Te Reo Marama

Seriously? You have this guy talking about Maori leadership?


Maori politics is often confusing to an outsider. That?s why when a source in Wellington sent us this link to the upcoming Maori Public Health Symposium, it was worth a look.

It didn?t take long to see who they were concerned about ? my good friend Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook, who for some very very strange reason is talking about Maori public health leadership.

This trougher has been exposed again and again for refusing to get out of the trough.

Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook continues to be in denial about what he actually delivered for the $1.2 million that Te Reo Marama received ? and why the Ministry of Health axed their funding.

Instead he blames #DirtyPolitics.

Our source in Wellington is saying there?s a lot of unease about having Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook on the Public Health Association?s panel, especially when he?s been so discredited as someone who believes travelling around the world on the conference circuit is actually helping Maori.

Here?s how Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook is positioning himself;


He?s got one thing right, years of troughing off the taxpayer so he can race around the world saving Maori. Though I am still at a loss as to what the kaffiyeh means to Maori.

Still he’s been a warrior in the “tobacco resistance movement” if such a thing even exists anywhere else other than the fanciful delusions of Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook.

Maybe he?s going to talk about Nga Manukura (leadership) in troughing?

On thing is for sure, Maori have a great sense of humour, as they can?t be serious saying the ?Symposium will showcase the new wave of Maori public health leadership? when they have Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook involved.


Trougher trying to rewrite past


For the past week every MSM has ?invited? me to comment on the stolen contents of Hagar?s book.

One I was tempted to do was TVNZ?s Marae this coming Sunday at 10am. The main reason was it involves a face-to-face with one of the original troughers I exposed back in 2009 ? Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook.

Some may recall the series I ran about Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook.

Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori Smoking ? Troughing 101?showed how Te Reo Marama had a damning 88 page audit report against it by the Ministry of Health and how Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook saw fit to expend some $77,000 on international travel in just 3 years,??visited Chicago, USA in June 2000, Helsinki, Finland in August 2003, Hawaii, USA in November 2005, New York in April 2006, Washington DC in July 2006, Cairns, Australia in November 2006, Bangkok, Thailand in July 2007, Hawaii again in Oct 2007, Broome, Australia in Nov 2007, Hawaii again!!! in May 2008, and Melbourne and Tuvalu in the same month, Durban South Africa in Nov 2008, Mumbai, India in March 2009, Perth, Australia in May 2009 and finally Darwin just recently in October 2009. Read more »

Will Troughers be honest before Health Committee – Part 1

You will know that I?m no fan of troughers. So much so that over the years I?ve exposed a raft of troughers sucking on the taxpayers? tit.

This week the Health Select Committee will hear again from a bunch of troughers demanding NZ truck ahead with plain packaging for ciggie packets.

The thing with troughers is that once in the trough, they rarely ever see the need to get out of it, and continue to demand more and more dosh from the taxpayer to fund their efforts.

A prime example of this is?Sue Taylor from the infamous Te Reo Marama?? once headed by veteran trougher/activist Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook. A little background is needed. I ran an exclusive exposure about them back in 2009/2010 ? here?s the full story.

Exclusive ? Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking ? Troughing 101

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking ? Troughing 102

Exclusive ? Te Reo Marama? & Maori Smoking ? Troughing 103

Gotcha! ? TRM Funding Cut? ? Read more »

They don't like it up 'em

Shane Kawenata BradbrookI attended the Maori Affairs select committee today to give my submission on Smoking. There surely can’t be a more ridiculous proceeding than watching troughers line up one after the other begging to stay at the trough.

I can tell you it was an eye opener. The three submitters before gave submissions that were frankly ridiculous.

There was a couple of submitters who’s great idea to stop Maori smoking was straight out the Eugenics/Nazi handbook. If only the other submitters and some of the committee were smart enough to notice. He rambled on first about how much he was missing all his dead whanau killed by the evil tobacco companies who targeted them, then forced the cigarette into their mouths, then forced them to flick the bic to light it. Then he gave his great idea, a software database the records all of the whanu, hapu, and iwi members and their parents and their parent’s parents. Then record all those who smoke and then they would be able to trace the bloodlines to identify new mokopuna who’s bloodline suggested that they would smoke. Pure unadulterated bullshit. The most unbelievable aspect of his submission was that he was able to muddle along for about 30 minutes un-interrupted.

The next person to submit thought it brilliant to reinvent myths fairy-tales “Maori History” and re-tell the tales of Maui, Tane Mahuta etc but with a no smoking message. Like Maui couldn’t have fished up the North Island if he was a smoker because he wouldn’t have been fit enough. But that wasn’t all, they then wanted to put all that to music, hip-hop or whatever and design a kapa haka dance. Yeah that’ll work. Again from this submitter there was much wailing again about the evil white man’s smoke stick. Again they rambled past their 15 minutes uninterrupted.

Next up was veteran trougher Teresa Taylor. Who with her daughter presumably, the other half of T& T Consulting told us all about her mothers 15 siblings who were murdered by the tobacco companies. Much blame, finger pointing and grievance claiming. And all with the “support” of Shane Bradbrook, Te Reo Marama master trougher who kept patting her back as she recall the tragedy of 15 uncles and aunties dying and how she missed them all so terribly. As I wiped a tear from my eye i got my box of documents ready.

Then the guy immediately before, well half-man really, he had a body like a half sucked throatie, told us that his parents and grandparents smoking, now dead, had caused him to have itchy eyes, blood noses, skin irritations etc. I wondered if he had ever heard of hayfever and migraines.

Now it was my turn, I was called. “Cam, bro, your turn, get up here” from Tau Henare. The room went cold, the air crackled. Death-stares came out. Shane Bradbrook and Teresa Taylor shifted from the back of the seating to right up behind my chair. I started my submission and not 2 minutes into it Metiria Turei interrupts me mid sentence and tries to call time. I shit you not. then she negotiated with Tau Henare and they gave me 8 minutes more. Fuck me dead. I couldn’t believe it. It seems if you are Maori you can waffle on with idiotic ideas and If you are a white Mofo telling the truth about the 40 troughers sitting behind you the think it is ok to be rude,and interrupt. Well fuck them I thought and carried on. Next time I was interrupted it was by some Labour moll doing the same thing. I think BK was asleep beside her. Same nonsense, give 2 more minutes, I was up to 12 minutes. Then cut off. It seems like they don’t like hearing the truth. The whole way through my submission Shane Bradbrook was cursing me under his breathe, audible to me only. When I challenged the troughers and the committee to tell me exactly how many smokers there are, they scoffed at my claim there were no statistics fresher than 2005. There isn’t, it was a safe bet.

Loud complaining started when I said that everyone who has submitted before me in the course of this committee or will submit after are nothing but troughers asking for more money to stop smoking. The simple facts are that money won’t work, the only people being helped by all the money are the troughers and their immediate families. In 2004 when this Industry began under Labour there were 700,000 smokers, on one of the troughers websites in their 2009 strategic plan, a plan I might add contained only one number, quoted that there were 700,000 smokers. Well they are the experts, that is what they get all the funding for so it must be right. So, for the grand total of $168,712,369 we have not many any progress. We have essentially thrown money away and the troughers have gleefully picked it up.

I’m told that today was the first time media had attended, and they unattended as soon as I finished and went outside, only to be accosted by a woman. Who was more than a little ticked off with me. The louder she talked the softer I talked. Eventually she gave up. The media packed up as soon as I did and left as soon as I did, seems they weren’t interested in anyone else’s submissions.

This whole process is a farce, every single submitter except me had a vested interest, they are either knee deep in the trough, in charge of the trough or in more than one instance doing both. The whole Tobacco industry is nothing but a huge fraud perpetrated in New Zealand. They have no KPI’s, they measure nothing, is it any wonder we are chucking $55 million a year at this and going nowhere. They were basically asking for more of everything. Well I say fuck them. Show us some results. They can’t and they know it.

I learned one thing for sure, this is just another grievance drive for Maori who are intent on blaming everyone but themselves, but who is say we don’t deserve it, we have bred this dependence and feeling of grievance. It’s our own fault and for sure no one on that Select Committee is going to upset the troughers.

My respect for Metiria Turei evaporated to nothing today by her petty politics in a Select Committee process against a submitter who wasn’t on her team and wasn’t brown.

They sure didn’t like it up them.

I am appearing at the Maori Affairs Select Committee tomorrow


For Immediate Release

Date: 9 March 2010

WHALEOIL to Appear Before Select Committee to Expose Ministry Incompetence & Troughing

Well known New Zealand blogger Whaleoil (Cameron Slater) is appearing before the Maori Affairs Select Committee to expose the excessive troughing of tax-payer funding by anti-tobacco groups.

?I expect the Committee to be shocked and outraged when I present my findings to the Committee tomorrow as they hold their inquiry into the tobacco industry? said Mr Slater.

?I will be bringing along a wine box of documents obtained under the Official Information Act to demonstrate a complete disregard for the accountability of taxpayer money by the Ministry of Health, alongside the incompetence of anti-tobacco groups who have received millions of dollars with little to show for it.?

?Groups like Te Reo Marama and its director Shane Kawenata Bradbrook received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer funding from the Ministry to help Maori stop smoking, yet spent most of the time on overseas junkets to exotic destinations like Hawaii (3 times), Bangkok Thailand, Durban South Africa, Helsinki in Finland and Mumbai India.

?And all the Ministry got from Mr Bradbrook was a couple of reports and a performance which resulted in a ?damning? internal Ministry audit report.

It simply is not good enough for New Zealand to continue pouring $55 million into stop smoking programmes for little or no return. The only people it is helping are the NGO troughers rorting the system, who are now asking the select committee to recommend they get more money.

Of all the submitters I am the only one with zero conflicts of interests, there is nothing for me to gain or lose by my submission. The rest are either involved in receiving government money, or deciding who gets the government money or in a few cases doing both.



(Cameron Slater)

[email protected]


Gotcha! T.R.M. Funding Cut ? Still doesn?t get it.

Despite veteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, director of Te Reo Marama, taxpayer funded overseas jaunts coming to a spectacular end, he still doesn?t get it.

The repeaters in MSM including TV One?s Te Karere have picked up on this story (video), brought to you by WOBH. Incredibly, tougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (what’s with the Keffiyeh around the neck, is the prick a terrorist?) seems to believe that he has a God given right to continue to receive taxpayer money when he has achieved nothing (aside from flying around the world non junkets numerous times a year). In his 6 monthly reports to the MOH, which cost the taxpayer $200,000, he had the cheek to include the travel as an output and meeting his group Te Reo Marama?s objectives. However, Shane Kawenata Bradbrook can?t seem to get his messages right because on one hand he says ?the MOH didn?t explain it to him? and then says that ?most of the overseas travel was paid for by someone else?. Not only that he professes to represent maori but couldn’t even utter one word in maori in Te Karere!

Sources close to the Maori Affairs Select Committee have suggested that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was trying to be a ?special adviser? to the committee?s upcoming enquiry into the evil tobacco industry. Even WOBH has been approached to appear before and table these findings to the Committee.

Imagine a situation where all this troughing evidence was presented before the MPs on this committee, who then turn around to Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (as their special adviser) to ask why after near on a decade of troughing Maori smoking rates are still so incredibly high and after millions of dollars had gone to his organisation?

Naturally, WOBH has more evidence to demonstrate a complete breakdown in the relationship between the MOH and Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, following the damning audit report of his organisation Te Reo Marama and its fellow troughing trustee directors Sue Taylor of T&T Consulting, Marguerite McGuckin of Mid Central DHB, Leah Clark, Health Promotion Advisor, Regional Public Health Lower Hutt, and super trougher Heather Gifford from the Whakauae Research Services, Whanganui. We haven’t published those documents yet for two reasons, we wanted to see what the trougher’s reaction would be and we wanted to hold something back in case the repeaters took the story unattributed. Those documents, including meeting minutes between MOH and Te Reo Marama will now be published over the next few days to show that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was lying when he said who funded his travel.

WOBH also understands that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has been writing references for himself and distributing them to his disappearing friends asking them to sign their name to letters of support of him and Te Reo Marama. The man puts Rodney Hide?s audacity to shame. At least Rodney apologised and repaid the money. Will Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and his fellow trustee directors do the same?

I think I will now take up the invitation to attend the Maori Affairs Select Comittee and present my evidence in total over the utter and complete failure of Te Reo Marama and their excessive troughing.

Gotcha!- T.R.M. funding cut

Gotcha-TRMVeteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook taxpayer funded overseas jaunts have come to a spectacular end.

The Ministry of Health has cut his funding completely justifying the exposure of Te Reo Marama and its Director by this blog.

The repeaters at the HoS though fail once again to acknowledge where this story emanated from even though they talk about documents released under the OIA. Documents this blogger released. Clearly strong words are needed to be had with Shayne Currie and the other Editors at the HoS about acknowledgment of sources. No wonder the blogosphere calls these thieving scum repeaters.

Speaking of theiving scum Shane Kawenata Bradbrook continues to spin and lie. He reckons that the Ministry of Health never said anything to him about his excessive overseas travel. perhaps he might like to clarify that statement a bit before this blog publishes the minutes of review meetings between himself and the Ministry of Health that I obtained under the OIA. I won’t publish them just now though lest the repeaters at the HoS claim the work for their own.

The least the HoS could have done was say where the OIA documents came from. I suppose I could accept an invite to their Christmas party as a an apology. (Not holding my breath)

Meanwhile Shane Kawenata Bradbrook joins the Gotcha! Trophy wall. Back to hunting more troughers….oh and there is more to come on TRM but other Government departments are dragging the chain on OIA requests.

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama and Maori Smoking – Troughing 102

Yesterday I blogged about the excessive travel and globe trotting to exotic place that Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook did in the interests of stopping Maori smoking. The statistics of course show that he has had no impact at all on the incidence of Maori smoking. However worse detail is to come.

Today I present Troughing 102 – How to keep getting funding despite a damning audit report.

From the OIA documents I have received I can confirm that Te Reo Marama obtained the following amounts in funding;

2004/2005 $219,778
2005/2006 $194,052
2006/2007 $276,052
2007/2008 $262,052
2008/2009 $61,945
2009/2010 $220,718.55

Total: $1,234,597

But wait there?s more…

I have also obtained OIA documents showing considerable funding from Hawkes Bay DHB (and what appears to be double dipping) and also have been informed about some highly suspect funding from NZAid as well. I am awaiting the OIA requests from NZAid, but I fail to see why an organisation that is supposed to be helping stop smoking amongst Maori got ANY funding from NZAid whatsoever.

For each of those years of funding shown above there are required reports that the Ministry needs to measure contracts issued against deliverables. I have also obtained those reports for the past three years to show you just how ridiculously easy it is to trough money from the Ministry of Health at least.

TRM Monitoring Report 1 July 2006 – 31 October 2006 – 29 pages of which 12 pages are copies of Letters to the editor written by Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook, newsletters from Te Reo Marama or news articles mentioning him or Te Reo Marama.
TRM Monitoring Report 1 November 2006 – 30 June 2007 – 23 pages of which 8 pages are copies of Letters to the editor written by Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook, newsletters from Te Reo Marama or news articles mentioning him or Te Reo Marama.
TRM Monitoring Report 1 July 2007 – 31 December 2007 -? 23 pages of which 9 pages are copies of letters to the editor written by Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook or news articles mentioning him or Te Reo Marama.
TRM Monitoring Report 1 January 2008 – 30 June 2008 – 31 pages of which 17 pages are copies of Letters to the editor written by Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook or news articles mentioning him or Te Reo Marama.
TRM monitoring Report 1 July 2008 – 30 September 2008 – 12 pages of which 1 pages is a copy of a media release from Te Reo Marama.
TRM scoping document 1 October 2008- 30 June 2009 – 47 pages of tosh about what TRM is going to do, and what they have done.

Those reports essentially cost us, the taxpayer, $7482 a page! and yet the statistics on Maori smoking suggest we would have been better just giving the millions out as roll your own papers.

But here is the interesting point. In 2007 the Ministry of Health after funding Te Reo Marama since 1999 decided to conduct its first audit of TRM.? The audit report is damning. Despite this audit report TRM continued to receive Ministry of Health funding for what will be another three years.

The Audit Report, conducted in November 2007 by Mayhem Solutions Limited at the behest of the Ministry of Health details in its full 88 pages a list of deficiencies so great that were Te Reo Marama a listed company or indeed a normal company registered at the Companies Office would see either its shares suspended from trading or it being struck off. The 88 pages of the report shows in detail just how out of control Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook’s cult of personality was at Te Reo Marama.

Key findings of the audit report were;

  • Lack of compliance by the Board with statutory obligations
  • Significant number of contracted for outputs not achieved nor reported on. High risk
  • No performance or monitoring measures in place for the Director (Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook). High risk
  • No succession planning for key staff. High Risk
  • No Board minutes of approvals of annual budgets. High Risk
  • No Financial reporting against budget, even annually. High Risk
  • No reports to the Board against key targets.
  • No financial management processes where the Director can measure monthly expenditure against budget. High Risk
  • Significant ambiguity in sign off procedures for expenses. High Risk
  • No establish financial delegations established for expenditures between $500-$1000. High Risk
  • No reserves, that is all funding received had been spent in contravention of the State Finance Act re: Public Monies and Surpluses
  • No annual audited accounts completed since 2006
  • No policy or recording of data as per MinHealth requests. High Risk……

The list goes on and on, I have merely highlighted the complete lack of managerial, board and financial controls at Te Reo Marama. Essentially all that says is that Te Reo Marama existed as the personal fiefdom of Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook and no-one at the board or the Ministry of Health saw fit to do anything about it.

I haven’t even started to outline the failings against deliverables as per the contracts with the Ministry which seemingly just kept getting signed off and approved. If this was a private company the Directors would be liable for prosecution for failing in their fiduciary duties as directors to protect shareholder funds.

Most of the the three pages of recommendations and notes about the failings of service delivery are rated as Medium or High Risk. The definition in the report of Medium Risk is “The impact or likelihood of the even occurring may result in, some instances of contractual non-compliance, financial loss impact of 5-10% of funding”. High Risk is described as “Significant instances of contractual non-compliance and/or inability to deliver against the contract, Intervention required by senior management and the Board to resolve service delivery and quality issues, serious risk to client/patient safety, and financial loss impact of more than 10% of funding”.

Essentially Te Reo Marama is a bomb waiting to go off and now because of this blog it has gone off. Worse is yet to come on this story. The 88 page audit report came about from just two days spent at Te Reo Marama. None of the Board were interviewed and no financial audits were performed.

If the auditors had spent more time there, and/or conducted a full financial and forensic audit as well as interrogated the Board members who knows what else may have been found. This report is damning enough but since that report Te Reo marama has recieved more than $500,000 in additional funding from the taxpayer.

Just what sort of control measures were or are in place at the Ministry of Health that an organisation such as Te Reo Marama can continue to trough despite egregious and outrageous failures in delivery.

Tomorrow: Troughing 103: How to be on a Board and double dip and trough as well.


Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori smoking – Troughing 101

This is a Whale Oil Beef Hooked Exclusive series and will be running for the next few days. The reason I can’t run this story in one post is simply because it is too big. I have obtained under the OIA a large box of papers about one organisation purporting to be at the forefront of stopping Maori smoking. The only problem is that the organisation isn’t. It isn’t in the forefront of anything other than the self promotion of its principal Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and is spending up large on the taxpayer with little observable results.

On top of that WOBH has obtained an 88 page audit report (the full report and extracts will be published in subsequent posts) of the performance of Te Reo Marama which damning to say the least. Despite this the previous government kept on funding Te Reo Marama and its egregious troughing from the public purse for an additional two years.

This post serves as a preface if you will to the coming posts on Te Reo Marama and the huge wastage of public monies that have simply been used to enrich the life of Shane Kawenata Bradbrook. One other thing should be noted, whenever Shane Kawenata Bradbrook or Te Reo Marama comes under the microscope Shane Kawenata Bradbrook resorts to threats and intimidation, this blogger is used to such threats and will not be stopped from telling this story. Shane Kawenata Bradbrook also likes to say that he is mates with Pita Sharples and Tariana Turi and so “can’t be touched”. Well we will see about that shall we?

Just by way of example Te Reo Marama was established to combat Maori Smoking yet somehow Shane Kawenata Bradbrook saw fit to expend some $77,000 on international travel in the space of just three years. These figures are obtained from the OIA documents. Not only that over the past nine years under Labour Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has visited Chicago, USA in June 2000, Helsinki, Finland in August 2003, Hawaii, USA in November 2005, New York in April 2006, Washington DC in July 2006, Cairns, Australia in November 2006, Bangkok, Thailand in July 2007, Hawai again in Oct 2007, Broome, Australia in Nov 2007, Hawaii again!!! in May 2008, and Melbourne and Tuvalu in the same month, Durban South Africa in Nov 2008, Mumbai, India in March 2009, Perth, Australia in May 2009 and finally Darwin just recently in October 2009.

He has been quite the gad-about going to all those amazing places all in the name of stopping Maori smoking. All paid for by the taxpayer. Not only that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook claims all sorts of positions that there is no evidence to suggest he even holds such as being on the Executive Committee of the World Conference on Tobacco or Health. Even a Google search cannot find any evidence of such a claim.

Clearly Shane Kawenata Bradbrook thinks travelling to New York, Helsinki, India and other exotic places? must come before the good of the people. Speaking of the people let’s look at some of the statistics that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook is supposed to be trying to affect.

46% of Maori are regular smokers compared to 21% of non-Maori
The median age of Maori smoking initiation is 11.6 years
Maori of all age groups have higher smoking rates than non-Maori
Maori smoking prevalence is 50% in low socio-economic areas compared to 26% in high socio-economic areas
Maori women have the highest smoking prevalence of any ethnic group at 49%
The smoking rate of Maori females aged 25-29 is almost 4x that of non-Maori females in this age group
73% of Maori smokers use Roll your own
50% of Maori youth have smoking mothers and 48% smoking fathers

But wait there?s more…

Mortality rate for cancers overall for Maori was 77% higher than that for non-Maori during the years 2000-2004
Lung cancer is responsible for over 31% of Maori cancer deaths compared with 17% for non-Maori cancer deaths
Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) death rates were 2.3x higher for Maori during 2000-2004.

Source: data from the New Zealand tobacco use survey as listed in the Ministry of Health Report on Maori smoking for the Maori Affairs Select Committee 12 June 2009.

It is clear as the nose on my face that millions of dollars of taxpayers money are being wasted on organisations like Te Reo Marama and the likes of blatant fraudsters like? Shane Kawenata Bradbrook. This blog over the next few days will expose just how wasteful that spending is and has become with a particular focus on Te Reo Marama.

Tomorrow: Troughing 102 – How to keep your funding despite a damning audit report.

Genesis FAIL!

I have had contact with a loyal reader with a story to tell about Genesis Energy. I’ll let his words explain.

My daughter and her asthmatic boyfriend moved out to a new home and advised Genesis that they had moved into xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway and would like them to be their energy supplier. Genesis says thanks and sent them out a welcome letter to that address (which they received).

Now this house is one of two on a bit of land, and this is where the problems come in.

The kids can show that their address is xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway. – They a have tenancy agreement for that address, have their bond lodged against that address, have receipts for payment  at that address. They have NEVER been told that there address is any different, but Genesis in their infinite wisdom refer to their home as xxxA Coatesville-Riverhead Highway – because their system doesn’t allow two meters to be listed on the same address.

So at about 10.30 in the morning of the 9th July Genesis sent a contractor out to their property to disconnect power because they had not made any “application for power”. The home was clearly occupied, and there was music going, windows open and the tenant was in the shower.

The contractor didn’t make efforts to provide warning or more importantly to check if anyone inside relied on power for medical reasons, simply leaving a card on the door (addressed to “the occupier” disconnecting the power and running off (They actually saw him leaving).

Being a country home on tank water (requiring a pump) – they were left with no heating, no running water and no ability to flush the toilet.

We contacted Genesis within 15 mins of the disconnection and continued to contact them during the day, and well into the evening (the last call at 9pm lasting over an hour). During all this time we were told several times that the power had been fixed – each time it hadn’t (Genesis never thought of actually calling back and checking with the customer).

In the evening the home was too cold to remain in so the kids packed up and came to our home to sleep. Because Adam had been sitting in the cold/damp for the entire day waiting for Genesis his asthma started playing up and by the time he arrived at our home he was having trouble breathing. We could not get it better – and he ended up having to go to Northshore hospital to get it under control before it broke into a fully fledged asthma attack.

The next morning we were advised that power was restored – the kids returned to the house and (you guessed it) – there still wasn’t power.

Finally Genesis worked out that they have disconnected what ‘they’ called xxxA.

We were advised that Genesis chose to disconnect as they had it listed as a vacant possession and they do this for safety reasons.

We call bullshit as:

1 – this isn’t actually the address of the house

2 – It is very obvious that the house IS tenanted and that there was someone there at the time – this is all visible from where the card was left.

3 – The card gave a totally different reason – it was addressed to “the occupier” and that the reason was that they had made no application for power (which they had)

Power was finally restored around 1pm the following day.

I spoke to the company over two important points:

1. How can they disconnect power to a property without warning or notice to the person in the house – especially after all the issues with the death of a customer last year – do they not learn anything.
2. Compensation should be forthcoming to the tenants – after all they had been disconnected in error, had been made to wait out there for Genesis for an entire day in the cold, without water or flushing toilets. And there were many, many lost hours on the phone – driving between properties as theirs was unsuitable to sleep in, and the contribution that this made to Adam’s health subsequently requiring him to go to hospital.

I spoke to a number of people – finally finishing with Richard Gordon the “Public Affairs Manager”.

His views were interesting. He told me that the contractor has knocked on the door and verified that the house was vacant.

This is obviously untrue for all the reasons I mention above.

Then he told me that they were not entitled to any compensation as “They had told is their address was xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway and we don’t call it that – So its their own fault for giving us the wrong address”

I explained that Genesis could call it whatever they wanted but they gave the correct address – he would not be moved, so I told him I was going to lodge a complaint with the disputes tribunal and contact the media – He seemed quite happy or even amused with this – so I have – And that is HIS own fault.

This will in all likelihood now turn into a PR disaster for Genesis Energy. Why do so-called PR people always call people’s bluff when they say they are going to the media? Silly, silly man.

Front up Genesis Energy, admit you made a mistake and do it quick before this turns into another Jetstar.