Says he watches too much porn, who he’d ‘do’ on staff and has a dick fixation. And he was registered, of course

The Labour Party opposes charter schools because they say the lack of compulsory registration of teachers could put kids at risk.

Every day almost there is a registered teacher before the courts, like this guy who says he watches too much porn, who he’d ‘do’ on staff and has a dick fixation.

A Northland teacher has had his teaching registration cancelled after he was reported to make a number of lewd sexual comments to students in his class.

Dargaville High School teacher Samuel Palmer came to the attention of the Education Council in July when the principal of the school passed along a complaint of his inappropriate conduct. Read more »

Registered, has oral sex with student, now blames the system for not teaching her proper boundary skills

Two teachers are in the news, the first one is blaming everyone else for her downfall….apparently it was a lack of training in boundary issues that saw her shag a student.

A female teacher who slept with a male student claimed she was a first-year teacher who received very little training about “boundary issues”.

Kelsey Rebekah Allen was a newly-graduated physical education and health teacher at Morrinsville College in Waikato last year when she started a relationship with an 18-year-old student.

Allen, then 22, had a relationship that involved kissing, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

It started when Allen started counselling the student, the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal heard.

The pair were eventually outed by the student’s jilted school-aged girlfriend.

The tribunal censured Allen and stripped her teacher registration.   Read more »

Rapey teacher and rugby coach sacked

A TOP NORTH Island school with Anglican traditions dating back more than a century has sacked a rugby coach facing rape charges.

The man’s identity cannot be revealed because of suppression orders relating to both criminal and Family Court matters – but it is understood he is facing one charge of rape and another of unlawful sexual connection.

The Teachers Council website shows the man’s teaching certificate expired in June this year and has not been renewed.

It is also understood he has been sacked from the coaching role he once held at the school where he previously was employed teaching English.

It is understood the man has been in the teaching profession for more than two decades, both here and overseas. He began teaching at his current school in 2011.

Details of the allegations against the man are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed they relate to a former partner.

The principal of the co-educational boarding and day school where the man used to work said he was no longer involved with coaching the school’s first XV side.

He declined to comment further, saying the man had name suppression.  Read more »


Choices choices… go for the teacher or the whiney mum?

Media Party decides to f*** the teacher over – including photo.

A teacher accused of taping a child to a chair has been cleared by the Education Council, angering parents.

The Education Council has cleared Cheryl-Lyn Porter of misconduct after it received a complaint about “an issue” from Christchurch South Intermediate School in May.

It is understood the complaint included several incidents, one of which was the taping.

Porter resigned from the school in April.

A mother, who Stuff agreed not to name to protect her son, said her son was sticky-taped to his chair in Porter’s class in mid-2013. She said she is angry the complaint was not upheld and that Porter could continue teaching.

In front of a class of about 26 pupils, Porter wound tape around the 11-year-old and the back of his chair, then up and around his head, the mother said. The teacher ripped the tape from his head, taking some of his hair off with it and left him to struggle his way out.

The mother only found out about the incident months after, when she “had parents coming to me because their children were so concerned about [her son]”.    Read more »

Registered, rooting students and now has her name kept secret

Another registered teacher has been struck off after admitting to rooting one of her students.

A secondary school teacher with 20 years’ experience who had sex with one of her students has won name suppression to protect the boy and her own children.

The teacher has been censured and her registration cancelled after the affair last year.

According to the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal decision, the teacher had sex with the Year 13 student she was tutoring five times, either at the unnamed school or at his home last year.

The pair had communicated via Facebook and messages showed she had offered him offered sexual rewards for completing teaching tasks.

The woman admitted she had been totally unprofessional but her father had recently died, she was in poor health, still looking after her own family and had problems with her head of department.

She admitted that when the student first kissed her it flattered her. He had told her he wanted to lose his virginity with someone he trusted and someone special.

Read more »

Another registered teacher in trouble

This one went to jail, but proves yet again that registration of teachers is no protection despite the claims by Labour and the teacher unions that compulsory registration is to protect the kids.

A former Wellington teacher who had an ongoing sexual relationship with a teenage female student from another school has been jailed for two years and four months.

The 30-year-old had been on a school trip with the victim and other students last year.  He began spending time with her, friended her on Facebook and exchanged messages via social media and texts.

Another teacher on the trip became concerned about the nature of their relationship and confronted the man over the Facebook messages but the man said it was not against school policy to friend a student from another school.

After the trip the two continued to meet.  He arranged to meet her at a Wellington hotel where they had sex.  Despite being spoken to by the principal of his school and his family and the victim’s family who were concerned, the relationship continued.   Read more »


When this teacher registered, he thought it was a company

This registered teacher managed to find time in his under-paid, over-worked schedule to run a business.

When he was supposed to be teaching a class, an Auckland primary school teacher instead managed his family’s cleaning business and bought a house.

Ravinesh Chand, of Colwill School in Massey, used a school laptop and other equipment to access Facebook and do other personal business on school time.

He also altered his car registration to make it appear current when it had in fact expired two years before.

Mr Chand argued his actions, while inappropriate, were not the serious misconduct as alleged in the charges he faced before the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal. The tribunal agreed.

“In our view, this case is one where the teacher’s conduct amounts to misconduct but we do not think it meets the test for serious misconduct,” tribunal chairman Kenneth Johnston said at a hearing in Wellington today.

Mr Chand will be censured and a copy of that will be placed on his record.

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Just how much is Kirsty Johnston in the PPTA’s pocket?


As the PPTA try all manner of whinging strategies and attempt to get public support for a bargaining round with government, they have found a best friend at the Herald.

Today they have an article stating there are teaching shortages looming – only 5 people are applying for each job.

Where there are specific subject shortages, the PPTA won’t acknowledge that it is their fault as they insist on a national collective contract. Which of course means that people with extra knowledge and skills cannot negotiate an individual contract to help make teaching worthwhile for them. The PPTA’s collective bargaining keeps many great people out of the field – and NZ’s children suffer because of it. Their opposition to bulk funding exacerbates all of this.    Read more »

Faceless shadows that walk amongst us, or The Girls of the Taliban

Women’s rights groups can see that yet again women’s rights in Afghanistan are under threat. Previously women had been banned from going to the doctor and getting an education. Now they can visit a doctor and get educated BUT unregistered religious ‘ schools are springing up everywhere where the only ‘ education ‘ provided is religious brainwashing Islamic. No science, no maths, no anything bar memorising the Koran.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 9.50.28 AM

Islamic religious school in Afghanistan

Inside the school for girls the only thing they study is the Koran. They rock as they recite the words, the obvious cult like brainwashing methods clearly apparent. Recite, rock, repeat, over and over and over. No critical thought allowed, just the ideology imprinted over and over again. No questioning, no freedom of speech, no actual education just the words repeated over and over again.

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A reader emails about Pat Newman and the demise of the Teachers Council

Following on from your article ‘WHEN THE UNIONS, LABOUR AND MILITANT PRINCIPALS COMPLAIN‘ regarding Pat Newman; another reader has provided an update on his undisclosed role and affiliation with the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Hopefully Pat Newman reads Whaleoil, much like Mary Rose Painter (Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Teachers Council), refer Whaleoil article ‘ HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HE WAS REGISTERED (UPDATED)‘ where Mary had emailed requesting the article be amended.

Interesting to note is the Teachers Council and Anna Kirtlan (NZPPTA Communications Advisor and PPTA News Editor) have also made comment in other Whaleoil articles; you have obviously caught their attention Cameron and team.

As a parent, who has had the misfortune of sitting across the table from these people at the Teachers Council, I would like to say they should be ashamed of themselves! With confidence I know I am not a lone parent celebrating the demise of the New Zealand Teachers Council, it has been long overdue for an overhaul.

For the benefit of the Teachers Council (including Pat Newman) and PPTA readers here are some cold hard facts you have unsurprisingly failed to address.

‘Review of the New Zealand Teachers Council’

Report to Hon. Hekia Parata


” In fact only 10 percent of all complaints referred to the CAC have been referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The Review Committee was openly told that, in practice, employers and the unions worked together to try to prevent reporting to the Council and that the reporting requirement was used as a lever to settle a dispute”

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