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One year until the next America’s Cup regatta. Do you give a s***?


It?s exactly one year until the America?s Cup Qualifiers – the start of the Cup regatta – is scheduled to get underway. ?Five syndicates including Emirates Team New Zealand will line up for a chance to challenge Oracle Team USA for the Auld Mug.

Twelve months out, how is Team NZ progressing in its quest?

To pull out the most obvious of sporting cliches, it?s been smooth sailing. ?Team NZ currently sit on top of the AC World Series after five regattas. ?Consistency has been the key: two of those events the Kiwis have also taken regatta honours, and they?ve only finished off the podium four times in eighteen races. […] Read more »

Seems that Team New Zealand can win just fine without taxpayers? money

It looks like we can celebrate the end of corporate welfare of Team NZ, they have won anyway without picking the pockets of the taxpayer.

Team New Zealand have overcome a pre-start penalty to mount a final day rally to win yachting’s America’s Cup World Series regatta in Sweden in a dramatic winner-takes-all series decider.

New Zealand came through a difficult day in Gothenburg on a tight race course, with light and shifty conditions.

Skipper Glenn Ashby and prodigy helmsman Peter Burling on Monday posted a 2-1 scoreline in the two double-point races to overhaul Oracle Team USA, who had won twice on the first day. ?? Read more »

Steve Joyce just loves giving money to rich people

No sooner have the public scuttled Grant Dalton’s bid for our tax dollars, and Steve Joyce gives a stack load to a company that almost exclusively contracts for Oracle’s America’s Cup racing program.

They say in comedy timing is everything, and after the revelation Oracle Team USA’s Warkworth based boat builders are receiving a government hand out all you can do is laugh.

The punch line is that it comes just days after John Key reiterated that he isn’t prepared to continue his government’s investment in Emirates Team New Zealand, leaving their future in doubt.

The headlines for the original story may have been a little misleading ? the funding is not directly for Oracle ? but it’s definitely not a good look to be aiding the opposition when the home team is struggling.

Core Builders Composites have built Oracle’s America’s Cup boats since their 2003 challenge and has received the grant for research and development.

That R&D will either be to create a better boat for Oracle to defend the America’s Cup in 2017, or maybe one of Core Builders other big projects like disco balls.

It might not be the only work Core Builders does, but some say 80 percent of the work done in Warkworth is for Oracle.

The company has been described as Larry Ellison’s plaything. Read more »

Someone needs to tell Dalton he’s dreamin’

Grant Dalton really needs to watch ‘The Castle’ and listen to Daryl Kerrigan.

Team New Zealand will fight for an America’s Cup pre-regatta in Auckland, despite the event’s organisers announcing all races will be in Bermuda in 2017.

Prime Minister John Key said it was “extremely unlikely” the team would get government funding following the announcement on the Cup’s official website yesterday.

Team NZ board chairman Keith Turner told the Herald it “was not the end of the road” for an Auckland qualifying race and the America’s Cup Event Authority’s (ACEA) statement was not legal. The decision was subject to a legal process after the ACEA backtracked on its decision to hold an Auckland event, he said.

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Bad news for Dalton, wonder if he has rung the sponsors yet?

Grant Dalton has for months been telling sponsors that the government money is in the bank.

I’m not so sure on that, because as of last night America’s Cup organisers have canned the Auckland series.

Radio New Zealand reports:

Auckland has officially been scrapped as host city for one of the qualifying rounds of the America’s Cup, jeopardising government funding for Team New Zealand.

The official America’s Cup website said that at a meeting on Friday, the competitors agreed on the details of the 2017 race programme, with all racing set to take place in Bermuda. ?? Read more »

Now here’s a surprise: spoiled rich kids upset that spoiled rich kids act spoilt


A joint statement published on the official America’s Cup website and signed by defending champions Oracle Team USA, Artemis Racing of Sweden, Britain’s Ben Ainslie Racing and Team France hit out at Team New Zealand.

“We are disappointed to see how Team New Zealand are characterising the rule changes that reflect the collective will of the America’s Cup teams,” the statement said. Read more »

Luna Rossa back out of America’s Cup

Italian outfit Luna Rossa is withdrawing from the next America’s Cup after teams voted to reduce the size of boats for the 2017 regatta in Bermuda.

Luna Rossa and Team New Zealand voted on Tuesday against reducing the size of the catamarans for the second time in less than a year.

However, they were out-voted by two-time defending champions Oracle Team USA and challengers Artemis Racing of Sweden, Ben Ainslie Racing of Britain and Team France.

The America’s Cup class rules could only be changed by unanimous consent, but Oracle Team USA last week led an amendment to change the class rule to a majority vote.

“This radical change also implies a waste of important resources already invested based on the rules that were sanctioned in June last year,” Luna Rossa said in a team statement.

The 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco was raced in 72-foot (22m) catamarans.

You have to admit: ?will you ever see anything as exciting as those boats ever again? ?The possibility of serious danger and spectacular and catastrophic failure made the whole thing so much more exciting. ?If it wasn’t for the 9-8 loss, we’d think the whole race, including the boats, was perfect just as it was last time. ? Read more »

Good, now taxpayers are off the hook at last, but Dalton is clinging desperately to the trough

Steve Joyce must be breathing a sigh of relief as he gets and escape clause from having to pour more corporate welfare into Team New Zealand.

But the idiot Grant Dalton, who these days tends to think with his little head is deciding to waste more taxpayer funds by challenging the organisers.

Team New Zealand are challenging a decision by the America’s Cup Events Authority to ditch Auckland as host of the qualifying regatta in early 2017.

But chief executive Grant Dalton says regardless of the outcome of any hearing “this is not the end of Emirates Team New Zealand”. ?? Read more »

Steve Joyce rushed out to buy a lottery ticket

Joyce had promised Team New Zealand tax payers’ money. ?Guaranteed. ?No matter that Bill English doesn’t have it, and no matter than John Key got cold feet after?polling the electorate and he found a huge cold shoulder.

Team New Zealand’s future in the America’s Cup is in serious doubt after the Government confirmed the loss of the qualifying round in Auckland would mean zero funding.

Cup organisers told media this afternoon that Auckland would not be hosting a qualifying round after Team New Zealand opposed a move to smaller boat sizes yesterday.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce told the Herald that without a presence in Auckland, there would be no money.

“We are interested in being involved as a sponsor as a much lower basis than last time, and on the basis there is a qualifying series in Auckland,” Mr Joyce said. “If that was to change then we could not be involved.”

Oh my was he quick to jump onto that bandwagon. ?The circumstances have given him an out. ?We all get to win this way. ?Well, except Grant Dalton who has been going around the sponsors?guaranteeing the New Zealand government money was going to be paid out. Read more »

Team New Zealand AND Auckland Council? What could possibly go wrong?

Team New Zealand’s bid to host the America’s Cup qualifiers has hit a further snag, with crisis meetings held yesterday over problems with the proposed locations for the team bases.

An announcement confirming Auckland had secured the qualifying regatta in early 2017 was originally planned for yesterday but has been pushed back to next week as Team NZ try to put some distance between the fallout over Dean Barker’s axing.

In the meantime, Auckland Council bodies are struggling to agree on the waterfront locations to house the team bases after the preferred site at Westhaven Marina was found to be unsuitable within the short timeframe.

Plans to build a causeway between the end of Westhaven Drive and a seawall in two stages have encountered geotechnical and practical problems.

The first stage of building the causeway and starting repairs on the seawall is sufficient to accommodate two syndicate bases, but completing the second stage to accommodate three more syndicate bases is estimated to cost an unbudgeted $10 million to $15 million.

Team New Zealand manage to suck more money out of the tax (rate) payers after all. ?On the good side, this is only for Auckland victims. ?Until Steve Joyce figures out how to repackage his corporate welfare deal. ? Read more »