Teacher’s Council

He was registered, so he thought he’d grab her by the pussy

Teacher Registration is supposed to protect the kids. That is what Chris Hipkins tells us, that is why Labour opposes Charter Schools.

Yet, almost every week we see stories like this.

An Auckland teacher has had his registration cancelled after he put his hand up a colleague’s skirt and commented?on the size of her breasts.

However, the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal said?if Wayne Mackay re-applied for registration, he should be treated with positive consideration, but only if the Teachers’ Council believed he was rehabilitated.

In 2012, Mackay was accused of putting his hand up his colleague’s skirt?and touching her genitals while he was employed at Pakuranga College.

The case was heard in November 2016 after Mackay delayed it through legal action.

The tribunal found Mackay guilty, according to a?decision released on Monday. ? Read more »

Registered and re-hired, despite violence toward children

Teacher registration should be mandatory for all educational facilities say the teacher unions and labour. They object to voluntary registration for Charter Schools and say that kids will be left unprotected.

Meanwhile registered teachers are lining up before the authorities on all sorts of charges. And one centre even employed a teacher accused of striking children.

So much for registration protecting kids.

Education officials are “extremely concerned” a Porirua early childhood centre has re-employed a teacher accused of striking children.

The centre has again hired one of the teachers at the centre of allegations three years ago.

Katrina Casey, the Ministry of Education’s head of sector enablement and support, said it put the centre on a provisional licence and barred the teacher from having any contact with children.

“We’re extremely concerned that the early childhood education service has chosen to re-employ a teacher who had previous allegations of hitting children still unresolved,” Ms Casey said. ?? Read more »

Bunny boilers are also registered to teach

On the plus side, at least she was registered and the kids were safe…oh wait. And if one lot of unsuitable teachers per day isn?t enough, how would you like this one with your kids?

A senior teacher has landed in trouble after accusing a junior colleague of having an affair with her husband during several “emotionally heightened” states.

The Teachers Council’s complaints assessment committee said the teacher, who has name suppression, threatened her colleague’s children and confronted her about the alleged affair in front of school kids.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal heard the senior teacher’s psychological health declined after a near-death experience with a kidney disorder she was diagnosed with when travelling abroad.

The senior teacher, who had more than 30 years’ experience in the profession, was given cortico-steroids after being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.

The Tribunal said these drugs were linked to unpleasant side-effects including hair loss, mood swings, depression and even “psychosis”.

The teacher went back to work last March. In hindsight, she was still physically and psychologically unwell at this time, the Tribunal said.

In March last year, the senior teacher confronted her husband about “intimate” text messages between her husband and another person.

Disharmony soon followed, and the couple temporarily lived apart.

Soon, the senior teacher identified a friend and colleague as the other party in the intimate texts.

The complaints assessment committee said the senior teacher “genuinely and with cause” believed an affair was going on.

The situation escalated, with the senior teacher confronting her colleague several times in March, April and May. Read more »

Another registered teacher before the courts

If you listen to Chris Hipkins having teachers registered is to protect the kids. They oppose charter schools because there is no requirement to have every teacher registered.

Yet almost daily we hear of registered teachers before the courts…they have replaced the Catholic Church as the haven for kiddy fiddlers and sex pests.

A male teacher has denied sending photos of his penis to a 16-year-old student, but admitted sending inappropriate messages, including: “U shw me first”.

The Lower Hutt teacher – who has interim name suppression – was accused of sending the girl photographs of himself and explicit images of his genitals during an inappropriate Facebook exchange.

The teacher was asked to tutor the teenage girl in 2013, an arrangement that continued until the end of school year. ?? Read more »

Not registered, apparently

Teacher aides don’t have to be registered.

Surely this puts kids at risk if you follow the line of Chris Hipkins and the Labour party.

One of the things they accuse charter schools of is placing kids at risk by not having to have registered teachers in the classrooms.

But it is ok at state schools to have unregistered people in classrooms…dealing drugs.

An Auckland primary school has suspended two teacher aides after they were snapped exchanging cannabis in the staff room.

But the school says the pair will keep their jobs and officials are yet to contact police, raising Ministry of Education concerns.? Read more »

It’s ok, she’s registered

Being a P smuggling drug dealer is no impediment to teach as once again our teacher registration process is shown up for the farce that it is.

Labour and the Greens oppose charter schools, mainly on the basis that teachers don’t have to be registered.

A former childcare worker and P addict caught smuggling methamphetamine into New Zealand has been cleared by her professional body to return to the classroom.

Haley Carol Jacobs, 37, was sentenced last year in the Auckland District Court to six months’ home detention for importing bags of P from her South African homeland.

She lost her job and her husband and feared that she had blown a promising early learning career.

But now, a New Zealand Teachers Council disciplinary tribunal has concluded that her “very serious” offending should not result in her being struck off the teaching register.

There were “mitigating circumstances”, the tribunal found, including that she had admitted her offending and took responsibility for it from the start. ?? Read more »

And she was registered

Labour opposes Charter Schools for many reasons but one of the biggest is because there is no requirement for all teachers at Charter Schools to be registered.

Apparently registration protects the kids…despite the long line of registered teachers before the courts on fraud, drugs, and kiddy fiddling charges.

Now another registered teacher has been busted.

A Hamilton high school teacher who gave pass grades to students whose work had been assessed as “not achieved” has been banned from the classroom.

It was the second time Maria Joan Bernadette Leyden had come before the Teacher’s Council disciplinary tribunal on a similar charge.

Ms Leyden, a textiles teacher, was charged with serious misconduct during her time at Hamilton’s Fairfield College in 2013.

The charge said she issued a credit grade to students that previously had been notified as “non-achieved”, and published grades without the authorisation of her head of faculty, against policy.

When work that she had graded as “achieved” was moderated as “not achieved”, she published the grade as “achieved”, despite being instructed otherwise.

Ms Leyden also told students their grades before moderation, and despite being told not to, tried to amend grades that had already been entered.

Read more »

If she ever had the “plot” Catherine Delahunty loses it

It is bizarre, but consistent, that Catherine Delahunty is the Education spokesperson for the Greens….she is also the Member from Mars.

Here?she loses the plot at a Charter School and then decides that the whole model needs to go – despite the many successes and the growth already.

She has missed several points.

The problem she tries to exploit was created by the systems of a state integrated school and their delays with submission to an official body (the very type of schooling and system she half-wittingly advocates).

The Charter school closely followed all recommended processes and gets glowing reports from official bodies. She may even note that parents clearly think they have high credibility and can do what schools are meant to do – educate their children (as opposed to Green indoctrination).

Then again the Greens are against people making any choices for themselves – they know better. ? Read more »

And he was registered

I sometimes wonder if the teaching profession might avoid their long parade of sickos before the courts and the Teacher’s Council is they simply recruited Catholic priests.

Another registered teacher has been preying on his students.

The teacher unions main opposition to charter schools along with the Labour party is that there is no recommendation for teachers to be registered, supposedly it is to protect the kids.

Registration certainly worked well in protecting two teenagers from this sicko.

A maths teacher sacked for inappropriate relationships with female students has continued to contact one of the girls over Facebook.

Former Ashburton College teacher Michael Burrell-Smith had his teaching registration cancelled for his behaviour toward two 16-year-olds before he left in April 2013.

Just-released New Zealand Teachers’ Council disciplinary tribunal findings said the girls suffered emotionally from their dealings with Burrell-Smith, who was then a 24-year-old maths teacher.

His “serious misconduct” included late-night conversations and telling one of the girls, whose names are suppressed, that he loved her and she was “gorgeous”, the tribunal found.

According to his Facebook profile, Burrell-Smith now lives in Canada. Yet he has continued to contact one of the complainants.

The girl, now 17, said Burrell-Smith sent her a private Facebook message last week.

She replied and told him he should not be contacting her and to leave her alone. He sent a long message back saying he still had feelings for her, she said.

She felt he blamed her for losing his job at the college and, later, another job at Mt Hutt Ski Area.

The skifield dismissed Burrell-Smith after learning of the allegations.

“He pretty much pinned it down on me and said it was my fault at the end of the day,” she said.

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I bet he was registered too

The Labour party and various teacher unions all oppose charter schools and one of the reason they do is because there is no requirement for charter schools to have registered teachers.

The unions and opposition politicians all claim registration is there to protect children, despite the never ending line of registered teachers before the disciplinary tribunal or the courts for various offences from rooting their pupils to fraud to drunk driving and drugs offences.

Now another teacher, a principal is under investigation or untoward behaviour and massive staff turnover at two schools…and he is registered.

A principal who headed a school that lost more than 55 teachers in four years is under investigation by the Teachers Council.

Judd McLauchlan oversaw the high teacher turnover at Manurewa’s Rowandale School, before taking the helm at Hamilton’s Berkley Normal Middle School after term 1 this year.

He resigned from his new position in August, with the board of trustees saying the move was for personal reasons.

However, several people involved with the school have told the Herald that Mr McLauchlan’s departure came after staff raised concerns about his behaviour. ?? Read more »