Tariq Aziz

She says it like it's a bad thing

Brenda Pilott, the fool who runs the PSA union, is worried.

Public Service Association national secretary Brenda Pilott warned if civil servants were denied pay increases, there could be an exodus from the sector.

“We understand times are tough, but we expect to gather round the bargaining table in good faith, not have the decision already made before we sit down.”

Gosh she is worrying about people leaving the public service like that is something bad. There are a great many of us out there that pay for these paper shufflers that wish the exodus would just hurry the fuck up. That way the formerly non-productive paper shufflers will become productive members of society and the cost of the civil service will become less of a drain on the productive sector.

And before any lefty twat (yes Fishfurter and Harp-on, I mean you) gets their thong all knotted explain to me just exactly how and where nurses, teachers, firemen and police would go to the private sector equivalent that would cope with “an exodus”