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The SJB and Media Party?s war on right-wing opinion makers continues

The lefties are all having massive panty wetting moments with attacks on Mike Hosking and now Paul Henry.

Mediawatch, the lefty luvvies at Red Radio devoted their programme to Hosking?but haven’t mentioned a peep about the drug death in Cambodia of a senior Herald journalist.

Apparently having?an opinion that differs from theirs or John Drinnan’s is evil.

The BSA pointed to “litmus test? research last year which found people were so accustomed to Hosking?s on-air editorialising most people would immediately recognise it as mere opinion.

?Anyone thinking that?s a fact would either be on drugs – or doesn?t like Hosking,? one person told the BSA.

?In reality we can?t generalise from the results of a small sample to understand the likely impact of airing repeated opinions night after night from a state broadcaster on the attitudes of a wider population,”

Professor Hayward said this in a response on Facebook.

She said she regretted bringing the complaint because she believed the ruling gave strength to the argument that a presenter in a prime time news show could be both ?inaccurate? and ?dismissive? if comment was pitched as opinion. ? Read more »

Is this enough evidence Kelvin?

Kelvin Davis is chasing another passing bus and at the same time tying Labour into the whinging bludging Maori class.

MPs are calling for TVNZ to pull?”racist” questions from its KiwiMeter survey.

Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis said?parts of?the survey – designed?to?find?out how “Kiwi” we are – aimed?at inciting racial intolerance.

The?KiwiMeter?survey?asks?New Zealanders questions about nationhood and, in the values?section, touches?on?M?ori?culture.

One of the questions asks?whether?M?ori?should not have special treatment.

Labour’s?Te Tai Tokerau?MP Kelvin Davis said the question was “out and out racism” and it needed to be removed from the survey.

“It just evokes images of Don Brash 2004: ?implying that Maori have special treatment, I’d like to know what special treatment they’re talking about.

Oh, so we aren’t allowed to ask people’s opinions any more in case they get upset?

That sounds like a challenge…let’s list the special treatment for Maori shall we? ?? Read more »

30 years ago Bob Jones did what we all want to do, he punched a reporter in the face

Thirty years ago today, Sir Bob Jones infamously punched reporter Rod Vaughan.

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One News viewers don’t buy TVNZ pimping the poor

Why does the MSM continue to pimp the poor when their readers and viewers are clearly non-sympathetic?

Is this just outrage-bait?

So why are the idiots continuing to whine to the media when they can clearly see they’ll be used and eviscerated?

There’s little sympathy from ONE News readers for a west Auckland man who was told by Housing New Zealand (HNZ) he had to wait up to 10 days to get his fireplace fixed.

Earlier this week a problem with Stefan Atkinson’s fireplace meant it became a fire risk and left him without a heating source.

Initially HNZ classified the issue as urgent, but on Friday that was downgraded, and Mr Atkinson was told it would be 10 days before HNZ could fix it.

Yesterday HNZ visited Mr Atkinson to drop off an emergency heater as well as providing $100 of pre-paid power so that he can afford to run it.

A story detailing Mr Atkinson’s plight was posted on the ONE News Facebook page yesterday where it was overwhelmly met with a tone of toughen-up and wait.

ONE News reader Tim Williams wrote: “Is this guy for real? Does he think tradies are just sitting around WAITING for emergency work? Join the queue mate and stop moaning. You got a free heating source for the meantime. YOU won’t have to pay to get the chimney fixed, you get cheap rent.” ?? Read more »

A response to the Herald editorial on Election broadcasts

Yesterday the NZ Herald editorial supported TVNZ’s contention that election broadcasts should cease.

NickK at No Minister wrote to them about their editorial and makes valid suggestions:

In your editorial of Friday 15 May you said that democracy would be better served if election broadcasting restrictions went. I congratulate you for taking this stance and implore you to keep it going.

The Broadcasting Act 1989 contains archaic and restrictive provisions that prohibit political parties from spending their own money on TV advertising either during an election period, or outside of it.

Instead, parties must go cap-in-hand at election time to a body that uses a convoluted formula to decide how much money each party can spend on their TV advertising. Many parties have complained on this unfairness over many years. It severely punishes smaller parties, and Act has been particularly critical of it. ? Read more »

Waste of time anyway, I agree with TVNZ

I’m going to disagree with Regan at Throng who thinks TVNZ wants to shirk their responsibilities.

TVNZ wants to be released from having to show the Night of the Long Lies otherwise known as the party political broadcasts.

Television New Zealand says it should be allowed to drop some of its election coverage because of terrible ratings.

The broadcaster has long been required by law to broadcast political parties’ opening and closing election addresses.

But it says viewing patterns have changed and a sharp fall in ratings during the presentations – once central campaign events – justifies a change.

During the last election the opening addresses had ratings that were 38 per cent lower than the average for the six previous Saturday evenings. ? Read more »

Comment of the Day

There is a lot of fuss about the demise of Campbell Live, mostly from the wailing left wing.

They claim that it is the death of current affairs.

Unfortunately they are wrong, there are plenty more current affairs shows as one commenter, GregM, this morning pointed out.

Yep says it all. The other thing that cracks me up is the lefty whingers going on that this is the end of current affairs programs on free to air TV. Hardly. We still have:
The Nation
Native Affairs
3rd Degree (changed name to 3D)
60 Minutes
Attitude ? Read more »

State funding of news?

The Labour party, unsurprisingly, has come out and said there should be state funding of news.

Labour wants taxpayers to fund news and current affairs programming to prevent it disappearing from our screens.

It comes after MediaWorks’ decision to review its 7pm show Campbell Live.

Leader Andrew Little says Labour’s considering a policy which would see the Government fund daily current affairs.

“We’re going to have to find a solution to that, and New Zealand on Air is one potential solution ? to use its funding to ensure that sort of programming is available, whether it’s on private channels or publicly-owned channels.”

Mr Little says current affairs programmes are essential for a good, strong, accountable economy.

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Consumer NZ slams action on global mode

Consumer NZ has come out against the cartel of media companies trying to shut down global mode provided by some ISPs.

They stop short of calling them mafia-like but they do call them out for their blatant protectionism.

NetGuide reports:

Consumer New Zealand has joined the growing number slamming the proposed legal action by Sky, Lightbox, TVNZ and Mediaworks to stop global mode, saying the proposed action is ?a huge blow to consumers?.

Sue Chetwin today slammed the move as ?simply protectionism of old content distribution models?.

A number of New Zealand ISPs received a legal letter from Buddle Findlay, representatives of Sky, TVNZ, Lightbox and Mediaworks last week, ordering them to stop providing access to services such as Global Mode which provide access to international geo-blocked TV and movie services.

?While they may argue that this is not about taking action against consumers, it?s exactly consumers who will end up paying more because of this,? Chetwin says. ?? Read more »

TVNZ intent on pimping the dead

What one earth is TVNZ thinking in pursuing the release of photographs of the last moments of those killed in the tragic balloon crash in Carterton.

This is nothing more than attempting to profit from the unfortunate demise of some blameless victims.

Photos showing the final moments of the fatal Carterton balloon crash should be released to the media in the interests of public education and safety, lawyers for TVNZ have argued.

Wairarapa photographer Geoff Walker took photos of the balloon as it crashed killing pilot Lance Hopping and all 10 passengers on January 7, 2012.

During an inquest in July, coroner Peter Ryan ordered the release of four photos to the media, but Walker refused to release them, saying publication breached his copyright.

He then asked for a judicial review, which went ahead today at the High Court in Wellington.? Read more »