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Biting the hand that feeds you – a Dotcom/Fisher case study

The NZ Herald, especially through it’s flagship reporter David “Tainted” Fisher used to support Kim Dotcom’s position on anything. ?In fact, after a while, they were the only ones left to do so.

But no more.


David Fisher and Kim Dotcom used to be inseparable. ?But as Kim has now discovered the hard way that David uses his sources twice. ? Once to get the story, the second time to throw his source under the bus and use all the information he couldn’t use originally by dragging the source through the mud.

Kim Dotcom’s ability to stay in New Zealand will be decided by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and could come inside a month.

The inquiry was launched after the New Zealand Herald revealed the besieged internet entrepreneur had not declared a dangerous driving conviction when applying for residency in New Zealand.

The decision is completely separate from the extradition hearing which Dotcom is facing in just a few months, which could also see him removed from New Zealand.

The extradition hearing came after charges laid in the United States alleged a criminal conspiracy to breach copyright through his defunct Megaupload website. Read more »




Desperate to get the stench of compromise off his own career, David Fisher grabs onto yesterday’s court decision like a man grabbing for anything that floats while drowning.

The Herald had taken Fisher off Dotcom’s stories for a while, and started the credibility rebuild. ?But Fisher has been seen attending the Banks trial, and has been reporting on it.

So. ?We’re back to where we started.

Dotcom always gets what he pays for.


I don’t know why David Fisher’s byline is on that article…it should have said Kim Dotcom.


Cartoon of the Day


Twitter fight! David Fisher vs David Fi?her

Via the Tipline

Cam – I’ve been running a parody Twitter account of David Fisher and I just received a takedown notice. The irony of trying to stifle free speech through parody and critical review is making my blood boil at the same time as I’m laughing so hard it hurts. Here’s my response to Twitter. I think your readers may appreciate it. I would publish this myself via Twitter, but hey, it’s blocked! David, David, David. You should have just left well enough alone. That glass wall between us isn’t really keeping you safe, is it?

First the complaint:

kesh, Feb 24 04:44 AM:


We have received a complaint that your account, @FisherJourno, may be in violation of Twitter’s policies on impersonation and/or trademark. Twitter firmly believes in the freedom of expression; however, impersonating another or misusing another?s trademark on our platform is against the Twitter Rules (

If you had intended to create a parody, commentary or fan account, your account will not be in violation so long as it complies with our policy for such accounts ( Your account has been temporarily suspended and will be restored only if you follow the instructions below. After making the requested edits, respond to this email and we will restore your account.

*Instructions*: Please edit each of the following parts of your profile within 48 hours of receiving this notice:

Account name
Please understand that your account may be subject to permanent suspension if you fail to comply with these instructions or if your account is found to further violate the Twitter Rules. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Twitter Trust & Safety ? Read more »

Less than honest from the Herald

Yesterday the NZ Herald played catch up on Kim Dotcom and there was reasonably good article mostly by Jared Savage with some turd polishing from The Gurnard.

There was one bit that didn’t ring true given what I know about what goes on at the Dotcom Mansion on a day to day basis.

Creditors spoken to by the?Herald?have pointed to apparent recent indulgences by Dotcom as raising frustration with bills for work at the mansion still unpaid.

West City Electrical’s Neil Stratful said he was among many creditors who had not been paid.

Court documents show that amount was $52,027 as of February, 2012.

“Kim has said once this is all dealt with he is wanting to pay every cent to everyone he owes money to. I think morally he wants to put everyone right.”

Dotcom’s lawyers put a letter from Mr Stratful before the court in 2012, when seeking funds to be released, in which the electrician said he owed money to suppliers for materials used during work at the mansion.

“We now find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation with creditors to me sending me final demand letters asking for payment.”

Mr Stratful said yesterday: “He doesn’t want to be shareholder of a company that doesn’t pay its bills. He doesn’t want to fold and let it fall over.”

I thought the bold sentence was incongruent with his claims to be a disgruntled creditor. Most people who are owed money do not use the first name of the ratbag who owes them money then produce nice statements about morals when you are talking about scum who haven’t paid you.

So I did a bit of digging. ? Read more »

Tourism boss Martin Snedden has allergy to tourist activities in tourist town

Tourism boss Martin Snedden blew his rear clacker valve in a hissy fit when he discovered workers beginning to lay concrete outside his holiday home in Taupo.

It seems ?No Party Marty and his band of bewildered badgers whom none of are permanent residents in Taupo decided to take it upon themselves to halt the construction so that it could be done in a way that would be pleasing to the pack of sooks at an extra cost of $10,000 to Taupo ratepayers.

Of course despite the council following suitable procedures??such as notification in council agendas, letters to houses in the area, council press releases and media coverage, No Party Marty and the Out of Towners Band still pleaded ignorance that they didn’t even have the foggiest idea that the cycleway had been planned until construction started in December:

The NZ Herald was so concerned they sent the Senior Reporter of the Year to cover this important news:

Tourism chief Martin Snedden is fighting construction of a concrete cycleway running past the family holiday home even though it is considered a boon for tourists.

Mr Snedden’s involvement comes after his wife, Annie, and other holidaying neighbours objected to the track past their lakefront holiday homes outside Taupo.

Legal action was threatened as concrete was poured, and the town’s mayor called in to find a solution – a special section of track to “appease” those upset about the path.

Instead of concrete, the 100m section outside some of the objectors’ homes will be made of plastic matting, through which grass will be seeded and grown.

The section will cost rate payers about an extra $10,000 – but is intended to be more pleasing to look at than concrete.

The row cast a shadow over a $240,000 gift by former transport company owners Matt and Heather Purvis to extend the lakeside concrete walkway 1.7km along waterfront reserve at Five Mile Bay.

The track, popular with walkers and cyclists, begins 10km away in central Taupo. Read more »

Tweets of the Day

Two days from the end of the year and The Gurnard finally comes good.

Check out these splendid tweets that he sent before going to back to re-tweeting everything Kim Dotcom tweets.

and; ? Read more »

Len’s spin weasels still in operation

This morning in the Herald, the Gurnard continues the ham-fisted attack on Cameron Brewer rather than continue to hold Len Brown to account.

The councillor caught out on a junket to the Gold Coast declared the trip to officials – but concedes he may have done so after a call from a journalist.

Caught out? Really…top spin there from The Gurnard, has he taken over from Orsman as the?Herald’s embedded journalist int he mayor’s office?

But Cameron Brewer said his declaration wasn’t prompted by a call from?Herald?media specialist John Drinnan. Instead, he said it was a council official’s email that raised concerns about his free flights and accommodation.

Mr Brewer’s stand against Auckland Mayor Len Brown was brought up short when he was exposed as not having declared the August 2011 trip to Australia.

Caught out? Exposed? Uhmmm not, declared, but hey let’s not any facts get in the way.

On Sunday, Mr Brewer revealed he had actually declared the trip but only for the council’s gifts register and not the Register of Members’ Interests.

The declaration was made at 11.30am on September 8, 2011, recorded in an email sent a day before Drinnan revealed it in his weekly media column. On September 9, 2011, Drinnan reported: “Brewer says he declared the trip as a gift.”

Drinnan said he called Mr Brewer either the day before the column ran or two days before. ? Read more »

NZ Herald uses your money to do their jobs, and then sells it as a favour

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Herald are running an article announcing that they plan to run more articles. ?And not only that, they are “birthday presents” for the NZ Herald readers.


What next? ?I go to a restaurant, pay money for food, then someone comes out and tells me that they are going to do me the favour of cooking some food for me, and I’m to consider myself a lucky recipient of food I’m actually paying for?

WTF is going on at that place?

The?New Zealand Herald?is commemorating its 150th birthday on November 13 and we have a month of great reading ahead to celebrate.

So now that it is their 150th birthday, they are going to have great reading, but until then, it wasn’t great? ?And after that month, back to mediocre reading. ? Read more »

Award winning journalist can’t tell father from son

This is just too funny to let slip by unnoticed


(article) ? Read more »