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A baby smiles inside the womb.

A baby smiles inside the womb.

The Greens have brought Abortion back into the light and are making it an election issue. I feel that it is only fair to make the face of the day the face of those that the Green’s feel should be more easily disposed of. If you have been hiding under a rock the past few days you may not be aware of a law change that they are proposing that will take away the few weak restrictions that we have left that stand in the way of a Mother having Abortion on demand for any reason whatsoever.

I could try and shock by showing you horrific, graphic photos of aborted children. Many people are not aware of how they are killed or how late term abortions are performed. If you want to face the nasty reality do a Google search. I warn you now that only the seriously deluded will be able to look at those photos and maintain that they are a) Not babies b) Part of a woman’s body.

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Proof: Champagne is a socialist’s drink (so long as someone else is paying)

I hope no one tells Cactus Kate about this startling new discovery…tough to be fair she buys her own champagne…because no one else can afford her preferred tipple.

It?s official: champagne is a socialist?s drink. That?s according to a consumer study from the US that has correlated what people imbibe with their voting habits. Apparently, wine-drinkers are most likely to turn out at elections (the hangovers are lighter than for spirits) and rum is the most bipartisan tipple of all. Right-wingers prefer whiskeys such as Jim Beam and Wild Turkey. Left-wingers like prosecco, vodka, gin and champagne.

The survey has plenty of gaps. What if, like me, you spent New Year?s Eve mixing your drinks? Does that shot of vodka washed down with a glass of whisky make me an undecided voter, or just a diabetic waiting to happen? And what?s the significance of people?s taste in nibbles? Red meat for the conservatives; canapes for the socialists. Meanwhile, those of us who prefer a fun party to a political party just abstain from eating altogether.

The survey is American, so how would it translate into British politics? Well, in my experience, fiscally unsound Labourites will drink anything that?s put in front of them. So long as someone else is paying.

Or how would it translate into NZ politics.

I somewhat suspect that Labour politicians no longer drink beer, with the exception of Shane Jones and Damian O’Connor…they alone would drink beer and from the bottle.

If they were drinking beer it would probably be Stella Artois or that Mexican rubbish.

The Greens though they’d want something recycled…probably their own urine.

The Maori party would drink only Lion Brown…seems suitable if you get the pun.

Act? The younger hipster types would be Absinthe drinkers for sure. Top shelf for the older ones.

National…fine wines with quality beers for BBQs. The Young Nats would certainly hook into Farrar’s free liquid panty remove…if only they were into chicks.

Labour’s Mike Smith gets a grass roots reality check

At the 2012 Worst Political Blog, Mike Smith is being told how disconnected loyal labour voters feel from what’s left of their party.

Molly Polly pours her heart out:

You see Mike, many Labour Party members and potential supporters are currently despairing of Labour.

Take my family gathering at Christmas for instance.

My extended whanau are on the whole favourable to Labour. I myself am a long serving LP member. Even had a crack as a candidate in a National stronghold many years back. There was no hope of winning but at least Labour supporters had someone to vote for! My kids (now adults) were brought up delivering LP pamphlets, helping at fundraising events and taking turns working on LP stalls at the markets.

That’s dyed-in-the-wool Labour, right there.

At Christmas lunch the talk turned to politics. There has been a noticeable shift in my once staunch LP family members. Those under 40 are now Green Party members or supporters. Some voted that way at the last election or split their vote. My adult kids stood behind Labour, but they were faltering until Phil Goff lifted his game in the last few weeks and his heroic push at the end persuaded them to give both their votes to Labour.

Without exception, their support for Labour has now waned. They feel more in tune with the Greens and particularly their Leaders, Turei and Norman. They like their policies, they like what the Greens stand for. I doubt they will ever come back to Labour. Just like many of the friends.

It looks like there is a vacuum on the left for disaffected Labour voters to find a new home. ?In the absence of the “Real Labour”, the Greens are the next best fit.

Those over 40 at our family gathering said they were increasingly despondent with Labour. One of them over dinner said, ?It feels like Labour is a train wreck about to happen, albeit in slow motion, and there is nothing we can do to stop it!?

He went on to say, ? We had Goff slowly inching his way to disaster in the last election?and now it feels like history is repeating itself. For Goff it was going to be a hard task to win as Key was still basking in undeserved public glory. But today the general public are beginning to see through Mr Nice Guy, and the Government, is in fact, a fucking train wreck. A perfect opportunity for Labour. But what do we have? A boring, uninspiring, insipid, bumbling Leader, who so far, is unable to display much confidence in Labour winning in 2014.?

So, what is a loyal Labour supporter activist to do?

So as you can see Mike, many of my whanau have lost faith in Labour. The younger ones of course have already departed, but for those of us who remain, we are struggling. We feel so dispirited that we can?t even face going to LEC meetings. When we do it feels like a charade?everyone pretending to be positive about Labour and the direction it is taking, but never a mention of the elephant in the room. We know we should attend more and speak our minds, but that is difficult to do when one?s MP is close to the Leader and is part of the ABC group.

For many of us it has got to the stage that even that person is not likely to get our vote at the next election, let alone the Party.

(I can?t believe I have actually written that last sentence?)


Green Amnesia

??NZ Herald

The Greens are wanting a “crackdown” on illicit casino profits, whatever they are?

The Green Party has drafted a bill that would require casinos to pay back proceeds received through criminal activity.

The Bill will amend the Criminal Proceeds of Crime (Recovery) Amendment Act to impose a special obligation on casinos to return profits derived from significant criminal activity, and which they should have detected.

Green Party gambling spokeswoman Denise Roche said problem gamblers were targeted under the existing law but the casino would not suffer.

“When problem gamblers are convicted of stealing from their employers, or laundering drug money through the casino, everyone suffers except the casino, who pockets the profits.”

“The addict is jailed, and loses their job, their family and friends. Their employer can be ruined. But the casino is better off as a result of the crime. That’s not fair,” said Ms Roche.

This is a curious change of heart. ?Because the Greens described the?proceeds of crime act as “trash”?when it went through parliament.

There is a whole lot more in this legislation that is absolutely outrageous and I thoroughly recommend this House to bin this trash right now.

Further to that in speaking at the third reading Catherine Delahunty confirmed that?the?Greens opposed totally the?Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill

It is the duty of this House to legislate with a strong sense of justice, as opposed to a strong sense of populism or vengeance, or a misguided commitment to policies that fail to deter crime. Therefore, the Green Party will be voting against the legislation.

There is something just a bit bizarre in this loony Green claim to now be?concerned?about the?proceeds?of crime.

Shane Jones on the Greens and Mining

? Newstalk ZB

Shane Jones spoke with Leighton Smith this morning about the Greens and Mining. Based on his comments in the NZ Herald this morning:

“We in Maoridom must not buy uncritically into the hostile rhetoric from the Greenies.

“It’s about time they showed as much concern for the brown kiwis disappearing to Aussie as for the habitat of the brown spotted kiwi.”

With limited opportunities in farming or tourism, the extractive industries were the best opportunities for jobs and economic advancement for Northland Maori.

“There is an ethic of guardianship in our national culture and no one should deny that but there’s also an awareness that each generation has got to create jobs and got to search for ways to create wealth.

“We can only create greater wealth by boosting our export earnings. Those things are capable of coming to pass with a sensible environmental framework.”

It is well worth a listen:

Shane Jones smacks up the Green over mining (10:59)

But it’s not just the Greens that Jones should be having a go at, Labour Leadership contender Grant Robertson is running a full-scale scare campaign on oil and mineral exploration.

Smart play by a greenie

? Sydney Morning Herald

A very smart play by a greenie in Australia.?Get it out in the open and it is no problem any more…and her enemies look like a pack of heartless bastards.

IT IS less than a kilometre from Kings Cross to Sydney Town Hall. But, for Irene Doutney, it has been an epic journey.

The Greens councillor for the City of Sydney, who will recontest her seat at Town Hall this September, never expected to be telling her story publicly. Her past life, racked with mental illness and drug addiction, was kept firmly locked away. Only a few close friends and senior members of her party were aware of her background.

But, after the Greens learnt that one of Ms Doutney’s opponents in the election was compiling a dirt file on her, she decided to tell her story to the?Herald.

“It’s been an albatross around my neck,” she says. “It was always my concern it would pop up somewhere, and it didn’t, so I got lulled into a sense of security. Now it has become an item out there in the political sphere.”

How to piss off allies and cost yourself the top job

Kevin Rudd didn?t talk to the Greens. That was when he had a majority. Now things are shaky and ignoring the Greens was a stupid strategy when they could come out and declare for your opponent, saying they will force an election if you become leader.

Mr Brown said Mr Rudd’s office had contacted him overnight but despite saying he was available to speak with Mr Rudd, he had not yet heard directly from him.

He said the Greens could work with either Ms Gillard or Mr Rudd but noted that under Mr Rudd’s prime ministership he had “not been able to get in a conversation with Kevin”.

He went on to say that he had shared a good working relationship with Mr Rudd during his term as foreign minister before praising the policy outcomes he said the Greens had been able to achieve with Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q4 – November

November 2011 – 755 posts

It was my birthday on 2 November.

I leak Trevor Mallrd’s begging letter.

I blog about Phil Goff and the billions of assets he sold, Labour was of course campaigning in 2011 against the sale of assets.

Trevor Mallard like attacking people who can;t defend themselves. He makes it his personal mission in life. During the election campaign he epitomised nasty by attacking an academic and media commentator because she dared to voice an opinion she was paid for.

Clare Curran made good on her promise to look at regulating ad volumes by incorporating it in Labour’s broadcasting policy. Labour once again showed that when it comes to nanny statism they rule supreme.

I was on NewstalkZB with Leighton Smith and John Pagani in the lead up to the election. This is episode one.

John Key slaughtered Phil Goff in the second leaders debate in Christchurch. Show me the money became the catch cry of the election:

The second show with Leighton Smith and John Pagani on NewstalkZB.

David Cunliffe makes sexist comments about Judith Collins, comments he later has to apologise for.

I blog about the defining moment of the election. ?The defining moment of the election was on Wednesday 2 November 2011 at about 8:30 PM.?That was the moment that?Phil Goff?lost the election.

I busted Colin Craig’s dodgy polls and dodgy polling company. I challenged Roger Larkin to a $1000 bet on the results of Rodney and the Conservatives. He didn;t take me up on it.

I complained to the Electoral Commission about Jim Anderton’s illegal letter to constituents. The Electoral Commission?referred?it to the Police. The Police are yet to announce any progress.

Labour and Trevor Mallard counted on their massive use of social media to win the election for them. unfortunately it involved Trevor Mallard talking to people which usually resulted in him abusing them. Like small business owners.

Another appearance on NewstalkZB with Leighton Smith and John Pagani.

I leak an email from Chris Flatt where he tells Labour supporters that “the shift has begun” off of the back of one poll. The next day more polls are released showing that Chris was a bit premature with his joy.

National’s signs are vandalised across the country one month after I suspected this would be the case. The day after I surmised that the vandals were Greens.

The Greens are indeed behind the vandalism with a key Green staffer and her boyfriend involved. Russel Norman was forced to admit their?involvement?just?hours?after I published motorcycle number plates that identified Jolyon White.

I appeared on Leighton Smith’s show to talk about the Green’s Vandalism.

Trevor Mallard even got nasty about one of Labour’s own candidates.

Another appearance on Leighton Smith’s NewstalkZB show with John Pagani.

Jolyon White, the Green party vandal, was referred to Police.

I blog the 1500 words that are banned in txting in Pakistan.

David Cunliffe proves Labour is nasty by threatening kids that Santa’s sleigh would be sold by National.

I appeared on 60 minutes with that awful Martyn Bradbury.

Labour plays the State house Eviction card again in a ?redux of 2005.

Cactus Kate and I did a Live Chat. Anything the politicians can do we can do better. I will do more of these in the coming year.

David Cunliffe really goes to town against the “greasy little fella in the blue suit”:

The last appearance on Leighton Smith’s show before the election.

I appeared on The Nation for post election analysis.

I blog about the Moroney Effect: the effect that happens to candidate majorities whenever Sue Moroney stands against them.

I discuss the problems of campaigning using social media. Looking at the reviews of the year int hese posts the sheer weight of opportunity gifted to bloggers by inept people like Trevor Mallard is staggering.

The post election wrap up with Leighton Smith and john Pagani.

I review the results of Labour’s nasties.



The Shield of Sanctimony will not Protect the Greens, Ctd

Russel Norman is pleading ignorance of the machinations of his EA. Despite the evidence that this was being planned several months ago.

I wonder though if he isn’t being just a wee bit too sanctimonious in his grovelling.

The stickers used has slogans like “Drill It!”, “Mine it!”, Sell it!”.

Eeerily similar to what Meteria Turei tweeted last week:

[blackbirdpie id=”134151253939851264″]

Russel Norman is using?plausible?deniability in his excuse making but I’m not sure I believe him.

The Greens got upset in 2005 when the Exclusive Brethren organised and distributed pamphlets. They authorised their pamphlets though. The Greens activists did no such thing. Back in 2005 Don Brash was asked if he knew anything about the campaign, he denied knowing anything.

Has Russel Norman had his Don Brash moment? Is it really?believable?that he didn’t know anything about this campaign when his executive assistant was front and centre involved in organising this attack on national’s billboards? There were more than 50 activists involved in this. It was on a scale far larger than the Brethren and the 6 or so men?involved?in that. It isn’t conceivable that senior Greens didn’t know about his.

I think there are many more questions to be answered by the Green party.

I can’t wait until someone tracks down the printer of the stickers and pulls the invoice.

The Shield of Sanctimony will not Protect the Greens

Russel Norman?s admission that the Greens are responsible the shabby tactic of stickering National?s hoardings should pierce the shield of sanctimony that the Greens hide behind.

Earlier today I accused green supporters of being behind this and I also published motorbike number plates. Those plates came from eyewitnesses in Christchurch and were forwarded to me via the tipline. I also now know, again from Christchurch based tipsters, the?identities?of the owners. One is a well know Green activist and spokeman for the Anglican Church, Jolyon White who is also the husband of Russel Norman’s EA.

[blackbirdpie id=”136198112875266049″]

The Greens hold themselves up as morally virtuous, yet have been shown to be as shabby and as shoddy as every other political party in New Zealand. No one would mind much if they weren’t such a bunch of holier than thou, unctuous, sanctimonious pricks.

I correctly identified the sticker tactic on October 14th when a tipster gave the tipline details of quotes being sought for large numbers of hoardings.

This kind of stupid campaign tactic might appeal to the tribal, intellectually incestuous group thinking hard left/green group, but it doesn?t sit well in the eyes of the average voter. The Greens have made a major strategic error in the campaign that they were doing so well in, and I expect they will lose votes.

I believe the Greens deliberately defacing National?s hoardings on a massive scale has the potential to have the same impact as the Brethren did on National’s campaign in 2005.

Remember too that the Greens are?fervent?supporters of MMP. They sanctimoniously tell us how fair it all is and yet behind the scenes they are quite willing to pull every dirty trick in the book in order to screw the scrum their way.