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Wrongly Wrongson is on a roll

They bloody well spend HOW MUCH on make up at TVNZ?

$180k on clothes, hair, makeup for TVNZ stars

Making Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie look beautiful on your TV screens every night does not come cheap.

TVNZ spent nearly $130,000 in 2016 on presenter clothes and an additional $48,000 on hair and makeup for presenters, reporters and guests.

But the state broadcaster says deliberate cost cutting and a change in the number and mix of presenters is saving it money.

TVNZ is a visual medium with a lot of talent to look after. ?And guests. ?But credit where it is due, every time I’ve seen Martyn on TV, he’s looked like the same low-cost low-maintenance mess. ?So for once he’s not a hypocrite.

Surely Martyn wouldn’t pay the minimum wage to the stylists and make-up artists, so $48k for a number of people?to do hair and make-up is pretty cheap. ?I’m presuming that’s not a full-time job. ?Because Martyn and his Et Tu union mates wouldn’t stand for TVNZ paying people minimum wage for something that demanding. ? Read more »

If political blogs were dogs

If New Zealand’s?political blogs were dogs which dogs would they be?

Kiwi blog has always been a loyal National blog and David Farrar has always been a polite voice of reason so I think a British Bulldog would be a good fit. On the other hand, he is also a travel and fitness blogger so perhaps a greyhound would be more suitable?

Is Kiwi Blog (A) A British bulldog?

Is Kiwi Blog (B) A greyhound?

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The wonky logic of Wrongly Wrongson

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO - Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) - RTX11SI1

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO – Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) – RTX11SI1

Martin Bradbury, or as we ?humorously refer to him here at Whaleoil – Wrongly Wrongson, has found a new passing car to bark at. Now that the Black Lives Matter movement in America has reached peak insanity, ?with the racial hatred of whites and police at an all-time high, he wants to bring it to New Zealand.

When you include a justice system that is racist and imprisons Maori offenders disproportionately I think we have passed a threshold for a determined #BrownLivesMatter campaign to shake Pakeha NZ out of its ignorant John Key trance.

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Suggested Sabotage of Auckland house prices Socialist Shipwreck waiting to happen Shipwreck

The Daily Blog currently has an article promoting the sabotage of Auckland house prices.They provide a link to a site that publishes both satirical and serious articles. It is hard to imagine that a call to force Auckland home owners into a mortgagee sale is a serious article.

Labour and the Greens should not be scared to support economist Arthur Grimes? call for policies to bring down Auckland house prices by 40%. We don?t need to support all his policy suggestions. But let?s recognise that a 40% drop would only bring the Auckland median house price (now around $820,000) down to what it was four years ago ($495,000). Why not aim for that?

How is hurting middle income and upper income families in Auckland who have managed to get a foot on the housing ladder going to help those who currently haven’t?

Let’s assume that those who currently cannot afford a $820,000 house in Auckland have saved a 20% deposit for a house worth approximately $500,000. With a ?deposit of $100,000 they are in a strong position to buy a property in every single town and city in New Zealand. They are in that position whether or not Auckland houses have their value sabotaged.

The most simple solution for those who want to own their own home is clearly to move out of Auckland. Market forces determine value and Auckland is very popular. If you want to live in Auckland you need to pay the price. If you are fortunate enough to own a house in Auckland you benefit ?from capital gain but you also pay high rates as a consequence. If you are a property investor who wants capital gain Auckland is the place to be. If ?if you want passive income from your investment property Auckland clearly is not the place to be. ?Landlords go where the returns are and people who want to own their own home need to do a cost benefit analysis. ?The lower costs associated with living outside of Auckland can result in a much better lifestyle. Towns like Tauranga still have excellent capital gain, 23.6% this year alone.

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This left-wing definition of a cult will surprise you



I read the following description of a religious organisation on a left-wing blog. Can you guess which religious organisation is being called a cult?

That said however, I can?t see why the hell the weakest and most vulnerable XXXX need to suddenly be reliant on a group who believe in a magical flying invisible wizard for their XXXX needs rather than you know, the secular Government of NZ.

That bloody corrupt money trader of a Prime Minister of ours sure knows how to out source?all the work he?s supposed to do doesn?t he? We are paying him to cut down his work load.

It?s the Government?s responsibility to those members of our community, not a religious cult group who dress up in bloody XXXX XXXX because they are in the XXXX of God. Isn?t that a ?bit fucking extreme?


Your clues are:

A Magical flying Wizard

  1. A religious organisation that believes in a magical flying invisible wizard.


2. A cult where they wear clothing that the writer disapproves of.

3. They are in the ???? of God, which the writer thinks is EXTREME.

To find out which religious organisation the writer was referring to see over the break…

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Offensive sexist and racist photo & headline on Left wing blog

I am sooooooo offended. Its’s sexissssssst and raaacissst. My feelings have been hurt, someone call the Human Rights Commission quick.

If positions were reversed and this below photo and headline had appeared first on Whaleoil, it would have been all Lefties to the pumps to pour petrol on the fire.

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

This photo of three well known female politicians was mocked in an offensive way as the professional women were compared to monkeys.The headline read..Hear no poverty, see no poverty, speak no poverty: We have lost what it means to be a Kiwi.
This headline is a clear reference to the three monkeys and the saying hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.



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Left Wing Blog published ‘racist’ cartoon and no one took offence

Photo-The Daily Blog

Anti-Al Nisbet cartoon Image-The Daily Blog

In 2013 when award winning cartoonist Al Nibet’s cartoon was accused of racism and a complaint was made to the Human Rights Commission, a left wing blog in protest published a similar cartoon. In their version both the white and brown faces of the adults dressed up as children in the original cartoon were substituted with white politician’s faces.

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Let’s have a peek at moderation quality elsewhere

I have put together a snapshot of comments made on New Zealand political blogs, MSM websites and one Facebook page. These are the kind of comments that would be moderated out of our blog as they contain foul language. If a blog or media outlet cannot afford to have a full-time moderator they can automatically prevent comments from going live if they contain any foul language. Disqus offers this feature. Admittedly, automatic moderation is more difficult on Facebook pages but the National party managed to work out how to do it on their Facebook page so we know it can be done.

Is it unrealistic to expect high standards from social media if it is affiliated with a professional media organisation? More to the point, should other New Zealand political blogs moderate out foul language, given that it is very easy to do so automatically using a comments system like Disqus?

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Left Wing Blogs don’t do Dirty Politics do they?

One of the biggest scams in the Dirty Politics book was its claim that only National works with bloggers.

Nicky Hager even went as far as to say that there is no left wing equivalent of Whaleoil. It is certainly true ?that no Left wing blog is as well read or as popular as Whaleoil but the statement that only National work with bloggers is pure fantasy.

I do not have access to behind the scenes communications as I do not work with criminal hackers like Nicky Hager did but a quick search of both The Standard and The Daily Blog revealed the following:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.00.35 pm

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The Media Party run another campaign – part 2


Whaleoil readers are now well trained to see the manipulations that the Media Party try to foist on an unsuspecting public. ? Writes one

…[I] just noticed an article in The?Horrid by Claire Trevett about Helen Clark saying she advised JK to?take more refugees like Tampa blah blah blah, and lower down is such a?lovely story about this ever so kind lady in Invercargill (my town) who?will throw open her home to refuges etc etc… mention of any?association but of course its Rachael Goldsmith from daily?blog…

Man, are we being played…do these reporters at the herald?have all these Green and Labour tossers on speed-dial just ready to?try to suck in the readers by asking them for comments and glowing?promises with no need to list their political agendas and?affiliations?

Rachael Goldsmith indeed.What will she do if she gets a?houseful of hardened muslims??????


I suspect she’ll put them to work in the sex trade. ? Rach is a tireless advocate for Queer issues and sex workers. ? That’s such an immediate strong kinship bond to Muslims, don’t you think?

Or do you think this is just being played for effect? ? Do you think ISIS would gang rape her and sell her into the sex trade? ? Or throw her off a building for being gay? ? The disconnect is simply stunning.

Of course A newspaper knew who she was. ?And they ran it. ?And they didn’t disclose it.

Here she is only in 2014:


Rachael Goldsmith describes herself as “different looking, not your ordinary, conservative-looking Southlander” but the Clutha-Southlanders made her feel welcome and listened to what she said.

She stood for?the Greens in the last election. ?You think that would be something worth mentioning by A newspaper.

There is a political party in this country that nobody elected, and it is currently working harder than the elected opposition to damage the government.

I guess nature abhors a vacuum. ? Enter the Media Party.

As Pete said the other day, Whaleoil is an essential piece in keeping our sanity and some degree of honesty in the media landscape. ? And I’m glad you are starting to see behind the curtain too. ?It is getting more desperate and blatant, but at least you’re no longer fooled.