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Phil “Chinky” Twyford facing a backlash in his own electorate

Labour’s racist lash-out against Asians (and more or less just Asians) being responsible for Tane and Tania no longer being able to afford anything will have its predictable fall-out:? Twyford’s own future is looking shaky.

A former Labour member plans to run a candidate in Te Atatu in protest at Phil Twyford’s use of Chinese-sounding names to analyse Auckland property purchases.

Former Labour staffer and political commentator Phil Quin, who resigned as a Labour member over the data analysis which he called racial profiling, said he hoped the candidate would win enough votes in 2017 to oust Mr Twyford from the seat. Mr Quin told the Herald he was searching for a candidate who could run as an alternative for Labour voters who had been made uncomfortable by Mr Twyford’s use of the housing data.

“I don’t expect such a campaign to win more than a couple of thousand votes – not nearly enough to win, but enough to force Twyford to rely on his high list ranking.”

Going in as the underdog is always a good start.? Especially with Quin, the queer, alcoholic, depressed loose cannon of the lefty liberals. ?But, with that out there, a credible and hard-working sort of man who is going to have a lot of appeal to voters in West Auckland.? He’s real instead of a Labour muppet. Read more »

Is Phil Twyford screwed in Te Atatu?

Race-baiter and Labour MP Phil Twyford probably should have looked at his electorate profile before he started blaming the Chinese for Auckland?s housing problem.

Twyford is a Grade A halfwit for not considering his majority in Te Atatu, and the number of people who don?t fit his racial profiling who live and vote there.

Here are the most recent election results from Te Atatu. Note that National won the Party Vote, so there was a strong Twyford vote before he became a racist.

Labour 11,603 National 13,614 National Majority? 2,011

Twyford 15,676 Ngaro? 12,863 Twyford Majority 2,813

Then if you were to have a look at the electorate profile for Te Atatu in June 2015 you would discover some very interesting facts.? Read more »

Now this is positive campaigning! (Tweet of the Day)


Proof you can still get a good sledge in without resorting to the negative.

A seriously non-gay MPs Truck

Alfred Ngaro has got himself an awesome campaign truck.


This one would make Fossy?s gay ute cry like a little girl.? Read more »

National to win Te Atatu is underpriced

Election Results has a piece on Te Atatu which makes for interesting reading. Certainly more?interesting?than Bombers mad rantings at Tumeke on a similar subject.

Carter may yet decide to run as an independent or for another party and?a stock on this issue is currently rating this as an 11 percent chance.

It is unlikely Carter could win the seat, but despite his reputation in some circles for arrogance he was a hard working local MP who could hurt Labour?s chances if he felt like doing so.

Carter won the seat with a majority of 5289 over National?s Tau Henare, but National in fact won a greater share of the party vote by 13,183 to 13,171.

Henare is standing again for National against Labour?s Phil Twyford, though the iPredict?market does not rate his chance highly.

Henare has been working hard in the seat for some years and Twyford is a relative newcomer to the area as his hunt for an electorate to call his own finally came to an end.

Another possible wild card is a third serious candidate throwing their hand in the ring.

Te Atatu is the one of many seats Winston Peters is rumoured to be considering standing in.

If this is the case and he does stand a chance then the?other candidate winning the seat stock for Te Atatu could be considered to be seriously under priced, though even if Peters does stand it would seem extremely unlikely he could take it.

One thing the article doesn’t take into account is the utter collapse of Labour’s committee and organisation structure since the controversial selection of Phil Twyford. National seems to be under-priced in Te Atatu according to all this.

Is Phil Twyford stealing underpants too now?

Phil Twyford is a loserEven by Labour’s low standards standards Phil Twyford is a loser. Around Auckland at candidate selection time the strategy at electorate after electorate was “anyone but Twyford”.

It’s not hard to see why.

Yesterday Twyford posted on Red Alert 5 written Parliamentary Questions to the Prime Minister and 6 to Rodney Hide.

These are the winning questions from Labour designed to unsettle National and dislodge them from Government come November. These are clearly part of the Stealing Underpants election campaign strategy brilliantly thought up by Trevor Mallard.

Clearly Phil Twyford is wondering what on earth was Rodney Hide doing skulking over in Te Atatu taking pictures of Twyford’s and Henare’s offices that are dead opposite each other in Te Atatu Road and using VIP Services. I mean the cheek of it travelling down a main road in a Labour…oops…I mean Chris Carter’s electorate.

To save taxpayer money on the Parliamentary Questions I risked life and limb and rang Hide. ?He abused me some more for being a dirty coup plotter. ?And when he had calmed down said he had been with Labour’s Kelvin Davis and Carmel Sepuloni opening the new Arohanui Satellite Class at Edmonton School plum in the middle of the Te Atatu electorate. ?Tau Henare couldn’t make it but sent along his electorate agent Alex Sie who was duly acknowledged.

Hide was there as the Minister Responsible for Special Needs.

But where was Twyford? ?And how come he didn’t know about the big occasion in a school in his own wanna-be electorate? ?And how come Kelvin and Carmel didn’t tell Phil? ?And how come Phil is drafting Parliamentary Questions to government ministers to find out what is happening in what he thinks is his own electorate?

I asked Hide why he stopped to take the picture? He said it was because he had never seen anything as absurd as two List MPs’ offices dead opposite each other, and in an electorate of a another MP as well.

From where I am sitting this certainly looks like a Stealing Underpants campaign strategy to me.

The strategy is really working too from the latest polls and some of the tactics are becoming apparent. We’ve had David Shearer endorsing a government policy, Trevor Mallard trying to beat me in an?asymmetrical?war that he can’t possibly win, Labour trying to hack my website in retaliation for outing their silly information security, and now we have Phil twyford drafting umpteen written questions in order to get an answer that if he had attended a local electorate school opening he would have known the answers to.

Yep the Underpants Stealing plan is working. They must be winning votes with those cunning stunts.

Here's hoping

Chris Carter could give the Labour party a very nice Christmas present this year…a by-election.

The Labour Party will be ready to fight a byelection in the West Auckland seat of Te Atatu next year if incumbent MP Chris Carter quits before the end of the parliamentary term.

But at least the party no longer has to worry about standing against Mr Carter in the general election after his preferred successor, Labour MP Phil Twyford, won the party’s nomination over seven others at the weekend.

Party president Andrew Little said he was not planning for a byelection, but it was a possibility.

“If that happens, we’ll be ready for it.”

He described the party coffers as “very healthy”.

Good oh…then the perfect revenge for Chris Carter would be to force a by-election, have Labour expend some of that cash and even better send Judith Tizard to parliament for 8 months. It is certainly a Christmas present I’d love to see happen.

Phil has a home now

Phil Twyford, Labour’s former spokesman for the homeless, now has a home. He has been selected as Labour’s candidate fot Te Atatu.

Now we wait and see if Chris Carter gets a better job offer s his finishes of his book.

A by-election in Te Atatu triggers the “Tizard Effect”.

Beware the Tizard Effect

Labour faces a dilemma today. They have to select a replacement for Chris Carter in Te Atatu and they have to also run the risk of triggering the “Tizard Effect”.

Chris Carter has said he will trigger a by-election if anyone other than Labour’s spokeman for the homeless, Phil Twyford, gets the nomination, but he also lets Labour know that even if they elect Twyford that the Tizard effect is in play still.

Mr Carter said he did not know what his political future held and he might leave politics before the election if a good job came along – forcing an unwelcome byelection for Labour.

So Chris Carter is saying that if a better job comes along than sitting in parliament in the naughty chair then he will be off and force a by-election. If Phil Twyford wins that by-election then Judith Tizard will make a triumphant return to parliament.

Actually there are a couple of scenarios for the Tizard Effect to kick in. Apart from Twyford, Rajen Prasad is also seeking the nomination and Chris Carter will resign and force a by-election if he gets selected.

If somehow a by-election in Te Atatu isn’t held we still have an exciting prospect to look forward to.

Mr Carter is writing a book about the previous Labour Government, which he hopes to finish by March.

Oh I can’t wait.

The Tizard Effect

Someone should really write a Wikipedia entry called The Tizard Effect. It looks like it is seriously in play at the moment.

Labour sources tell me that Chris Carter and their electorate chair have told Labour that if they select Phil Twyford in Te Atatu then Carter will resign immediately and force a by-election on them. Labour are very,v ery tempted by this offer/threat.

David Farrar blogged about this possibility just a short while ago and it looks like it is gaining traction.

The dilemma for Labour is “The Tizard Effect”.

They really, really, want shot of Chris Carter, the longer he stays in parliament the more stupid they look. They also want to give Phil Twyford a home, a seat that he has longed for but just can’t seem to get selected for. Twyford right now looks like a big loser. He can’t convinve any electorate he stands for to select him, his cries about the hijacking of Auckland look very hollow now that Len Brown is safely esconsed in the Town Hall, so to gain a selection woukld patch up that particular wound for Labour and for Twyford.

The only problem as I have said is The Tizard Effect. If there is a by-election and Phil Twyford wins then the next person on the list, just in time for election year, would be Judith Tizard. The Labour caucus wants her back like they want cancer, but on the flip side they’d like to be shot of Carter.

You could say they are on the horns of a dilemma. And that dilemma is called Judith Tizard.