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Whaleoil included in the 14 best Conservative sites on the web

The Connor Post in America has written an article about the 14 best Conservative sites on the?Web and they included Whaleoil at number 13. We were in very good company too with Breitbart at number two, Stefen Molyneux?s Freedomain Radio at number four, Infowars at number 8, The Pickering Post by Australian cartoonist and blogger Larry Pickering at number 11 ?the Gatestone Institute at number 12 and Pat Condell at number 14.

There are a lot of conservative sites and conservative news aggregators out there, but not all are remotely equal. Open borders and crony capitalism aren?t conservative, nor is Trump bashing or going after any other Western leaders that want to put their countries and the West first.

The truth is, there are fewer great sites out there than you think. Here?s the best conservative sites in fairly loose order:

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Guest Post: Of Golden Showers and Errant Quokkas

Guest Post:?Sylvester Connor is main editor for the – Besides that?s he?s an entrepreneur in California and a legendary birder.? You can reach him at: [email protected]



A “quokka selfie” taken on Rottnest Island in September 2016.

Of Golden Showers and Errant Quokkas


Which is more quaint?supposed intelligence agencies hawking fake tabloid trash, or Kiwis worried about a rare mammal? And is there any common ground here?

The Quokka story?on Stuff is far more quaint; it involves an interesting animal, whereas the American story is just grotesque. But the common ground is newsreaders? desire for something relatively light and breezy, rather than relentless news about politics and immigration.

Americans and New Zealanders have much more in common: they are both ex-British colonies that have established independence across the world from their ancestral lands. They are both historically white, European and Christian. And they are both under attack.

So once the quokka is found, and the American press finds another hoax to scandalise about, it will be time to return, as unpleasant as it is, to the pressing matters of the day, which are indeed: politics and immigration.

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Spanishbride defects to The Connor Post



As you all know I write exclusively for Whaleoil and have done so for a few years now. When I joined the social media platform Gab all of a sudden I was surrounded not only by many like-minded individuals but also by other bloggers and media organisations. I dived right in and started to get to know people and before I knew it a follower had recommended me as a writer to The Connor Post in America.

The Connor Post were running a series of articles about Gab and wanted five individual’s impressions of the social media platform. My article was the second article published and you can read it here.

The Connor Post is a?single source for western news. They include links to Whaleoil and Kiwiblog on their site.

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