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Media bosses now spy on their journalists as they know they can?t be trusted

No one trusts journalists, not even their bosses.

Britain’s?Daily Telegraph?has sparked outrage from unions and staff?after installing workplace monitors on journalists’ desks.

Buzzfeed UK?reported?employees came into work on Monday morning to find small plastic monitoring boxes attached to their desks.

The journalists were baffled by the unannounced appearance of the boxes and resorted to Googling the brand name only to discover they were wireless motion detectors produced by a company called OccupEye?that monitor whether individuals are using their desks.

The?Daily Telegraph?claimed the devices were installed as an environmental measure to make the floors in the building as energy-efficient as possible but OccupEye’s?website emphasises the importance of the devices to “absorb the cost and scale of nationwide workplace inefficiency”. ?? Read more »

Twitter trying to deal with online abuse and bullying in Australia

Twitter is moving to ban online abuse and implement systems to control online bullying using their service.

INTERNET giant Twitter has moved to ban online abuse, as the Federal Government called on it to establish an Australian outpost to deal with community concerns.

The development came as still more victims of cyber hate campaigns came forward yesterday, including top surfer Laura Enever and TV personality Nathan Jolliffe.

Three days after?The Daily Telegraph?launched its #StoptheTrolls campaign, a Twitter spokeswoman finally responded to questions yesterday, saying the company was taking the issue of online harassment seriously.

“We take this issue extremely seriously and have recently updated our abuse policy to make targeted abuse against our terms of service,” Twitter spokeswoman Rachel Bremer said.

She did not specify when the policy was updated or what specifically had changed, however Twitter’s rules of engagement now clearly state: “Technical abuse and user abuse is not tolerated on, and will result in permanent suspension.”

Rules also include: “You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others” and “you may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information”.? Read more »

Len, This Labor Man Stepped Aside

Nathan Rees is a dodgy rooting ratbag Labor politician who was busted rooting one of his constituents. He has resigned his positions, and will likely resign parliament.

OPPOSITION Police spokesman Nathan Rees is stepping aside from the frontbench and taking personal leave after revelations in The Daily Telegraph today about his affair with a constituent.

“For the sake of others, I ask for privacy at this time. As such, I will be taking leave and stepping aside from my duties as Shadow Minister to focus on working through these personal matters.”

Mr Rees, a former NSW premier, expressed his “deep regret” yesterday for having an affair with a constituent.

Mr Rees admitted the relationship with the single mother lasted for five months until March.

During the affair they had secret trysts in parks and his electoral office and exchanged hundreds of text messages.? Read more »

Sour Susie: When negative attack ads backfire

There is a a truism about negative attack ads…they must be truthful. Kevin Rudd and Labour have had a massive push back over their “Sour Susie” ads:

It turns out that “Sour Susie” is an actress and not a real concerned mum, and that her lifestyle is afar different from that portrayed in the advert.

THE actress mother hired to bag Tony Abbott in a negative Labor TV ad campaign actually lives with her parents, enjoying their gourmet food and wines, while whingeing about the price of Spanish handmade tiles.? Read more »

Frontpage of the year

What a great frontpage and headline.

spins_thumb Read more »

Losing the argument

This post is going to seriously bend the pinko lurkers out of shape and for that reason I will post it.

The Chief Political Commentator at The Daily Telegraph says that “In every area of our public life, the Left is losing the argument.

It is now widely accepted that the years of New?Labour?government were an almost unalloyed national disaster. Whichever measure you take ? moral, social, economic, or the respect in which Britain is held in the world ? we went into reverse.

Nevertheless, historians may come to judge that these 13 years of Labour misrule served a vital purpose. In retrospect, the?Brown/Blairperiod may be seen as a prolonged experiment which taught the liberal Left that its ideas cannot work, do not work, and have no chance of ever working.

It takes time to ruin a country. Four years, the average period between elections, was never going to be enough. But 13 years of Left-wing government has produced a mountain of evidence that the?Conservative?analysis is better and more truthful.

We are as much victims of this leftism as Britain is with Labour here adopting many of Blair’s “Third Way” rubbish.

The vital importance of this experiment lay in the special circumstances of the post-war period. Throughout this time, the liberal Left, as general election results show, has tended to be unpopular with voters. But its progressive ideas have enjoyed a disproportionate amount of traction among British governing elites.

This, in turn, led to a structural imbalance. By the mid-Nineties, the Right had secured victory in four consecutive general elections. However, the broad Left had secured control of vast tracts of our national life. It was powerful way beyond its traditional power bases of the Labour Party, the trade unions and the British working classes. It dominated the higher reaches of the universities, education, the public service bureaucracy, local government, Whitehall, the media (and in particular the BBC), the churches, and the police.

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?

If only our columnists could be so honest

Check out the tagline of this columnist, Dan Hodges, ?at the Daily Telegraph:

I wonder what Brian Rudman’s would read like, or Bernard Orsman, hell imagine Vernon Small’s and John Hartevelt’s?

Such refreshing honesty…from a journalist.


Daryll Kerrigan needs to have a chat with the Church of England:

The Church of England may withdraw the millions it has invested in internet companies unless they take action to curb internet pornography.

Senior officials are conducting a wide-ranging review of the Church?s holdings in Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which are worth tens of millions.

A Church spokesman told?The Daily Telegraph?that its Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) was considering new guidelines on pornography, which address the ease in which hardcore sexual images can be viewed through modern media.

The review, which is expected to be concluded in the coming months, will recommend how part of the Church?s ?5.3?billion portfolio should be invested in relation to internet companies.

The Church refuses to invest in firms that fuel problems against which Christians campaign.

According to Church documents, the criteria for investing in media companies is that they have a ?positive influence on society by educating, entertaining and uplifting individual experience?.

It says that companies should be avoided whose ?major part? of their business is ?engaged in the production, transmission, publication or distribution of pornography?.

It warns that some companies can ?equally? be prurient, invasive and promote lifestyles inconsistent with the Christian message.

It is attitudes like this that really tick me off. They are just putting their fingers in their ears and shouting lalalalalala. Their action won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Instead of putting up walls and fencing off the Anglican Church they should be seeking out sinners. People who are already saved don’t need saving more. It is sinners that need saving and where better to find them?


Looks like the “global” Occupy movement isn’t…occupied, or even global. There’s a surprise. I bet New Zealand’s own smelly hippies aren’t sleeping at their protest.

The camp forced St Paul’s to close for the first time since the Blitz and is costing local businesses thousands of pounds a day.

But footage shot by The Daily Telegraph on a thermal imaging camera appeared to show most of the dozens of tents in the cathedral churchyard were empty. And when the remaining protesters realised what The Telegraph was attempting to verify this, the mood turned ugly.

The site was quiet at around 12.30am with the faint smell of marijuana smoke in the air. A handful of police officers stood back on the fringes of the encampment.

Some of the occupiers were still outside their tents talking to fellow protesters.

The Daily Telegraph was able to establish that of three tents by the foot of the steps up to the cathedral, two were occupied and one was not, before being surrounded by at least a dozen activists, anxious to find out what was happening.

It’s time Len Brown acted and cleared out the riff raff from our park. Oh but the protesters need a break:

Occupy London’s Catherine Gerrity admitted there are vacant tents, but insists it is not nine in every 10 as claimed by the Telegraph.

Ms Gerrity also says she is encouraging protesters to “go home, have a bath, turn off their phone, have a sleep, have a rest, take a day off”.

“If they stay out every night, they will get sick, ” she said.

Time we told the dirty hippies to piss off. Len Brown just sits on his hands racking up mounting costs with 24/7 security guards, security fencing not to mention the destruction of the recently re-vamped park area of Aotea Square.

Len Brown needs to act to remove them. Len Brown needs to represent the ratepayers who are footing the bills of his inaction.

Why you don't give up your sovereignty to faceless, unelected bureaucrats

Here in New Zealand, Paul Quinn and with the able help and support of Judith Collins,the Corrections Minister, we are moving to stop criminals having the vote. In the UK they are faced with the?spectacle?of rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers and violent criminals getting the vote because of the actions of an axe murderer.

The killer whose human rights case has paved the way for prisoners to get the vote in Britain for the first time has taunted ministers by toasting his success on YouTube with “Champagne and a joint”.

John Hirst, who hacked his landlady to death with an axe, said he was celebrating ?for the 75,000 prisoners who will be getting the vote ? that includes murderers, rapists, paedophiles.?

He waved his glass around before taking a long drag on a joint, and laughed: ?It will bloody kill me that.?

His sickening YouTube video will be viewed with horror by David Cameron who, as the Daily Telegraph disclosed today, has reluctantly admitted that the Coalition will have to allow prisoners to vote after a judgment by the European Court of Human Rights.

On his four minute long ?home video?, Hirst said: ?I?ve got the joint, I?m going to celebrate. I?ve got the bottle of Champagne and I?m going to celebrate because last night it was announced in the Daily Telegraph that prisoners have got the vote which I am really chuffed about.

?Finally won out. I?m now going to celebrate for the 75,000 prisoners who will be getting the vote ? that includes murderers, rapists, paedophiles, all of them will be getting the vote because it?s their human right to have the vote. You can?t start moralising and say which ones can and can?t have the vote.?

He then pops the Champagne and says ?Cheers!? before adding: ?I?ve not to get too drunk as I?ll be doing the Today show later on.?

He then lights a joint, adding: ?and this is courtesy of the local drug dealer? and starts singing ?I shot the sheriff.?

Taking a long drag he adds: ?It will bloody kill me that.? Before laughing and waving his glass of Champagne around.

Thankfully New Zealand hasn’t sold its sovereignity to the EU or any other quasi-government?organisation. While the UK contemplates scum being able to vote because of hand-wringing liberal tossers in Europe we are moving to have people like John Hirst denied the vote.

The message here in New Zealand is if you?commit?crimes against society then you will be removed from society and not allowed to participate, its called jail and you don’t get to vote either. The message is simple, if you wish to retain your freedom then don’t?commit?crimes.

This is the same reasoning behind Judith Collins addressing some stupidity at Work and Income.

The Government says it will stop loaning money to disqualified drivers so they can get a licence to get back on the road.
The acting Minister for Social Development, Judith Collins, says the Department of Work and Income makes the loans to people who have been convicted of drunk and dangerous driving, enabling them to pay their legal fees when applying for a limited, work-only driver’s licence.

Ms Collins says the Government was unaware of the loans until contacted by media, and she does not know how long they have been available.

“The department has said that it cannot be sure about how many of these would have been paid,” she says. “They’ve said that they cannot be sure because of the way that these funds have been coded.”

Ms Collins says the loans will still be available in exceptional circumstances, but approval will have to come from the head of Work and Income.

She says people who lose their licence should be prepared to catch the bus.

The UK coalition government of David Cameron can’t even contemplate such sensible?policies?because the UK sold their?sovereignty?to the EU long ago. Here, though, we have ?Labour, Greens, Maori party and Peter Dunne supporting axe murderers having the vote.