Tau Henare

Ex National MP back in court over naming “NZ’s Rolf Harris”


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Former MP Tau Henare is due back before the courts charged with naming a prominent man granted name suppression over an indecent act claim.

Henare, who retired at the 2014 election, is scheduled to return to Waitakere District Court today charged with breaching the suppression order.

He made no plea when he appeared on December 2 but could make a plea when he appears today. Read more »

A fine bromance, with no kisses…


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They BOTH wanted to be speaker…

If Labour are going to run a POSITIVE campaign, what will they do with Trevor?

Labour’s big message today has been that they are going to be Positive about everything.

Not a nasty word will be spoken, no smears, no Gotcha politics. ?Just good old fashioned positivity!

Question is… can Trevor manage for 2 months?

Tweets of the Day

Moroney denied chance to politically weaponise children


We’ve seen the Teachers Unions do it: ?whip the kids into a frenzy against that “nasty government”. ?Doing parades and carrying union supplied placards in ?”parent initiated” protests.

Tabling a finger painting in Parliament?

If this is the sort of strategy that Matt McCarten and #heyclint think will be the circuit breaker that Labour is looking for, I think we’re all safe.

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National’s renewal continues as Tau Henare says E noho r?

Tau Henare has announced his ?retirement from politics.

And Stuff reports:

Henare was first elected to Parliament in 1993 elections for New Zealand First in the former Northern Maori electorate.

He is currently chair of the Maori Affairs select committee and a member of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee.

This morning, Henare did not deny suggestions his hand was forced by the likelihood of him receiving a low list ranking going into the September election.

He told RadioLive he expected his list ranking in a National Party reshuffle would be “more than 100”.

Henare said it was his own decision and he was happy about it.

“Most probably, it doesn’t really matter. To me the decisions been made and I’m very very comfortable and relaxed about it,” he said.? Read more »

Henare To Quit After Troughing Trip?

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.31.50 pm

When politicians start talking about making an announcement on their future you know they are on their way out.

Tau’s Iwi is Ngapuhi.? Read more »

The Yeah, Nah! Labour party

Paula Bennett kicked off the General Debate with the Yah, Nah! Labour party…

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Don’t use “humiliatingly unappealing baby talk”…unless you’re a grown woman

Silly silly silly woman. Helen Kelly has a shocker on twitter. So much so that she’ll need a calving jack to remove both her front and ?back feet from her gullet. ?It’s one thing to criticize a politician openly in public when you should be maintaining a professional front in public, but to attack a politician even after he’s apologized (which shouldn’t have happened, by the way) for something she does her self is..well, just plain thick, and so “humiliatingly unappealing”.

TOTD 29092013 v1


And on the same day she accused Tau of ?using “baby talk”:


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Tau Henare has apologised after fake outrage was manufactured by my good friend Brian Edwards amongst others.

National MP Tau Henare has apologised on Twitter for saying a Parliament cleaner should give?her job to someone else?if she didn’t like?it.

The comment yesterday followed?a tearful plea from cleaner Mareta Sinoti?who spoke in front of the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee.

Ms Sinoti cleans all 130 toilets in Bowen House each night and says cleaners do their best to clean the whole building given a number of cleaners had been cut. ? Read more »

The act of an ambitious weirdo

The Young Nats had a reasonable weekend pushing through a remit int he face of some backroom bullying to have it spiked. These young activists have more fight and heart than many of the old school. The older Young Nats are reasonably sensible but there area ?few loons.

Young Labour too has more than a few useful activists, though some slightly older ex-activists shake their heads in amazement at their antics, which may be contributing to them not participating.

This is not unusual. The same happens the world over.?

To those of my generation, it’s assumed that anyone who joins a political party is a brown-nosing careerist. They spout pompously like spokesmen, attach their party to their Twitter handles ? ToryMinx or LabourLad ? and backstab to gain the 15 votes they need to become president of their university club. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with these people. They’re more interested in manifestos than personal hygiene.? Read more »