has changed their masthead. Here at WOBH we give far more appropriate coverage to Te Reo.




1.?(stative)?be true, valid, honest.
2.?(noun)?truth, non-fiction.

Modern usage: ? Read more »

Thanks Len

Len Brown’s Unitary Plan is pandering to Len’s natural constituency in South Auckland.

What is proposed is out of control ridiculous

A couple have been told to apply to 14 different iwi to keep the water running to their home.

Brent and Jennifer Tassell will need approval to renew resource consent on a bore hole that has been operating for 10 years, supplying water to eight Puhoi homes.

The bore draws water from 305m underground and is the only source of water for the properties in Slowater Lane, on the northern outskirts of greater Auckland.

“It’s a hole in the ground that’s been there for 10 years,” said Jennifer. “It’s completely over the top for our situation.”

Under the draft Auckland Unitary Plan, all applicants for resource consent for new or existing developments must apply to iwi for them to assess whether it would have an adverse effect on mana whenua.

Who needs the Resource Management Act to stifle the ecomomy when you can have your local Iwi do it for you? ? Read more »

Ahoy! Thar be Taniwha

Looks like taniwha are swimming in our territorial waters.

Raglan Maori are also among those opposed to Anadarko’s presence.

Tainui hapu environmental spokeswoman Angeline Greensill said they were considering legal action after the arrival of the gargantuan drillship on Tuesday.

The hapu has threatened to issue a trespass notice on the oil drilling company, which it says is drilling in Tainui’s customary fishing waters.

“They are actually within our customary fishing area of the whole west coast, so we’re just contemplating going out ourselves. They need to be served notice that they are trespassing on our rohe moana (ocean boundary).”? Read more »