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The Australian and Cartoonist Bill Leak fight back against Aussie HRC


In Australia,?The Australian and their cartoonist Bill Leak are under investigation for the cartoon shown above.

The same thing happened here in New Zealand. The publisher was Whale Oil Beef Hooked and the cartoonist was Boomslang. Fortunately?our Human Rights Commission is a toothless organisation and I simply ignored their bleating and that of the complainants.

The Australian and Bill Leak are fighting back against the Human Rights Commission.

Lawyers for cartoonist Bill Leak and The Australian have accused the Human Rights Commission of outright bias and warned of legal action to restrain the federal body and its head, Gillian Triggs, from investigating a drawing.

The newspaper yesterday ?issued its formal legal response to the commission after?The ?Australian and Leak were put on notice that they were being ?investigated for alleged ?racial hatred under the Racial Discrimination Act? for a cartoon ?depicting the neglect of indig?enous children by their parents.

The lawyers for Leak and the newspaper state that, if necessary, they will produce evidence to ?establish the August 4 cartoon was drawn in good faith and did not breach section 18C, and that indigenous people would ?testify they were not ?offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated? by it.

Their letter states they will rely on evidence from ?sociologists and criminologists, as well as ?witnesses having direct daily ?exposure to the problems associated with juvenile crime and ?recidivism in remote Aboriginal communities, to establish that the point made by Leak?s cartoon is both a ?genuine? matter of concern and a legitimate issue of ?public ?interest???.

Jodie Ball, the delegate for commission president Professor Triggs, advised the newspaper this month that an investigation under section 18C had been triggered by complainant Melissa Dinnison, who says she has ??experienced ?racial hatred? and been discriminated against as a result of the ?cartoon.

In Leak?s and the newspaper?s reply yesterday to Professor Triggs, who has faced resignation calls this week after falsely claiming to a Senate committee that journalists at Melbourne?s The ?Saturday Paper fabricated her quotes, the commission is charged with ?playing politics? with the welfare of children.

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Media brainwashing, I don’t doubt it is happening here

The Australian has a great story about media student brainwashing in Australia via university courses.

Don’t think for even a moment that this stuff isn’t already happening here.

FIRST-year media students at some of the nation?s most prestigious universities are being taught the federal government?s media policy process is ?corrupt?.

The 18-year-old students are also being told repeatedly that one of the world?s biggest employers of journalists, News Corp, uses ?naked political pressure? to the detriment of democracy.

The Australian obtained the first-year course material for media and communications at University of Technology Sydney and The University of Sydney to examine what students are being taught about the media industry.

Over a period of five weeks, The Australian attended some lectures on an undercover basis and obtained the audio recordings of other lectures from students.

The University of Sydney course in particular is leading students to form a critical view of News Corp.

Lecturer Dr Penny O?Donnell teaches students that News Corp newspapers? 2013 election coverage was driven by a corporate fear of the NBN ? a claim that has no factual basis and is incorrect.

She also tells students, studying to become journalists, that the federal government?s media policy process is ?corrupted? because it sacrifices public interest objectives in favour of corporate interests.

?We elect governments to act on our behalf so what happens to those public interest objectives?? she asks her class. ?They are typically sacrificed to a process that?s very corrupted because it listens more to large corporations than it does to ordinary people. The latest battleground where you see this playing out is over control of the internet.?

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