tax refunds

Labour MP already talking tax breaks


Instead of doing Woman’s Weekly and lifestyle pieces, or holding up some mangy ham with tongs for the local rag, Stuart Nash reminds voters that the IRD may still have some of their loot.

A significant number of hard working New Zealanders should take 10 minutes out of their holiday time to see if they are eligible for a tax refund, says Labour MP Stuart Nash.

“The IRD is holding around $750m in unclaimed tax refunds going back four years. This is money that Kiwi’s have over paid in tax that they deserve to have in their back pockets. Read more »


When you pay more tax under a Labour government, you will merely be returning what was theirs in the first place

Jamie Whyte draws attention to something about New Zealanders:  that we’re in some kind of hostage situation with our governments, and that we are definitely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

I was interviewed on Radio NZ’s Morning Report by Guyon Espiner. He asked why ACT wanted to give money to well off New Zealanders. I replied that we were giving them nothing. On the contrary, we were planning to take 24% of their incomes from them.

Espiner apparently believes that all income really belongs to the state, and that any it allows you to keep is its gift to you. When you are taxed at 33%, you should not see this as having something taken from you; you should see the 67% that you keep as a gift from the government. How else could Espiner think that a government that reduces tax rates has thereby given people money?

It is fortunate that a man with such ideas is only a journalist, you may think. Alas, some of our most important politicians agree with Espiner. David Cunliffe yesterday announced Labour’s plan to increase the top rate of income tax. According to the Herald, Cunliffe said the tax hikes would mean wealthier New Zealanders being asked to “return a small part of the very large tax cuts they received from the current Government”.

Those successive years of Helen Clark have left a foul stain on the nation’s psyche as its ‘children’ keep looking at the government to take care of it.   Read more »