Crybaby of the Week


How on earth can the Herald justify pimping this idiot trollop’s story at the expense of the business on the back end of it?

The only thing disgusting in this is the idiot woman’s behaviour and her complete lack of accountability…and her crybaby attitude.

A $400 Cinderella and Snow White tattoo which left the recipient “utterly disgusted and embarrassed” was only partially done, according to the tattoo store.

Christchurch woman Sarah Blackley shared photos online of the tattoo on her left arm. It has black outlines of a Cinderella and Snow White, and black and purple lines.

The Cinderella figure has a black mouth, no eyeballs and is holding a knife, while the Snow White figure also has no eyeballs and a black mouth.

“I recently got this tattoo and I am so utterly disgusted and embarrassed,” Ms Blackley posted on Facebook.

“$400 for what?! I refuse to wear short sleeves… This is on my skin forever.”

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Face of the day

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.24.58 pm

Cromwell 82-year-old Moya Twaddle  Screenshot from video on stuff –

Today’s face of the day is 82 year old Moya Twaddle. I relate to her because in my mid forties I too decided to do something that up until that point in my life I had never thought I would do.

Can you guess what Moya did?

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Tattooed Charles Manson look-alike refused entry to a bar, wants to go to the Human Wrongs Commission because of hurty feelings

scribble face

Another contender for Cry Baby of the Week.

An artist was refused entry to a bar because of his facial tattoos, despite offering to hide them with makeup.

Jesse Wright said he felt “degraded” by his treatment. He is considering making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

The 22-year-old was with a group of about 30 friends when he tried to enter The Rockpool pool hall on Hereford St, Christchurch, about 9pm on Friday.

Wright, who was celebrating his birthday, said he was singled out by bouncers, who had concerns about tattoos on his face. They thought he might have gang affiliations.    Read more »

A tattoo I would get


This tattoo is awesome…it’s one that I would wear with pride.

A poignant tattoo honouring Kiwi war veterans has caught the world’s imagination, going viral on social media just days after being inked onto a Lower Hutt man.

A photo of Bruce Neal ‘s patriotic body art had gained 128,000 likes on Facebook by this afternoon, plus nearly 5000 comments and 40,000 shares.

The Wainuiomata ex-army man got inked last Thursday, and just hours later the tattoo was getting thousands of likes after Petone tattoo parlour Pieces of Eight uploaded a snapshot.

“It just went ballistic,” Neal, 59, said.   Read more »


A magic cream that rubs out your bad choices


Tattoos, I don’t have any. Everywhere I go these days I see them. No longer exclusive to sailors and tough guys they adorn young and old. At some point they became fashionable. The problem with fashion is that it changes. Who these days would be seen dead now in the padded shoulder suits of the eighties ( apart from a certain Green co-leader )?

When my son was at primary another 30 something Mum pulled up her top to proudly show me her belly ring. At the time I remember thinking, belly rings used to be cool and the preserve of young things. If a thirty something full time mother is now sporting one they have gone out of fashion. That is the thing with being a rebel. Once your rebellion becomes mainstream it loses its cachet.

So what do you do when the thrill wears off and your tattoo that seemed so hip, so edgy and so cool now feels like a sticker advertising something you no longer sell? You have changed but your ink stays the same, a permanent reminder of a choice that seemed like a good idea at the time.



Until recently there was only one choice available to you and it involved pain. I know this because a local Tattoo removal business has as their slogan, Get your ink off in a friendly, non judgmental environment with less pain!!

Where is the problem I hear you ask. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo can handle pain.

double ouch!

double ouch!

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Stupid is as stupid does, Ctd


For some reason the terminally stupid always seem to run off to the media to prove that they are stupid.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they want the world to know they are stupid.

In general my mantra has become, “People are stupid”.

People think Blenheim woman Vanessa Wills tried to kill herself. She hasn’t, she’s just trying to hide a bad decision.

A spur-of-the-moment choice and the promise of a cheaper tat has left her with an infected tattoo on her wrist – a tattoo she now wishes she never had done.

She went to a tattoo studio to have a small heart tattooed on her wrist, with angel wings and a small locket. She wanted the heart coloured purple, but changed her mind to red at the last minute.

“He was like ‘Well red ink, I’ll use these bottles and it will be cheaper for you’ and I was like ‘Oh cool’. I paid $30 for it. Normally it costs $80 to $100.  Read more »

Sick crim soon to be out of jail roaming streets looking for next victim

A sick paedophile is soon to be released from jail after serving time for his heinous crimes.

He is going to be on extended supervision…and that does not fill me with any confidence considering the history of the alleged offender in the Blessie Gotingko murder.

A convicted paedophile who sadistically tortured and chained one of his victims in a cupboard will be paroled in a matter of weeks.

Ivan Andrew Campbell, 48, was sentenced to 14 years’ jail in 2001 for multiple sexual offences in Auckland, including the kidnap and sexual violation of a 14-year-old boy who he kidnapped and kept chained up in a cupboard a year earlier.

A High Court judgment this week shows the 48-year-old will be released on parole on July 9, which prompted the Department of Corrections to apply for a 10-year extended supervision order.

Justice Graham Panckhurst has granted the order because he found Campbell is highly likely to reoffend.  Read more »

Alleged tough guy wants tough stickers removed before his trial


What a blouse, this ratbag who has ‘Murder’ tattooed on this throat, in full view, wants the tattoo removed before he goes to trial…for murder. He thinks it might prejudice his trial

Of course now the whole world knows about this stupid fool so his plans seem to failed, which isn;t surprising given he certainly wouldn;t qualify as one of life’s winners.

A man charged with first-degree murder in America wants to have his neck tattoo – which says “murder” – removed or covered up before his trial.

Jeffrey Chapman, of Barton County, Kansas, says that he is worried the ink might influence the jury in his upcoming trial for a 2011 killing.   Read more »

Norwegian teen who tattoos McDonalds receipt to his arm proves that there is no end to stupid

People really are stupid and everyday someone out there proves it beyond reasonable doubt.


A Norwegian man has shown that his love for cheeseburgers and McFlurries goes further than most people after tattooing in a McDonald’s receipt on his arm.

Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Lørenskog, southwest Norway, was told by his friends that he had been ‘too active on the ladies front’ and as punishment had to get a tattoo.  Read more »

As stupid a name as Dotcom

King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite, known as Body Art for short, changed his name by deed poll five years ago and has now been told he cannot get a new passport

King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite, known as Body Art for short, changed his name by deed poll five years ago and has now been told he cannot get a new passport

This guy has scribbled over 90% of his body and changed his name to one as stupid as Kim Dotcom.

King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite is upset as he isn’t allowed a passport, even in his chosen shorter name “Body Art”.

Britain’s most tattooed man has been refused a passport, but not because of his skin decorations – but his name.

King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite, 34, has been refused an ID renewal because of his unusual moniker, which he adopted by deed poll four years ago.

The Lib Dem activist from Birmingham, formerly known as Mathew Whelan – now called Body Art for short – says it breaches his human rights to demand that he uses his birth name on his passport.  Read more »