Another scumbag teacher. Is the Council having an end-of-year cleanout?

It certainly looks like the Education Council is cleaning house. Long overdue, I might add.

A teacher who helped her students cheat on assessments also provided tobacco to another student and smoked cigarettes with him.

Kuraroa Fay-Dorn Mitchell has had her registration cancelled after numerous incidents of helping students cheat on their tests, but claims she was a good teacher and was bullied out of her job.

The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal dealt with Mitchell’s matter earlier this year, but she refused to attend a hearing.

The Tribunal’s summary of facts said Mitchell would write 90 per cent of the students’ speeches for them and encourage them to memorise the speech. She would then write out the speech on a whiteboard and place it behind a camera the students had to give their speech towards. ? Read more »

Students bust teacher with porn on work laptop, teacher blames his own son

Teacher registration is supposed to protect children, so say the opposition parties. Except in recent weeks we have been bombarded by registered teachers being struck off, fined, prosecuted and generally found wanting.

The latest is a scumbag who tried to blame his son for his porn addiction and hiring of escorts.

Students using a school laptop to put together a yearbook instead came across porn a teacher had stashed on the device, and an escort website he had been looking up.

Raymond Lowther tried to blame his son when he was caught out in late 2015, the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal said in a decision released today.

The Glen Eden Intermediate School teacher let two female students aged 11 and 12 use the school-issued laptop to work on the yearbook, but when the girls tried to access a photograph of Lowther to add in they instead stumbled across a photo of two naked women. ? Read more »

Instead of having a war with the government you’d think the teacher unions would solve their pedo problem [UPDATED]

The teacher unions are in a constant war with the?government, often accusing them of harming children.

Meanwhile, the march of registered teachers and presumably union members through the court for fiddling with kids continues unabated.

A former Canterbury principal has admitted 10 historic charges of indecent assault and sexual violation against a boy.

Michael William Hogan, 54, pleaded guilty to the offending, which happened between 1990 and 1995 when Hogan was teaching at small school in Southland.

The offending involved one victim, who was aged between 13 and 18 at the time, at two Southland schools.

Some of the charges were representative, indicating the offence took place at least once in a specified period.

Hogan was the principal at Prebbleton School, near Christchurch,?until the end of last year.

He was acting principal at another school?shortly before?he?first appeared in court on sex charges in May this year. ? Read more »

Thousands of texts, indecent videos, a 14 year old and, of course, he was registered

The opposition hate charters schools, one of the reasons they cite is that kids will be at risk from unregistered teachers.

Meanwhile another registered teacher has been struck off for grooming children.

A primary school teacher has been struck off after he admitted grooming and indecently assaulting a 14-year-old school girl.

Mark Robert Ashby pleaded guilty to the offences which involved sending the girl thousands of texts and sexually explicit Snapchat videos in September last year and was sentenced to 10 months home detention.

The 27-year-old Canterbury man came before the Teacher’s Disciplinary Tribunal in March this year as a result of the conviction. In the decision released today, it ruled that Ashby’s registration should be censured. ? Read more »


Teacher de-registered for being ineffective and boring

A Teacher has been deregistered for being ineffective and boring.

Sadly it wasn’t in this country.

An English teacher whose ‘boring’ lessons left her pupils ‘unmotivated’ and ‘disinterested’ has been banned from the classroom.

Gillian Scott, a secondary school teacher at Breadalbane Academy in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, failed to interact with the children during lessons that involved them copying out notes or listening to her read in silence.

Pupils complained about the repetitive lessons always being the same and one was told they would ‘get a warning’ if they did not put their hand down.

A fitness-to-hearing of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) removed her from the teaching register.

Between 2010 and 2013, her lessons were observed by David Macluskey, the school’s principal teacher of English.

In his evidence he said he was ‘horrified’ at ‘how bad’ one lesson had been. ? Read more »

PPTA cause a problem – then claim they are fixing it

The inability of school Principals to pay staff differently where there are shortages has two causes – the PPTA opposed bulk funding and PPTA/NZEI insistence on national contracts.

Principals struggling to fill?teaching?positions have resorted to buying houses for staff as a last ditch attempt to offset the impact of the housing crisis.

A?”perfect storm” has?created?a secondary school teaching?shortage, exacerbated?by teachers fleeing Auckland’s skyrocketing?house?prices, a principal says.

A new survey of principals found about one in 10 schools reported they were unable to fill permanent positions?after advertising.

The average?secondary school teacher earns between $46,000 and $75,000 but the median Auckland house price is $812,000 – four times the value of a Southland house. ? Read more »

This one will be registered too

Another teacher is before the courts on sex charges.

They will of course be registered, which Chris Hipkins tells us is to protect the children, and why charter schools are so evil because they won’t protect children because they don’t have to have registered teachers.

A Canterbury school teacher has appeared in court today facing child sex charges dating back to the 1990s.

The 54-year-old man was granted interim name suppression at Christchurch District Court this morning.

He faces 15 charges, including six of indecent assault and nine of sexual violation on one boy under the age of 16 between January 1990 and April 1995.

Police allege the offending happened at two South Island towns – not where he now lives. ? Read more »

Not sure how you can be a ‘nice bloke’ when you screw kids and the NZEI protected him

Fairfax continues their revelations of the creepy sexual predator and school teacher Robert Burrett.

Robert Burrett probably never planned to be working as a caretaker and taxi driver at age 62.

He had followed his father Noel into teaching, starting his career in 1974 in a tough Auckland school catering for a poor, state-house community. Like most young teachers he would have had high hopes.

Despite some severe professional and personal shortcomings, he eventually landed senior roles in small rural North Island schools rising to the role of principal. But from 2001, his rocky career was spiralling downwards.

That last sentence right there highlights an systemic issue in the education system of protecting the incompetent, the useless and a deviant.

Nevertheless, 40 years after graduating, he was still in the school system and again working at a school catering for a poor, state-house community, this time in Christchurch. Although he was still a registered teacher, he was now a caretaker and, on the side, he drove a taxi bus transporting disabled children to school.

As a caretaker and driver he had new opportunities for gratification. The Christchurch school had a boiler room and a separate caretaker’s shed which he fitted with curtains and locks. The boiler room looked like a normal garage but the diesel boiler was about two metres below ground level in a concrete basement. It had frosted glass windows and seven wooden steps led to the boiler room floor where he molested three girls.

The shed, however, was a more dangerous lair. He put in a TV and behind the curtains and the locked door he showed girls pornographic videos. Using a video camera to record his indecencies, he then replayed the footage to his victims. He played sexual games with them.

Read more »

Looks like Nicholas Jones is the new stooge for teacher unions at the Herald

These kinds?of pieces used to be the domain of Kirsty Johnston. ?

It’s interesting how Kirsty and Nicholas have exactly the same style when writing about education and unions? feedback on a certain situation. ??

Incidentally, teacher aides are half glorified babysitters and half unarmed security guards. ?

It?s a nice term for someone who basically protects the kids and school property as best they can, hopefully restraining the little sods enough to accidentally get some knowledge to stick before the weekend.

Teacher aides should be paid in the same way as teachers, an education union says, as new research shows they are among the worst-off occupations.

New research from Universities New Zealand analysed the earnings and qualifications of 2.15 million people, to show which qualifications provided the most financial benefit over a working life.

Medicine and law came out top, and the worst return was for people with certificates in “other education”, including teacher aides. ? Read more »


What does he have to hide?

A formerly registered teacher won’t let anyone into the school’s laptop he has encrypted…I wonder why?

A former teacher accused of serious misconduct refused to open his fingerprint encrypted school laptop, despite investigators saying it was the best way to dismiss allegations of inappropriate conduct with students.

The man’s teaching was called into question for inappropriate conduct with boys ? he received multiple warnings about letting students get too physically close, and there were reports of him favouring a certain student and adding others as Facebook friends.

The man worked in a rural Waikato school from late 2007 to early 2014, mostly with seven and eight-year-olds.

He also had IT responsibilities.

He has not been teaching since about March 2014 but appeared before the NZ Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal at Seddon Park in Hamilton.

The majority of concerns about his behaviour were from 2010 to early 2014, and included observations of a student stroking the teacher’s hair and one resting his legs on the teacher’s legs.

One parent felt their child had developed a “sense of entitlement” after being treated as a teacher favourite. ? Read more »