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Sometimes you do have wonder at the mentality of some people

This is Ben Uffindel’s idea of a joke…to glorify the murderous Islamic terror group ISIL (ISIS) by changing his logo at The Civilian.

Sometimes satire just falls flat.


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Face of the day

I love satire especially when it is done well. I love a good joke and laughter really is the best medicine.

I have really enjoyed a number of posts on the Satirical blog The Civilian but recently the laughter stopped. I am not laughing any more. Not only am I not laughing I am angry. Ben has taken the step too far. He has gone beyond the joke. It is one thing to take the piss, it is another to take money that is meant for serious political parties.

It is true that he could not rort the system without the assistance of the? Electoral Commission and by funding Ben to the tune of $33,000 they have made a joke of our democratic system.

Satirical writer of The Civilian, Ben Uffindell

Satirical writer of The Civilian, Ben Uffindell.- 3 News

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Blog running as satire party gets $33,000 tax payer funding [ UPDATED ]


Tax payers’ money is hard enough to come by when you’re the government. ?To see it handed out to a blogger who started a joke party doesn’t thrill me.

The Electoral Commission last night released its allocation of public funding for political parties’ TV and radio advertising for the upcoming campaign and the allocation of time for each party in opening and closing addresses broadcast on TVNZ and Radio NZ.

National’s funding was trimmed from $1.18 million in 2011 to $1.05 million this year. Labour’s funding was cut from $1.18 million to $920,000.

The Greens, who received $307,000 in 2011, will receive $401,000 this year, while Winston Peters’ NZ First gets $201,000 ? double what it received in 2011.

The Maori Party’s funding is slashed by $60,000 to $100,000 while Act suffers an even deeper cut, going from $163,000 to $77,000 ? the same amount as new entrants the combined internet Mana party, Peter Dunne’s United Future and former NZ First MP Brendan Horan’s likely political vehicle, the NZ Independent Coalition.

Colin Craig’s Conservative Party receives $60,000, up from $20,000 in 2011.

Among the minnows, satirist Ben Uffindel’s Civilian Party gets $33,600.

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I thought The Civilian was meant to be satire?

It is like Ben has hacked into my office webcam…

media3stWhale Oil blogger Cameron Slater has decided to take a brief break from watching real-time traffic to his website, deciding that it was ?probably that time of year? to go outside.

Slater, whose website remains the most-visited blog in New Zealand, normally tells the time of day by how many visitors are sifting through his tens of daily posts about Len Brown, David Cunliffe and slapstick comedy, but today expressed a desire to see the world as the common people see it.

Slater said he was very nearly dissuaded from venturing outside when he saw that one of his tweets had been retweeted by an actual human being, but was swiftly disappointed when he discovered that it was only Justice Minister Judith Collins, from whom he also received his last 30 text messages. ? Read more »


So accurate I nearly fell for it

The best satire is that which is so close tot he truth.

This effort from Ben Uffindel was so close to the truth it nearly got me…eerily close to the truth actually.

Friends, colleagues, and fellow New Zealanders; I am concerned.

When my former leader, David Shearer, announced last week that he would be resigning from his position as the chief representative of our party, I knew that I had a decision to make.

The media was asking me what my intentions were. People were urging me to step forward and put my hand up.

They said to me ?David, you?re perfect for this. You can do this. You can rebuild the party. You?re the only one who can.? And then I stepped away from the bathroom mirror, and I said ?Yeah, you know what? I have to do this.? ? Read more »

Stylish website, The Civilian, according to the Herald

The Herald may have decided to run all its stories through the spellcheck, however one reporter doesn’t know the difference between satirical and sartorial.

Turns out that The Civilian website by Ben Uffindell is not only funny but really well dressed.

X Factor fans have gone into a frenzy after a sartorial website posted a fake story announcing Tom Batchelor as the winner.

The Civilian?appeared to have crashed as viewers of the show flooded the site.

The story said a technical error resulted in TV3 airing the final episode months before it was supposed to.? Read more »

The Civilian on the Media, Wellington, Gilmore and Bullshit

Ben Uffindel at The Civilian comments on the media, Wellington, Gilmore and Bullshit:

New Zealand?s media are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after a bullshit story with zero news value miraculously saved them from the end of another.

Journalists, who were beginning to fear that they might have to cover real news, were anxious after this morning?s press conference with disgraced MP Aaron Gilmore yielded an emotional apology that seemed to prevent the story from evolving any further.

?It was a terrible position to be in,? said?Campbell Live?field reporter Rebecca Wright. ?We really thought we?d have to go back to covering substantive issues like the economy, or the other one. But then we heard what John Key said.?? Read more »

The Civilian on Kim Dotcom

Very funny, and eerily descriptive of 3News and the NZ Herald. The Civilian takes a potshot at Kim Dotcom:

Citing what he sees as a broadcasting media biased toward the interests of the United States government, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is planning to establish his own independent television channel here in New Zealand.

The channel,?Kim TV, will feature 24 hours of nonstop Kim Dotcom-related programming, including interviews with the German-born immigrant, conspiracy documentaries about the U.S. Justice Department, and hours of original music he made in his bedroom.

It will also feature a news ticker at the bottom of the screen that will act as a live feed of Dotcom?s thousands of self-aggrandizing tweets, video game high scores and statistics about traffic to his new file sharing website Mega.

Dotcom said he hoped the channel would give a voice to those fighting to liberalise copyright laws, with countless hours of programming devoted to pictures of him posing with attractive women and obscenely expensive items.? Read more »