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Dear Media. Stop being idiots


Deal Michael and Matt.  Some discrimination when you are running Green Party press releases as news would be just lovely. Read more »

Dominion Post political editor Tracy Watkins flails about wildly for relevance


Tracy Watkins, via Twitter

Tracy Watkins, via Twitter

Key’s wise-cracking has a new edge.

He used to call his opponents muppets and it would come across as disarmingly friendly.

These days it sounds more like a profanity than an affectionate put-down.

And to say National’s third term began disastrously would be an understatement.

Key continues to be wrong-footed by the toxic fallout from Dirty Politics.

He is badly tainted by his association with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, whose brand is repugnant to most voters.

I’d love Tracy to back that up with some fact.   My brand is so repugnant that I continue to build an ever-increasing audience.  But hey, don’t let facts get in thew way of trying to damage Freed by association.

The Dominion Post reaches nearly half of Wellingtonians aged 15 years and over and has an average daily readership of 234,000 people aged over 15.

I just have a little old repugnant blog with a similar following Tracy.  Wait until we start Freed!

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Why look for news when you can make Stuff up?

The Dominion Post seems to be plumbing the depths that the Herald usually inhabits.


I guess they figured the Taxpayers’ Union wasn’t so good with the record keeping.   Read more »

Giant drum sticks for everyone

The other day I read something so ridiculous that I asked myself how is it that someone like this is actually taken seriously as a Politician?

US congressional candidate Tim Murray claimed that he was beaten by  a ROBOT that was made to look like Frank D. Lucas, the Republican nominee for an Oklahoma congressional election that he says  has been dead for three years.

A Politician who believes that the man who beat him is an imposter Robot? Thank God we have nothing quite so bizarre in New Zealand……oh wait.

I read today of Trevor Mallard’s grand plan that will appeal both to the Green environmental vote, the Labour vote and to those who have always wanted bigger drumsticks at KFC. It is a plan to renew interest in Rimutaka Forest Park and Wainuiomata.

It will be a boost to tourism and will therefore boost the local economy with new jobs except for one minor flaw. Can you spot it?

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Cry Baby Update: Kerry Anthony

Via Stuff

Via Stuff

Whaleoil covered Kerry Anthony’s plight back on the 23rd of February

The incident: Kerry Anthony has an accident, falling off a ladder and knocking himself out. When he came to, he drove himself 70km to the nearest hospital. After medical attention and medicated with morphine makes his own decision to drive himself home again while suffering the effects of concussion and morphine only to have a serious accident and be flown by helicopter to Wellington Hospital with a broken back and neck, broken ribs and head injuries.   Read more »

DomPost in Camp Cunliffe?

We’re very early into the election year, but it appears the Dominion Post has already nailed its colours to the post.

In what appears to be a truly bizarre rant, the Dominion Post appears to have opened a new office in Labour Party HQ.

In yesterday’s editorial, they have launched a personal attack against Environment Minister Amy Adams. 

“The Government is keen to encourage offshore drilling for oil and gas, for obvious reasons. It hopes New Zealand will strike it rich. It is right to want to explore. That does not justify riding roughshod over people’s right to have a say in the matter, yet that is precisely what the Government is doing.

“Companies wanting to get a marine consent to explore will not have the inconvenience of facing public submissions. Instead, the Environmental Protection Authority will decide. Environment Minister Amy Adams, in a typically mealy-mouthed and evasive press release announcing the decision, calls this a “pragmatic” approach. It will, she assures the world, provide necessary environmental protections without placing unnecessary cost burdens on the industry.

“In plain English, this means telling the people to mind their own business and letting the oil industry avoid the inconveniences of accountability to the public. Bureaucrats will decide in private whether consents will be given.”

Granted, I’m not Adams’ biggest fan (she is her biggest fan) but when an unjustified personal attack of this magnitude comes from what is supposed to be a respected newspaper, it pisses me off.

For a start, the Dominion Post has failed to do even some basic research. In fact, Amy Adams even went to the trouble of doing some research for them but they obviously ignored it because it didn’t suit their agenda.    Read more »

Cry baby of the day


The incident: Kerry Anthony has an accident, falling off a ladder and knocking himself out. When he came to, he drove himself 70km to the nearest hospital. After medical attention and medicated with morphine makes his own decision to drive himself home again while suffering the effects of concussion and morphine only to have a serious accident and be flown by helicopter to Wellington Hospital with a broken back and neck, broken ribs and head injuries.

The appropriate response: Get his wife to take him to hospital, or if she wasn’t available, call 111 for an ambulance because…you know…that’s what they do for a living. Or since he had already driven there, stayed the night in hospital because it is highly dangerous to himself and other people driving under the influence of both concussion and a strong drug such as morphine.

The actual response: Go crying to the Marlborough Express  with his sob story after falling victim to his own stupidity and poor decisions, because somebody else has to be to blame for this outrageous lack of common sense and judgement.

A man has been left brain-damaged by a car crash after Wairau Hospital staff pumped him full of morphine then let him drive home.

Kerry Anthony, 62, had to be put into an induced coma after passing out behind the wheel and crashing in the November accident, after being discharged from Wairau Hospital in Blenheim. Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is investigating, and treating the incident as a serious adverse event.

But Anthony and wife Jackie say their lives have been ruined and they were unable to get even an apology from the hospital.”They never should have let him go – frankly, letting someone drive with morphine in their system is the same as giving them cannabis or alcohol,” Jackie Anthony said.”They never offered to get a cab for him, or put him in an ambulance, or insist he stay overnight. He could have had delayed concussion.

“They are just totally irresponsible and they are 100 per cent responsible for what happened.” Read more »

Amy Adams deals to a mad, mad council

While I’ve had my doubts about Amy Adams, there’s no doubting she’s willing to show up ratbag councils.  I can’t wait for Paula Bennett to get stuck into her Local Govt portfolio but this tale is why the Green Taliban should be shown the arse card when it comes to being anywhere near power.

“Many RMA rules around the country have slipped into nonsense territory,” Adams said after The Dominion Post reported on environmentalists Peter Standen, 77, and wife Diana, 74, of Otaki, being taken to court by Kapiti Coast District Council for felling and trimming seven trees they believed were rotten and dangerous.”

Good to see fitness guru, arts and travel blogger, David Farrar, pick up on a pearl of a story that ought to worry everyone.  The Green Taliban running the Kapiti Coast District Council have decided to prosecute a couple of Otaki pensioners for getting an arborist in to clear “a mass of tangled and broken branches, dead, diseased and dangerous trees” on their own land.

Instead of the council giving them a pat of the back for improving nature, instead, they’re being prosecuted for “modifying naturally occurring indigenous vegetation“.  Given these, mad, mad rules abound in many councils, including Len‘s socialist paradise of Auckland, it’s a real worry:

“This couple has spent a lot of time caring for their environment and gone to the effort of getting an arborist,” Adams said.

Oddly, I’ve been told Wellington City views your land as, well, your land.  While I can’t stand the place, it seems to be full of people planting natives, perhaps because you’re allowed to manage them than apply for Resource Consent to trim a branch. That mad Kapiti Council is telling people to rip out natives before its too late.  Great message that for as Adams explains:

“We are not talking about some yob with a chainsaw with a tree he did not like. They got a specialist saying they were dangerous… it appears so eminently sensible… the outcome seems ridiculous.   Read more »

Farrar calls out the media

David Farrar has put pressure on other media after NBR all but confirmed TRUTH’s story about Greg King:

This confirms the story broken by Truth. The only other media publication to touch on this revelation is NBR. I’m amazed that Mediawatch did not deem it worthwhile to even ask the Dominion Post if their staff called Greg King just before he died. Did the Herald ask any questions of the Dominion Post such as “Is it true you had written a story on Greg King, which you pulled just before the print deadline”.

Greg King’s death is tragic and profoundly sad. It is even more tragic if the catalyst was a story about a dispute over $1,500 of legal aid hours. Would journalists at the Dominion Post accept a refuse to comment from any of the subjects of their investigations? So, why is it acceptable from the newspaper itself?

I’m not saying the Dominion Post has done anything wrong. But I am saying they should front up and explain exactly what their involvement was.

When Christine Rankin was thought to be involved with the family of a woman who killed herself, the Dominion Post and other Fairfax papers pursued the story with vigour. There was no sense of being inappropriate to comment until the Coroner’s Report. The double standards in this case are hypocritical. I can understand the double standard from the Dom Post (who naturally do not want bad publicity), but why are other media and shows that are meant to focus on the media not reporting on this?

There is more to come on this…

Pressure mounting on Dompost

Yesterday the NBR followed up on the Greg King story that TRUTH broke over a week ago. New sources have come forward confirming aspects of our story.

They have confirmed the “18 hours of legal aid” details that TRUTH was aware of. There are further specific details regarding that but I shall remain silent on those until the DomPost comes clean.

It is unacceptable for the editor to issue only a short statement saying simply that the TRUTH story was “wrong”.

We stand by everything we have printed and this story is developing.

I repeat what we said in our original story.

The Dominion Post and its investigative journalist Phil Kitchin need to answer the following questions so that NZ can judge for itself whether their investigation was news worthy or just another chapter in the NZ book of chopping off tall poppies

  1. What was the nature of the investigation that the Dominion Post was undertaking into Greg King and his legal practice?
  2. What contact did the Dominion Post (either staff, contractors or freelancers) have with Greg King and his wife or anybody in his legal practice in the week prior to his death, including on Friday 2 November?
  3. Who specifically from the Dominion Post has had contact over the last few weeks with an inmate of Rimutaka with regard to the investigation into Greg King?
  4. At what time on the evening of Friday 2 November was the decision made to pull the story that was scheduled to appear in the Dominion Post on Saturday 3 November? And why?
  5. When did they learn of Greg Kings death?