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This was the scene at the New London, Texas, school on March 18, 1937, after a natural gas explosion. In 1937, New London, Texas, had one of the richest rural school districts in the country. Residents were proud of The New London School made up of steel and concrete, which cost $1 million. On March 18, 1937, the school was remembered as the site of the deadliest school disaster in American history. (MBR/AP)

The Day the Town School Exploded

My Children Are in There!

By 3:05 P.M. on March 18, 1937, the school day had nearly ended. Younger grades had been dismissed and some youngsters waited on school buses for older students to join them for the ride home. Some students still in the building practised for Interscholastic League competition while others put away materials. A PTA meeting was being held in the adjacent gymnasium. Then industrial arts teacher Lemmie Butler turned on a sander in his shop and a spark ignited natural gas that had leaked from pipes under the school and been trapped in rooms throughout the building.

The building was lifted in the explosion and then crushed into rubble. Residents who lived four miles away heard the explosion, though they were not alarmed at first because such noises often came from the oil field.

?A gas explosion had occurred at a school in New London, Texas, killing almost 300 of the 600 students and 40 teachers in the building.

The brand new, steel-and-concrete school, located in the East Texas Oilfield, was one of the wealthiest in the country. Yet it was reduced to rubble in part because no one could smell the danger building in the basement.

While the building originally had been designed for a different heat distribution system, school officials had recently approved tapping into a residue gas line of the local Parade Gasoline Company, a common money-saving practice in the oilfield at the time.

Unfortunately, on that March afternoon, a faulty pipe connection caused the gas (methane mixed with some liquid hydrocarbons) to leak into a closed space beneath the building. Just before class dismissal, when a maintenance employee turned on an electric sander, the odourless gas ignited. The resulting explosion caused the building to collapse, burying victims.

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Apparently it is the Minister’s fault scumbags steal from schools

Apparently, the gutless anonymous cowards at The Save ours Schools??FB page believe the way to prevent fraud schools is to pay admin staff better and insinuate it is the Minister’s fault people are stealing.

People who steal from schools and hospitals and children are the lowest of the low in my opinion. Over the last few years there have been many prosecutions against admin staff who have misappropriated funds from their school. Maybe paying admin staff better (hello Minister?) could prevent these cases.

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Forging cheques. And she was and still is registered

The march of dodgy teachers through various disciplinary process or the courts continues.

A Tokoroa teacher has been censured for misconduct including forging cheques.

Marie Hinehou Thornton appeared before the Education Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal this afternoon.

She was charged with a list of offences from her time as a teacher at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Hiringa, including forging the signature of the chair of the Board of Trustees on cheques, and lying about the number of students on the annual return. ? Read more »

Yep, she was registered too

Labour and the?teacher unions oppose Charter Schools because there is no legal requirement to hire registered teachers. Supposedly registration is there to protect the kids.

Yet almost weekly there is a teacher up on charges or being disciplined for their poor and/or criminal behaviour…despite being registered.

An early childhood teacher has been censured for serious misconduct after she threatened the mother of a young child.

Ngametuaangai Tuaputa, the former head teacher at the Kauri Kids centre in Auckland’s Howick, told the mother: “Watch your back, as I know where you and your son live.”

The Education Council’s complaints assessment committee began investigating Tuapata following a complaint from the mother over the June 2015 incident.

The mother dropped her son off at the centre at?9:15am on June 19.

However, the drop-off time was changed to 8:30am in the centre’s records, meaning the mother would have been charged for additional time.

Tuaputa insisted the mother had actually dropped her son off at 8:30am even after being confronted with CCTV footage which proved otherwise.

The pair got into a heated argument, and the mother said she felt threatened by Tuaputa’s language and raised voice.

The mother’s version of events was backed up by other staff members who were nearby at the time.

She later laid a complaint about Tuaputa’s behaviour.

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It worked, ratbag porno principal has managed to smear others

A ratbag porno principal caught with 1500 pornographic images on his school provided laptop smeared a whole bunch of other people, including other principals, Ministry staff and Police, in an attempt to mitigate his offending.

It’s worked sort of, investigations have started looking for these people.

Top education officials and police chiefs investigated their own staff following accusations some may have sent a Northland principal pornographic emails.

It comes after the respected Northland educator admitted on Monday to having 1500 pornographic emails on his work devices – saying they were “joke” emails sent to him by friends, including other principals, Ministry of Education personnel and police officers.

On Monday, the principal – who has interim name suppression – appeared before the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

He is accused of financial mismanagement of his former school and having pornographic images and videos saved in his emails, which were accessible on four work devices.

He told the tribunal: “They came from principals, Ministry [of Education] personnel, police, who are good friends of mine.”

Later adding: “Some were from a policeman so I thought, ‘they’re fine, they’re from the cops’.”

His police officer friend had indicated the practice was widespread within the police force, the principal said.

However, today the police said it had no information to indicate any police officer had sent inappropriate emails to the principal. ? Read more »


Northland porno principal implicates other principals, police and ministry staff

At a hearing of the?education disciplinary tribunal a Northland principal has smeared his fellow teachers, principals, police and even MoE officials in trying to mitigate his filthy collection of porn on his computers and devices.

A respected Northland principal says 1500 pornographic images found on his work computer were ‘joke’ emails sent to him by other principals, Ministry of Education officials and police officers.

The principal, who has interim name suppression, was stood down over questions around financial management at the school.

He was today explaining himself to the education disciplinary tribunal sitting in Auckland, which granted him, the school and other staff members interim name suppression.

The principal, an experienced educator, today said he was ashamed and embarrassed by the images found on his work devices. ? Read more »


Principals Federation President Iain Taylor is right to be worried

…The global budget would let schools trade funding for teachers for money they could then spend on other things.

It is one of seven possible changes under consideration…

…Principals Federation president Iain Taylor, who is one of those advising the government on the review, said the federation opposed the global budget proposal because it removed guarantees around the minimum number of teachers each school would have.

The schools will be able to decide for themselves how to spend the money. This proposal will give schools choice. They can choose to spend it on staff. They do not have to trade funding for teachers for money to spend on other things so why is Mr Taylor concerned?

I believe he is concerned that schools cannot handle the choice. I think he is concerned that they will blow their teachers’ salaries on sports equipment or something else not teacher related. It seems he wants the ?government to keep tight controls on schools to protect them from themselves. It appears his problem is not with the government or the policy but with his lack of faith in the Principals?of the very schools that he represents. He may very well have a valid concern. After all state schools lack the financial managers that charter schools employ to manage their bulk funding. It is quite likely that many Principals are simply not up to the task.

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Photo of the Day

drawingPleasant Ridge, OH Outhouse Floor Collapses, Sep 1904

About Thirty one rambunctious schoolgirls, a sudden rainstorm, and a mad dash for the outhouse. This does not end well, but does contain remarkable acts of heroism and self-sacrifice

Cincinnati, Sept. 23. — Nine little girls were suffocated in a vault, and a score of others narrowly escaped the same horrible death, at the school at Pleasant Ridge, seven miles north of this city, today. The disaster occurred at the forenoon recess, and throughout the remainder of the day the village was wild with excitement, sorrow and indignation. Tonight those who openly charge the calamity to official negligence are making serious threats, among them being many women.

All of the victims were from primary grades.

On opposite sides of the grounds in the rear of the school building are two outhouses. At recess about thirty of the smaller girls were in the outhouse assigned to them, when suddenly the floor gave way, precipitating them into the vault below. This vault is twelve feet deep and walled up with stone like a well. It contained four feet of water, which would have been over the heads of the children had they fallen into it singly, but those who fell first partially filled up the vault, so that the others were not entirely submerged.

The girls fell eight feet from the floot, and the struggling of those on top kept at least nine under water until they were dead. The frame sheds of these vaults were about twenty feet square, without windows, and only one narrow doorway, so that one girl escaped from the door. She ran into the school building and told the teachers what had happened. The principal and other teachers rushed to the rescue. The screams of the girls in the vault were faintly heard, and most of them were unable to speak when rescued. The teachers were soon reinforced by the entire population of the village, the police and fire departments rendering effective service. The firemen drained the vault, to be sure that the rescue was complete.
Those engaged in the rescue work tell of ghastly experiences. Even those rescued alive presented such an appearance as to make many of the spectators faint, but the sight within the vault beggared all description.

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” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against?President?Dictator Erdogan. According?to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

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Registered teacher allegedly sleeps with 15 year old, gets found out, fails to top himself

Yep, registered, a teacher, sleeping with a 15 year old…and Chris Hipkins says that mandatory teacher registration will protect the kids.

A high school teacher in Tokoroa is under investigation for allegedly sleeping with a?15-year-old student.

Details of the relationship were discovered by the girl’s family and a complaint was made to police.

The male teacher, whom Stuff?has chosen not to name, tried to kill himself.

“He was a popular staff member and even more so with the kids. He was what the kids would call skux?[cool],” a former colleague who did not want to be named said.

On Sunday, once the relationship was exposed, the?male teacher’s plan to kill himself was foiled when a passer-by found him.

Police said they cannot comment on whether certain individuals are under investigation.

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