The mistaken belief of the Internet Party & Kim Dotcom

The Internet party and indeed Kim Dotcom have assumed wrongly that politics is like business, and it is like the openness of the internet.

Sure politics is a contest of ideas, just like the internet and business but that is the where the similarities start and end.

In business you look at other products and services and you seek to compete on service, or on price or with innovation. Same in technology and the internet.

If your ideas, products and services are better you gain customers, indeed sometimes you make new markets, sometimes with a simple twist of an idea.

But generally there is room for all ideas. Dumb ones will wither, averages ones will struggle on and great ones will deliver huge rewards for users, customers and the inventors.

Politics is nothing like that. In the internet and in business is is no limitations on the size of the pie you create and so you can compete happily with other creators and inventors.

In politics the pie is defined, it is limited as are the pool of available customers (voters).

If you set up a new party it will naturally be at the expense of the the other parties.

There are no intellectual property rules in politics either. Politicians will by and large steal other good ideas and race to implement them first…why?

Because if they do it then there is no reason to vote for the new boys.

Kim Dotcom doesn’t understand that if you tread on other parties and politicians toes then they put on their big black jack boots and they go marching all over you and your party.

Watch the Greens start to attack as they realise that their votes are drifting away. Labour is only just waking up to this as they suffer two and about to be three weeks straight without their party getting a word in edge ways in the news.? Read more »

Map of the Day – Places Kim Dotcom can’t run to

So Kim likes the Map of the Day? …he might not like this map.


This map is all of the countries that US has extradition treaties with.? Read more »

So. Did she know it was in there, or not?

They may want to change the ending, depending on what develops tonight.

One thing is for sure, we have another movie with strong aussie accents, and we’ll scan for similarly infamous ear drum rupturing lines like “ay deeeengow ayt moi baybee”.

Another feral ratbag cops one sweet

What is it with ?ferals?

Check out this outstanding example of thinking you can act like you?would in NZ and get away with.

A New Zealand teenager’s drunken night out in Thailand has ended on the cold concrete floor of a Bangkok prison.

Quentin Samson took a holiday to Thailand to celebrate his 18th birthday but soon found himself behind bars, charged with theft in the night.

His brother-in-law, John Burns, speaking from Auckland said five days ago Samson went out to celebrate the 21st birthday of his friend, Ashton Holmes. They had had a few drinks when Samson disappeared without notifying anyone.

He caught a taxi back to his hotel and, in his intoxicated state, allegedly stole the taxi driver’s phone.

Police arrived and Samson gave the phone back but resisted arrest, afraid Holmes would not be able to find him if he was in jail.

Holmes spent the next 48 hours frantically searching hospitals for Samson before being notified of his arrest. ?? Read more »

Manbearpig kills 63 in Thailand

From the it’s weather not climate change file, 63 people have died in Thailand because of cold temperatures.

That global warming is a real killer…not from heat though, from cold.

The Bangkok Post explains:

The unusually long cold spell across the North, Northeast and Central regions has killed 63 people in the past three months and Bangkok has suffered its coldest night in three decades.

Sophon Mekthon, director general of the Disease Control Department, said on Thursday that the 63 fatalities were reported in 27 provinces between Oct 22, 2013 and Jan 19, 2014.

Most of the fatalities were men. The youngest was a one-month-old baby and the oldest was a 81 years old. A Cambodian and a British national were also among the victims.? Read more »

That’ll teach him to play with the ladyboys

Bernard John Griffiths laying a Police complaint after being drugged and robbed by a ladyboy

Bernard John Griffiths laying a Police complaint after being drugged and robbed by a ladyboy

Oh dear…hard to not laugh at this old goat getting rumbled by a ladyboy.

A New Zealander was drugged and robbed by a ladyboy in Thailand after giving the prostitute his PIN code, according to Thai media.

Bernard John Griffiths, 65, met up with the sticky-fingered ladyboy (a person whose physiology is part male, part female) while strolling in?Pattaya’s?red-light district?on December 17, and agreed to join him at a bar, the Pattaya Mail?reported.

Finding himself short of cash to pay the bill, Griffiths went to an ATM machine with the ladyboy.

He struggled to withdraw cash because he could not read the Thai language on the machine, and rather than choose “English” from the menu, Griffiths gave his card and PIN code to the ladyboy, who helpfully withdrew 10,000 baht (NZ$373) for him. ? Read more »

Did any of these munters demand Labour release details of any FTA’s they signed?

I see assorted whining lefties and useful idiots have all formed a campaign to lobby the government to breach international agreements about negotiations underway.


I’ll bet not a single one of them…yes Russell Brown, you too…ever made a single demand of Labour to release details of FTAs being negotiated under Labour…not a single one.? Read more »

Farmers on the bludge all over the world

Its the Thais turn now.

Why do farmers always have to stick their hand out?

This week an opinion poll carried out by Bangkok University found that the government?s approval rating has fallen to its lowest level yet. Most damaging to its reputation is its flagship scheme to subsidise rice. This was the brainchild of Mr Thaksin, who dictates most of his sister?s policies from afar. It was a useful vote-winner during the election campaign in 2011. But its costs now jeopardise both the government?s finances and the economy as a whole.? Read more »

Black Ivory Coffee follow up


Last year I wrote a post about Black Ivory Coffee…the most expensive coffee in the world , even more expensive that Kopi Luwak. Like Kopi Luwak though it is processed via an animal and their intestinal tract and sifted out of their dung.

This morning I received?an email from the founder:


Thanks for your coverage on Black Ivory?Coffee?a few months back. Your?readers may be interested to learn that it is available to the public
until?August 16.?

There was this video as well:

Black Ivory Coffee is naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants. It is the world’s rarest (300 kg available for 2013) and most uniquely processed coffee. According to media reports it is also the most expensive. It has taken the founder, Blake Dinkin, 10 years and his life savings to develop this product.

Black Ivory Coffee starts with the highest quality 100% Thai Arabica beans which are then ingested and naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants.? This process removes the bitterness from coffee and infuses the fruit of the cherry into the bean. The result is a cup of coffee that is floral, chocolate in aroma with a flavour that can be described as a mix of chocolate, ripe red cherries and a hint of grass with no bitterness or burnt taste.

I’d love to try this…perhaps they will send me some for posting about their project.

Croz gives CTU whinger Conway his beans

Croz Walsh give Peter Conway a good old fashioned shellacking, but in his ever so polite fashion, over the CTU’s campaign to hurt Fiji workers.

Peter Conway urges tourists to talk to local people to find out what is really going on.? But to my knowledge, he has not been to Fiji for at least six years and his only source of local information is from the Fiji unionists he is supporting ? who the A-G thinks are behind this latest move by the ANZ unionists.

So hasn’t been in Fiji for more than 6 years and he is spouting on about conditions there?

More importantly, where does he get information to support his claim that “sixty percent of of people earning a wage are living below the poverty line.”?? It is the highest figure ever mentioned.? Some have talked of 35%, others of 45-50% but these lower guesstimates are about “people” ? not “people earning a wage.”

“People” is a far more inclusive term.? It includes the employed and unemployed, children, old people and rural people in the subsistence sector. If we multiply Conway’s 60% with the Ministry of Labour’s 171,865 workers in Fiji? and then multiple each worker by three (workers plus their dependents), the result is 309,357 people, or about 35% of the estimated population.? A far cry from Conway’s inflated 60%.? Read more »