Police now hassling Uber passengers as they continue their commercial jihad on behalf of cab companies

The police have involved themselves very prominently in a civil dispute between Uber and other cab companies and are now shaking down passengers as they continue their jihad against Uber on behalf of cab companies.

Auckland police are questioning?Uber?passengers in their crack-down on the driver-on-demand system.

Holly, a 26-year-old woman who did not want her surname used, said she was in an?Uber?car at Auckland’s ferry terminal on Saturday.

A police officer in an unmarked police car stopped the car and questioned her telling the driver to stay away while she was grilled, she said. Holly said the officer pulled her aside and asked how she ordered the vehicle and whether they had agreed a set price before the journey.

When she said “it (the?Uber?app) tells me at the end”, the officer turned his attention to the driver.

Holly said the officer told her that?Uber?was illegal in New?Zealand.

It’s not, but the manner of billing passengers is what has caused contention. Uber?operates as a private hire service which means the fare has to be set at the time of booking, rather than using a meter.

Police have confirmed they have stopped several?Uber?drivers and charged them or issued them infringement notices for using their?smartphone app as a meter – a breach that would make them subject to taxi regulations. ? ? Read more »


Outrage! Offensive! ban the ads, boycott the firm!


People these days are “outraged” and offended by the stupidest things.

In the UK the ads shown above have caused “outrage”.

A private taxi firm has sparked outrage over a ?sexist? advert that has attracted a wave of complaints.

The advert for Southampton-based West Quay Cars features a larger, middle-aged woman with the caption: “If I Start To Look Sexy – Book A Taxi.”

Members of Southampton University?s Feminist Society criticised the advert and called for students to boycott the firm.

?I was horrified to see a recent ad by West Quay Cars which featured a middle-aged, larger woman with the words ‘If I look sexy, book a taxi’ advising people not to drive drunk or make bad decisions after drinking,? wrote one campaigner, who did not want to be named.
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Photo Of The Day

Photo: English Russia. St. Petersburg, Russia: Now you can get a taxi ride on a BRDM vehicle, that can go on the water as easy as it goes on the paved road. No joke ? a company has fully certified some of the BRDM?s  be used as city taxis. One of the good sides of this ? you not always need a road to make a shortcut to your destination.

Photo: English Russia.
St. Petersburg, Russia: Now you can get a taxi ride on a BRDM vehicle, that can go on the water as easy as it goes on the paved road. No joke ? a company has fully certified some of the BRDM?s be used as city taxis. One of the good sides of this ? you not always need a road to make a shortcut to your destination.

A Safer Taxi

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Car Crushing – Chinese Style

The Chinese do not stuff around with boyracer legislation to crush cars. ?They DIY.

Over 150 illegal cabs get the axe in China?- my legal cab drivers.

From Stuff

What do you with 156 illegal taxis that have been seized by officials?

You hand them over to the legal taxi drivers to destroy of course.

Authorities in the Chinese city of Hefei did just that earlier this month and the destruction of the vehicles was carried with “great vigor” by the legal taxi drivers who were helped by police and city workers according website,

Apparently illegal taxis are a big problem in China with the vehicles often painted in the same colour scheme as legal companies. They operate without licenses and with bugged or fake meters. Often the vehicles are considered unroadworthy.

Those affected by boyracing should be given this chance first.



A better idea than Len’s stupid trains

? Slate

Not only will autonomous cars see the end of out-dated transport systems like rail, but will also seriously impact things like parking. I have always said that the ideal public transport system is one that has little vehicles that pull up outside your house, take you to where you want tot go then disappear until you need them again to go somewhere else. We kind of already?have?that system, they are called taxis. But imagine if all those taxis were autonomous and cheap?

…every metropolitan area in the United States contains many, many more parking spaces than automobiles. When you’re at work, the space allocated for your vehicle at home sits there empty. When you’re at home, the space allocated for your vehicle at the office sits empty. Malls build parking to accommodate demand during peak hours, and the spaces mostly sit empty off-peak. But if the cars could drive around without a human pilot, there’d be no need for such lavish supplies of vehicle storage. In principle, a metro area could get by with fewer than one parking space per car since even at minimum-demand times a nonzero quantity of vehicles would be in use. That’s probably extreme, but right now depending on how you count we have?somewhere between three and eight parking spaces?per car. If the cars don’t need to sit idly waiting for you until you want to leave (imagine a world of cheap, ubiquitous taxis) that number is going to become totally ridiculous. After exploding for about 60 years, the torrent of parking construction is going to halt very suddenly and then start shifting into reverse.

Ironically it could make silly rail lines useful:

Commuter rail stations, for example, will no longer need to choose between park-and-ride and transit-oriented development models. Every station will be a little TOD neighborhood, and people from further away will get dropped off and picked up at the station without needing to worry about storing a car there.

It would be far more?logical?for Auckland COuncil to invest in the?technologies?and infrastructure that make autonomous cars possible than in rail.

Are Jews Bogans?

It seems some Jews are bogans:

CHERYL BOGAN couldn’t believe her ears. It wasn’t until the CityRail employee repeated himself in a louder voice that she and her husband, Jeffrey, were sure they were under racist attack by a public servant. The customer service manager at Central Station, no less.

“They’re all Jews living in the eastern suburbs; they’re all wealthy; they can afford to get a taxi,” Roman Arnusch uttered repeatedly, according to the couple.

The Bogans, who are Jewish and live at Bondi, had stepped off a train late at night and asked another CityRail staff member whether trains were still running to Bondi Junction. A ”polite and helpful” Arly Ribet, a subordinate to Mr Arnusch, told them that services had finished and they would need to get a taxi.