Telecom it was, Telecom it will be


Truth be told, I’ve always been someone to buck a trend. ?And?this whole Telecom / Spark rebranding exercise is motivating me to do it again.

Telecom will change its name to Spark on August 8 – and will have a new ticker code on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges from then.

Spark New Zealand will have the following core business units and brands: ? Read more »


Not much to celebrate for Telecom customers


Widespread problems on their XT mobile network as well as yet another (we’ve lost count?) hack into the Yahoo!Xtra email

Yahoo have advised us that they are experiencing an email security threat, which we have reason to believe may have compromised some Xtra email customers? accounts.

It appears that as a result of this threat, attempts at unauthorised access of users? email accounts have been made. ? Read more »

When it comes to broadband, we live in a 3rd world country

As some of you may have picked up on, I recently moved house. ?The Mrs did a great job project managing the whole thing. ?It ran like clockwork. ?Nothing went wrong.

Except for trying to get broadband on.

Having been a loyal Telecom customer for close to 30 years, with all our connections, mobile, business and private through them didn’t count for much when you are up against organisational inertia.

In simple terms, Telecom refuse to even start your broadband order until you are physically present on-site.

In the mean time, depending on who you talk to, you are told all sorts of placating stories that “yes, it’s on order”, and “yes, it’s booked to be turned on”, and so on. ?We’re not stupid, we know about organisational inertia, and we phoned, and phoned, and checked and every time we were told it was all in hand.

When arriving at the new place, after some investigation, it shows that we had a really amusing situation. ?The previous occupants were on Orcon fiber. ?Before they had that, they had Vodafone broadband.

How do I know this? ? Read more »

Is Clare Curran trying to save her bacon by sucking up for telco donations?


The word from my Labour sources is that they want rid of Clare Curran.

Everyone in Dunedin has known this for some time and David Cunliffe has made significant promises to Lesley Soper who worked hard for his election as leader.

It seems though that she is trying to curry favour by becoming Labour’s Minister of Donations.

It is astonishing how Labour will do anything to deflect the story away from the truth around Chorus and essentially run the corporate lines on behalf of their telco mates, and Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew.? ? Read more »

Or-Con still being slippery over passing on windfall profits to consumers

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-Con is bombarding us with the unpleasant view of Krim Dot-Con talking about uncapped data plans. They claim anything is “not cool”.

They are also part of corporate whore Matthew Hooton’s band of corporate wreckers.

The Coalition of Corporate Wreckers claim that businesses and householders will now save $150.00 per annum…But will they.

The whole attack on Chorus was about wholesale prices. Now those are set to drop will they do as promised and lower retail prices as a result or will this bad of corporate robbers simply pocket the windfall profits?

I’m picking they will trouser the lot.

Chris Keall at NBR reports:

Ms Adams, says, in effect, Get real suckers, ISPs will simply pocket the savings. She said in Parliament yesterday:

I can tell you who it is not benefiting. It is not the consumers; it is the retailers. So if we insist on a lower price for the wholesalers, as Labour wants to happen?follow the money. Follow the money. I will tell you who benefits: the large corporates like Vodafone, which benefits from the extra money. That is what Labour is supporting.

That is what it wants to see happen. I will tell you what will happen now. The consumers will not see anything at all, I predict. If they do, it will be a tiny fraction of any drop

Ms Adams theory is quite easily tested.? Read more »


The carnage continues, Telecom and Vodafone bail too

Two more companies have bailed from advertising on the Radio Live Willie and JT show.

NBR reports the ongoing carnage:

Vodafone has followed suit and suspended all advertising from RadioLive.

Vodafone acting head of external communications Emma Carter says in a statement:

?The issues raised by the ?Roast Busters? case are of huge concern to us all at Vodafone including the way that social media has subsequently been exploited to expose and attack the victims.?? Read more »

BREAKING: Telecom Broadband problems [UPDATED]

Some Telecom customers are experiencing ?problems where web page and Internet services are failing to respond this morning.

It appears the Telecom DNS servers are affected.

This is affecting both Broadband and XT customers.

If you want to get around the issue, set your name servers to Google’s at


If you do it on the router, you probably don’t have to go round all the devices and change them individually.


A taniwha in the clouds?

Fresh out of luck after losing the water battle, maori bludgers are now trying their hand tilting at clouds, or rainbows or other unseen forces in order to stand over commercial?organisations?with their brown-mail. They’ll claim a new flying taniwha is angry anytime soon.

The government’s plan to auction 4G spectrum in September or October faces delay, with Maori claimants to spectrum rights reactivating a dormant claim to the Waitangi Tribunal by seeking an urgent hearing on it.

Pundits are picking anywhere between $200 million to $400 million for Crown coffers from the auction of airwaves freed up by the switchover from analogue to digital TV – which are suitable for the new fourth-genertion mobile networks being rolled out by Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees. A similar auction across the Tasman?raised?$A1.96 billion for the Australian government. ?? Read more »

Time for a change?


I currently have an iPhone 4…it is nearly time to renew it.

I have also recently become very, very annoyed with Vodafone. I spend a not inconsequential sum of money with them and the last few customer service interactions have been less than?desirable.

I also find their network coverage annoying with regular drop outs of service in spots there shouldn’t ever be. So should I stay or should I go…I?certainly?don’t feel like a wanted customer.? Read more »


WhaleTech: 1G free WiFi a day from Telecom?



Yesterday I observed NBR’s?Chris Keall getting excited like a little boy about Telecom’s Free WiFi at phone boxes scheme – WiFi Zone. ?Repeated tweets, articles and even hurried corrections as his excitement got away on him and he had to adjust some of the fantastic numbers (3000 phone boxes with free WiFi? ?No.)

The fact is, I didn’t realise why it was so exciting to Chris. ?I’ve been walking and driving past the blasted things for about 6 months now.

Part of a pilot scheme, these have been deployed in parts of New Zealand where the tourists normally flock to. ?But as you do when you live away from the bigger cities, you simply assume that they had it all first.

Not so. ?And that’s the reason behind Chris’ excitement.

So I decided to pop down the road and see what is actually involved, and how they operate. ?I happen to have a Nokia Lumia 920 I’m using right now (you’ll see some posts about that later), and locked on with the WiFi signal. ?It asked me to enter my phone number, and it texted me a 4 letter code. ?Once I typed it in, it was all go from there. ?You’re allowed to use up to 1 GB of data per day that way, which is quite generous if you’re on a smartphone data plan and you need to push a big document up while on the road.

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