Has Jacinda read her own Future of Work details?

The Ministry of Justice has announced that they are restructuring positions and making some available?positions work-from-home.

Close to 100 government jobs will go as the Ministry of Justice introduces a compulsory work-from-home initiative, prompting concerns the move will snowball across other departments.

The ministry?has confirmed a restructure will see 202 management and staff positions?disestablished and 111 new positions created, along with fixed term positions as staff move to a “home environment” later this year.

In a statement, collections general manager?Bryre? Patchell? said?about 100 collections registry positions will move from office to home over the next 13 months.?

The restructure, which will mean?specialist collections units at courts around New Zealand will close, is?thought to be the first of its kind in New Zealand’s public sector.

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