The Holocaust

Gay feelings matter to the NZ Herald but Jewish feelings don’t.


The NZ Herald do not have a consistent policy when it comes to moderation. When they published an article about a Gay man they cautioned their readers to be mindful of what they said in the comment section on facebook but when they published an article about the Auschwitz gas chamber not only did they not caution their readers to be mindful of what they said, they allowed highly offensive anti-Semitic comments to be made on their facebook page and they didn’t remove them. It seems that Gay feelings matter but Jewish feelings don’t to the NZ Herald.

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Rodney Hide on why he’s lost faith in James Shaw

Rodney Hide who, just a few weeks ago, was professing undying love for James Shaw, has now changed his mind.

Last week Green co-leader James Shaw evaporated my support.

I dropped him because of his press release quoting UN Independent ?expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order? Professor Alfred de Zayas.

The professor?s UN position is supported by countries such as Angola, Cameroon, Cuba and Uganda. It is opposed by the likes of Austria, Norway, the US and the UK.

Sounds quite amorphous doesn’t it, until you pick the scab of Professor Alfred de Zayas’ life…and let the pus run.

[I]t?s the professor?s views that trouble me and here I must take care as he likes to be quoted in full. ?The intellectual dishonesty expressed in the defamatory article against me is a disservice to readers, who are entitled to the full text of my argument.?

So let me quote from a review of his book?Genocide as a State Secret?that he provides on his own blog: ?The Holocaust was planned by a small circle meeting outside Berlin in January 1942. In addressing his SS subordinates in Posen in 1943, Himmler boasted about how well their secret was being kept. ?? Read more »

Hitler’s Germany revived in France

When you import a Jew-hating culture you cannot be surprised when they turn on them. Hitler’s Germany has been revived in France thanks to France’s suicidal immigration policies. ?Not only have scenes identical to Hitler’s reign of terror been re-enacted inside France, Palestinian protesters – who liberals like to say are anti-Israel and not anti-Jews, have made their hatred of Jews destructively and verbally clear.

France’s politicians and community leaders have criticised the “intolerable” violence against Paris’ Jewish community, after a pro-Palestinian rally led to the vandalizing and looting of Jewish businesses and the burning of cars.

It is the third time in a week where pro-Palestinian activists have clashed with the city’s Jewish residents. On Sunday, locals reported chats of “Gas the Jews” and “Kill the Jews“, as rioters attacked businesses in the Sarcelles district, known as “little Jerusalem”.

Manuel Valls, France’s prime minister said: ?What happened in Sarcelles is intolerable. An attack on a synagogue and on a kosher shop is simply anti-Semitism. Nothing in France can justify this violence.?

…Francois Pupponi, the mayor of Sarcelles, told BFMTV that the violent attacks were carried out by a “horde of savages.”

“When you head for the synagogue, when you burn a corner shop because it is Jewish-owned, you are committing an anti-Semitic act,” interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters at a press conference at the local synagogue.

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Well duh! Merkel finally works out what she has imported

Now Merkel is acknowledging that the migrants are anti-Semitic and that anti-semitism is growing like a cancer in Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for ?intensive action? against anti-Semitism on Saturday, urging vigilance particularly when dealing with young people from countries ?where hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism is widespread.?

?Anti-Semitism is more widespread than we imagined. And that is why we must act intensively against it,? Merkel, who on Monday will inaugurate an exhibition in Berlin titled ?The Art of the Holocaust,? said in her weekly video podcast. ? Read more »

Record numbers of Jews are fleeing Europe

Europe is no longer a safe place for Jews, and record numbers are fleeing as Islamic immigration increases tensions and anti-semitism.

With the rise of Islam, so too has?anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic attacks spiked worldwide, and?particularly in Europe. It comes as no surprise then that a new report shows that?immigration to Israel, otherwise known as “Aliyah,” among European Jews is at all all-time high.

TruthRevolt?previously?reportedly the fact that Jews are fleeing France in record-numbers, but the Jewish Agency indicates that while French-Jewish migration remains the highest of all others,?the UK, Italy and Belgium are also seeing record migration levels of its Jewish citizens to Israel.

The Jewish Agency, which works closely with the Israeli government and acts as a link to Jews around the world, told The Associated Press that 9,880 western European Jews immigrated to Israel in 2015 ? the highest annual number ever. The figure is more than 10 percent over the previous year and over double the 2013 level. ? Read more »

No wonder the left want a red triangle on the flag…it reminds them of their past


There is a massive push on to knee cap the process the left-wing all dissed, pushing a flag with a big red triangle on it.

I have wondered why they are dead keen on this, and even why Andrew Little is enamoured with the idea.

You see it harks back to the 1940s….when totalitarism was the enemy and where enemies of the state were marked. ?? Read more »

Face of the day



You know how arguments and debates on the internet often end up with a reference to Hitler or Nazis? Well today’s face of the day isn’t Hitler or a Nazi but he found a willing accomplice in Hitler when they bonded over a shared desire to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. It is a part of WWII history that I was not taught when I was at High School and I suspect it is still omitted from the syllabus today.

Islam had considerable influence over Hitler’s thinking and plans. It is highly conceivable from what I have discovered so far that two Muslims who influenced Hitler, Haj-Amin-al-Husseini and Achmed Huber are the actual founding fathers of the holocaust.

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Photo Of The Day

Picture from the USHMM Photo Archives, courtesy of the Israel Government Press Office. Defendant Adolf Eichmann takes notes during his trial in Jerusalem. The glass booth in which Eichmann sat was erected to protect him from assassination. (May 29, 1961).

Picture from the USHMM Photo Archives, courtesy of the Israel Government Press Office. Defendant Adolf Eichmann takes notes during his trial in Jerusalem. The glass booth in which Eichmann sat was erected to protect him from assassination. (May 29, 1961).

Eichmann Trial

The Trial That Taught the World About the Horrors of the Holocaust

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: NBC News

Photo: NBC News

Auschwitz Survivor Gena Turgel Walked Out of Gas Chamber Alive

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The last voices of The Holocaust

Today is the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The Washington Post has produced this clip.

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